Want to back up your iPhone images/videos and files without Apple iCloud/iTunes account, here is a quick way to do it!

Apple has finally announced its new iPhones. As always, many people will upgrade their old iPhone to the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or buy an iPhone 7 at a favorable price.

Some Android users possibly grab a new iPhone to try out a different mobile OS as well. After getting a new phone, the first thing should be transferring files from the old one to it. Besides contacts, photos are believed to be what we need most. Well, how can we transfer photos to our new iPhone?

iCloud is a feasible way. Turn on My Photo Stream, sign in the same Apple ID on both old and new iPhones, and then you should get access to photos of old iPhone on your new iPhone.

However, 5GB free storage isn’t enough for almost all users to backup all old iPhone photos. Besides, this method isn’t suited for those switching from non-Apple users.

Luckily, there’s another option – WinX MediaTrans which can transfer selective or all photos to new iPhone from old iPhone and Android devices without Apple ID.

WinX MediaTrans

6 Reasons to Choose WinX MediaTrans to Transfer Photos to New iPhone

WinX MediaTrans is a well-received iTunes alternative for Windows, capable of managing and transferring photos, videos, music, e-books, voice memos, ringtones, podcasts, and more files, and unlocking iTunes purchases.

It is available to transfer photos from (old) iPhone to PC and copy pictures from PC to (new) iPhone, in a simple and fast way. Below are a few reasons for why choose WinX MediaTrans as your preferred photo transfer option.

WinX MediaTrans photo transfer1# Select desired photos flexibly

This program not only allows you to backup all photos of old iPhone for later shifting to the new iPhone but also supports selective exporting and importing.

You can transfer photos of your favorite photo album or transfer one or multiple favorite photos in camera roll to the new iPhone. Preview is accessible to help you locate desired items conveniently.

2# Free from the Internet connection.

WinX MediaTrans employs a way that we are accustomed to doing – transfer files via a USB charger cable. That is to say, it doesn’t rely on o the network connection.

Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable, open MediaTrans, and then you’re able to transfer photos between old/new iPhone and PC, regardless of whether the network connects well.

3# Ultra-fast transferring speed.

Relying on a WiFi connection, iCloud requires a long time and also a stable and fast network to process iPhone photos.

Slow speed drives people crazy. But WinX MediaTrans is different. It escapes the bondage of network, and works super fast, completing 100 4K photos transfer within 8 seconds only.

4# No quantity and size limitation.

Every Apple ID is entitled to get 5GB iCloud storage for free. Since it’s easy to run out of 5GB storage, we need to either upgrade the storage plan for more space or try an alternative way.

The substitute recommended here empowers us to transfer as many photos as we like, only if our computer hard drive has enough space.

5# No iTunes required.

iTunes is capable of managing iPhone files, but grumbled by many users, especially Windows users, for its complicated operation and unexpected errors.

People even don’t want to install it. Some file transfer software requires you to install iTunes for normal work, while WinX MediaTrans won’t. Transferring photos to the new iPhone can be done successfully without iTunes.

6# No photo loss.

Data may be gets lost if we take iTunes or some third-party applications to transfer photos to the new iPhone. What a disaster. But this will never happen to WinX MediaTrans. It won’t erase data on your new iPhone, and won’t take old iPhone data away stealthily.

Sporting an intuitive interface, this software makes users of any level and any age handle it without hassle.

Lightweight as it is, it is equipped with many useful features, including but not limited to transferring photos to new iPhone from old iPhone/Android, transferring music, videos, e-books, and more, making iTunes purchases playable without limitation of Apple ID, making iPhone ringtone, and turning iPhone as a flash drive.


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