Pornhub vs Apple: iPhone X has a greater draw than sex as visitors ditch Pornhub to watch Apple event

In the olden days, the top search terms on Google used to be God followed by Sex and gadgets came in third. But times seem to have changed with people seem to be more interested in Apple’s contraptions than sex. This can be evidenced by the fact that Pornhub suffered a rare temporary visitor drop when Apple was launching its iPhone X and iPhone 8 at a special event on September 12.

The world’s largest adult entertainment website, Pornhub suffered a drop in visitors when Tim Cook and Apple honchos were unveiling the iPhone X. Designed to commemorate the original iPhone’s 10th anniversary, the iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge Super Retina display that maxes out at a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels, making for a pixel density of 458 ppi – the highest on any iPhone ever. And in keeping with the Apple tradition of pricing the iPhone over and above the existing market rates for smartphones to give it that elitist status, the iPhone X is priced at over $1000.

Pornhub suffers less visitors as Apple launches iPhone X

While this is all ok for gadget geeks, Pornhub honchos suffered a heartburn or so does Pornhub traffic stats suggest. Pornhub saw a massive drop in traffic during the annual Apple keynote. While the decline was most noticeable in the United States though other countries followed suit. Pornhub, the site saw a seven-percent decrease of visitors from the United States followed by European countries.

According to Pornhub’s internal visitor tracking website, Pornhub Insights, the adult entertainment site saw a seven-percent decrease in traffic on American soil at 1PM ET, the time when Tim Cook took to stage in Cupertino and a four-percent dip worldwide compared to average Pornhub day.

Another interesting statistic from Pornhub insights is that Apple fanboys kept away from Pornhub throughout the day. Pornhub stats reveal that traffic from macOS and iOS devices during the show dropped by eight and 12 percent, respectively.

Funnily, after iPhone X was announced and done with, Pornhub traffic jumped by four percent above average for this time of the day. Seems like the Apple fanboys returned to Pornhub after hearing the iPhone X price!!!