Is Nxt The Blockchain Company That Could Solve The Democratic Fatigue Syndrome?

The words “voting” and “democracy” have become tantamount. History lessons in Western countries have instructed us that the act of voting is the best and most correct way of choosing your representative, and we’ve grown used to not doubting this or looking for any alternative. The government’s own attitude towards the voting system reflects also in the mind of its civilians. This agenda, that often supports current voting systems, has evolved over time because of theoretical “blinders” that prevent us from looking to the side; that prevent us from looking at any new ideas that could potentially replace the traditional and inefficient voting system.

Nxt, the Blockchain App

In 1948, the Declaration of Human Rights was published, and it stated that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government;” and it was widely received at the time. Private elections began, which were universal and equal in their suffrage. But there was another consequence that emerged because of the Declaration of Human Rights: the development of the Democratic Fatigue Syndrome. This phenomenon occurs when people participate in their country’s democratic elections but over time, find themselves despising the same politicians they themselves elected into power. Suddenly, a Catch-22 develops in what was meant to be a fair, equal, democratic election. While the current political voting system was established to bring power back to the masses, many citizens claim issues such as voting fraud and misconduct. Look at the 2016 US Presidential Election, which substantiated the Democratic Fatigue System, and proved how outdated current voting methods are.

Nxt is not trying to heal the Democratic Fatigue Syndrome nor change the way we vote. Nxt hasn’t reinvented the wheel with its ambitious blockchain technology; however, the decentralized nature of blockchain provides a potential solution to voting problems such as fraud and voting irregularities, which are unavoidable while the traditional voting system runs.

Usually, the process behind the ballot box goes as follows: When the last vote is cast, polling station volunteers begin to count the votes either by machine or by hand, and the summary count is then sent to another centralized location, such as a courthouse, for tallying. Your vote disappears after the first tally, where the volunteer worker at the poll station puts all votes into one big sum; your vote no longer stands by itself, it becomes part of a ‘majority decision’. To understand the gravity of the method, it is important to note that at every step of the process your vote is sent to an intermediary with the capacity to miscount, lose, or neglect your ballot.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology provides a potential solution to the voting problems described. Using blockchain as a system of voting can be adopted for the use of private businesses and other institutions as well. With the Nxt blockchain, voting is time-saving, paperless, immutable, immediate, and highly secure. It can even be done with a mobile application! Imagine being able to securely and safely vote in the next election from the comfort of your home! This is just one of the many ways Jelurida; the development company behind the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms is using blockchain to enhance our lives.

The appeal behind blockchain is the fact that it gives the power to the masses as opposed to shareholders, C-level executives, politicians, or even the overworked volunteer counting your votes. Transactions on the blockchain are traceable and transparent. While this is the characteristic for all public blockchains, Nxt differentiates in that its structure allows the vote count to be instant.

The alternative “medication” for healing the side effects of the Democratic Fatigue syndrome is more complex, and would require a completely new voting process; in this case, compromise is needed. NXT is the most trustworthy solution offered today, as this blockchain tries to relieve the frustration we experience when voting, due to the inefficient system currently in place. The company does not intend to completely revolutionize the voting industry with its groundbreaking technology, but NXT brings a new, viable, and exciting alternative to a process that we’ve all grown disillusioned with, but still, have to participate in every four years, and for that, it deserves applause.


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