It’s Time to Unmask the Truth about Technology and Video Games

Have you ever played Tomb Raider and heard a salacious little rumor that if you enter a specific code, you’ll be able to go ‘Leisure Suit Larry’ on Lara Croft? Well, banish the thought! That is unfounded gobbledygook, and you’ll waste a lot of time searching for a code that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you’ve played Final Fantasy 7? In this epic adventure story, you may believe that you would be able to reanimate Aeris in the game.

Once again, this is nothing more than misleading commentary, and you’re better served by focusing your attention elsewhere. WinkSlots –  a leading game provider – offers quality games where players can advance through multiple levels, and enjoy a range of bonus rounds, features, and free spins. When you’re working with established software providers, the gameplay is ironclad. Players can expect uninterrupted sessions, and fully optimised audio-visual content across smartphones, tablets, and phablets.

If you have been gaming for a while, you know that the rumor mill is working overtime. There is always talk of specific game riddles, cheats, hacks and proprietary secrets. Sometimes, you’ll hear chitchat about certain forums providing extra lives, free credits, bonus rounds and the like. If you’re ready to unmask the truth about technology and games, get comfortable for the next 5 minutes.

Myth #1 – The New Mexico Desert is Home to Millions of Atari Cartridges

Myth #1 – The New Mexico Desert is Home to Millions of Atari Cartridges

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Back in 1982, Atari released its Q4 earnings. Contrary to expectations, the actual earnings came in well beneath estimates. Atari was devastated with the sales figures of two newly released games – E.T. (Extra-Terrestrial) and Pac-Man. Atari staked its reputation on the blockbuster Spielberg film, and the epic Pac-Man.

Unfortunately, 5 million Atari video game cartridges were returned to the company and instead of trying to resell them at a discount, Atari simply decided to bury them in the New Mexico desert. However, by September 1983 a motherload of game cartridges was shipped into the desert in over a dozen trucks. They were dumped at the Alamogordo landfill and crushed by steamrollers and filled over with concrete. So, while this myth has truth to it, there are no salvageable Atari cartridges.

Myth #2 – PS2 Consoles Can Be Used to Form Guided Missiles

This one is out there, but it was debunked 17 years ago by a UK intelligence report. It was rumored that PlayStation 2 consoles had computer chips in them capable of being used in guided missile technology. At the height of the Iraqi war effort, there were reports of thousands of PlayStation 2 consoles being imported to Iraq.

Many people believed that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was using the PS2s for military hardware. This report was circulated by WorldNetDaily but has proven to be a total hoax, or what President Trump calls fake news. We all like to think of our video game consoles as the most sophisticated technology on the planet, what with multimedia functionality, live gaming, world-class audio-visuals etc. – but they are not military grade weapons, are they?

Myth #3 – Video Games Are Restricted to the Boys

Myth #3 – Video Games Are Restricted to the Boys

Whoever conjured up this myth clearly needs their head read. While many lads enjoy video games, they are just as popular among the fairer sex. Most games that were released in the early days were gender-neutral. Top titles like Q-Bert dominated the scene. Both boys and girls enjoyed them, and many of the modern-day titles are similar. A fascinating statistic was recently revealed (January 2008 through August 2008) that females between the age of 18-45 were among the most active spenders in the industry at 37%, while the males came in at 38%.

Myth #3 – Video Games Are Restricted to the Boys

Myth #4 – The World’s First Video Game Was Pong

Myth #4 – The World’s First Video Game Was Pong
Source: Gamasutra ‘PONG’

Many folks believe that Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney’s Atari game – Pong – was the very first video game to be released. In fact, another video game was released before that known as Computer Space. This game was released on November 29, 1972 in Sunnyvale, California at Andy Capp’s Tavern.

Myth #5 – Video Games Foster Violence in Kids and Adults

Behavioural psychologists, teachers, and parents have differing opinions when it comes to video games and their effects on behavior. Some people believe that the violence evident in games like Gears of War, Doom, World of Warcraft, and others fosters intolerance and violence in people. Various studies have been conducted over the years, notably a study on Asheron’s Call 2 game which did not find any correlation between hours spent playing, and aggressive behavior. Video games sales rose from one period to the next, but violent crime among youths decreased in the same period (1999 – 2007).

This is one of the most common myths that exists about video games, but it truly may have more to do with the lifestyle choices and psychology of societal misfits, rather than the game itself. According to Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) Dr. Phyllis Hart, ‘There are several other factors to consider of how someone might be influenced. These include the age of the participants, the nature of the video game, their maturity level et al. Video games alone are not precursors for violent behavior.

BONUS MYTH – Only Young Folks Play Video Games

What are some of the craziest gaming myths out there? Do you believe these 5 myths about technology and games?

Given that you’re probably reading this and you’re not a kid – we all know that this is total baloney. Young folks love video games, but they are certainly not the only players in the market. 53% of all videogame players in 2011 fell snugly into the 18 – 49 age range. So, we’ve debunked this myth straight off the bat. The average video game player’s age is 37, and the advent of social media has significantly increased the number of older players. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has concluded that just 18% of all players are younger than 18.


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