Pornhub Couple Arrested

Louisiana couple was arrested for recording explicit acts in a number of public places and uploading explicit videos on Pornhub

A married couple who are known as ‘sexybeast82’ and ‘LaylaDevine’ on Pornhub were arrested for filming their explicit personal acts and posting them online. 

The married couple from Lousiana were arrested by police on obscenity charges after they allegedly filmed themselves indulging in various explicit acts in a Louisiana public library followed by Walmart and Burger King and then uploading the video on Pornhub.

An anonymous person filed a complaint against the Pornhub couple with the Lousiana authorities. According to police, they received a “report of lewd activity that occurred within a public library” in Houma, a city about 55 miles southwest of New Orleans.

The suspects, cops charge, “recorded themselves performing NSFW activities on each other and uploaded them on Pornhub.” The police started investigating and found that the Pornhub couple were habitual offenders and had earlier uploaded videos of their explicit acts at the Public Library, Walmart, and Burger King.

The police identified the two as Elizabeth Jernigan, 33, and her husband Rex, 35.

According to the police, the Pornhub couple had their own Pornhub page which contains more than 160 explicit videos. All the 160 videos feature the Jernigans themselves engaged in various NSFW activities in different public locations throughout the City of Houma and Terrebonne Parish.

The duo’s PornHub videos show Elizabeth exposing herself to the public at various businesses at the Southland Mall in Houma, a local Walmart, and a Burger King. The Jernigans also used the Houma public library video for their explicit exploits using the periodicals rack in the library to perform various NSFW acts.

The Jernigans were each charged with six counts of obscenity and were later released on bail. The Jernigans seemed amused at the turn of events and promised more explicit videos in days to come. Rex shared the news of arrest and bail on the couple’s PornHub page with this post:

“To all my friends and followers,the wife and i just recently bailed out of jail for our public videos we posted on Pornhub, hopefully soon we’ll get to post a new video soon,” wrote Jernigan, who uses the handle “Sexybeast82.”

The couple are famous on Pornhub with their page having 4187 subscribers and their videos have been viewed more than 1.7 million times. In a brief “About” notation on PornHub, Rex Jernigan wrote that, “I’ve always loved to be nude and show off the body since I was a teenager.”

He added, “hope everyone enjoys our videos…the more attention we receive, the more we’ll post.”