Upload your perfectly normal non-NFSW video And PornHub will give you $25,000

Pornhub!!! As soon as you hear about this popular adult entertainment, dirty images come into your mind. However, this time Pornhub will be giving a lucky user $25000 for uploading a totally non-NSFW video. Yes, you hear it right. Upload a video detailing how you can make the world a better place in the future and Pornhub will give you 25 greenbacks.

Over the years, Pornhub has been synonymous with adult entertainment but it also has another side to it, Pornhub Cares. While it has been entertaining adults with videos for years, it has also been making these small philanthropic gestures.  Pornhub Cares is one such endeavor in which Pornhub is shelling out $25,000 to one particularly talented young individual.

All you have to do is make a video explaining how you will contribute to the world’s better future and upload it on the Pornhub contest page. Pornhub also expects a 1000 and above word essay displaying your leadership qualities and dedication to a better future.

However, there is a catch, understandably. There are a few requirements that need be made when it comes to participating. Being a website that caters to adult content, the person applying needs to be above 18. Also, the contest is open to students who have a GPA higher than 3.2 and needs to be enrolled in a full-time college course.

If you are a foreign student studying in the United States, now is the chance to make $25000 from the world’s top adult video entertainment website. Don’t let it go waste.