Here are the top five Football Clubs who also own their own eSports teams

Football clubs and owners look to expand their brands in so many ways. They can do it by extensive marketing through selling player and club jerseys, shoes and other merchandise to the rest of the world. However, with eSports on the rise, they have found a new way to brand their clubs. Some top football clubs and owners have resorted to buying eSports teams to help them expand their brand to the digital fans and platform. Some of those football clubs who have taken this road include:

West Ham United

Before West Ham United took this huge leap no other team in the English Premier League dared to do this. They went on ahead to sign Sean Allen, whose stage name is Dragon, as a professional gamer in their team last year. This would turn out to be a great thing as he was able to finish as a runner’s up in the FIFA World Cup last year. West Ham became the first team in the EPL to ever sign such a player to present them at the FIFA competitions.

Manchester City

It would turn out that West Ham United’s move to sign a pro gamer would encourage other clubs within the EPL to follow suit. Manchester United took up that challenge in the mid of last year. They were able to sign Kieran Brown, nicknamed Kez to represent them at the FIFA tournaments. Use the best e sport tips and advice from expert analysts to determine your odds for the coming matches. Read the match previews and predictions to make betting easy.

Manchester City

AS Roma

The Italian club side in Serie A went into an agreement to partner with Fnatic, an eSports organization, earlier this year. It was a move set to include the AS Roma fans in the events that the club takes part in in terms of the FIFA in eSports. Through this partnership, AS Roma will be able to actively engage their fans while they build a new set of fans in the digital arena.

VfL Wolfsburg

The German-based football club has spread its wings into capturing the digital fans with the aim of securing their future fans. Back in 2015, they were able to sign Benedikt Saltzer and come off as the first football club to do. Through their pro-gamer Saltzer, they would be able to be represented in the FIFA from across the globe.

Schalke 04

They are among the recent football clubs who have invested heavily in eSports by buying an eSport team. Schalke 04 is a top club in Bundesliga and has managed to bring in more fans to its eSports team. Earlier this year, it was able to host an eSport event which attracted many fans of the football club for the purpose of viewing. On top of that, it designs merchandizes that won by its eSports players and sells them the fans for the purpose of branding.


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