In the technological age of the 21st century, data is the most important asset of any organization; therefore data protection is now more critical than ever. Data is money; no company can afford a data loss. That’s why it’s so important to have safeguards in place to mitigate both accidental and malicious data erasure. Undelete Server is an example of a software package that can be a vital part of your data protection plan. Essentially, it acts as a recycle bin for file servers.

Why Do You Need Undelete Server?

If you’re an IT administrator worth your salt, you already know just how important backups are to your organization. But what happens between backups? Even if you have a solid backup scheme, there’s always going to be the potential for a critical document or two to fall through the cracks. Undelete® Server eliminates the gap between a deletion and your last backup. Typically, when users delete files from a network share, it is not possible to recover them. This includes those valuable Office files that could be accidentally deleted with a click or two of the mouse. The resulting mad scramble to find the last saved copy on a backup can be stressful, time-consuming, and ultimately fruitless.

To save the day, you need a tool that can recover the deleted files in just a few seconds. With Undelete Server, it can be as simple as one click thanks to its list of recently deleted files. It also includes a powerful search facility to help you quickly zero in on the file you want to recover.

But what happens when a user accidentally overwrites an old Word doc they need with a new one? This can easily happen if someone fills in a report with new data and then chooses Save instead of Save As. That one mis-click can cause no end of headaches. Fortunately, Undelete Server can bring back older versions of Office files right from an Explorer view.

Features You Need in a Data Protection Tool

To make your first line of defense stronger between backups, a true continuous data protection tool is necessary for the easy recovery of files at any time. The best protection software must have the following capabilities:

  •    A search wizard that helps you quickly locate a lost file.
  •    A one-click method to recover files deleted within the past week.
  •    An enhanced recovery bin that continuously captures the deleted files allowing fast recovery.
  •    A way to retain previous versions of MS Office files.
  •    A centralized management solution to help administrators monitor and quickly adjust data protection schemes.
  •    The ability to recover files directly from the recycle bins of servers with a client license.
  •    Full disclosure of deleted files including date, time, etc.
  •    Network file protection to restore files deleted from network shares and includes NTFS security.
  •    Eliminates the need to reboot servers; easy installation, and configuration.

All these features and many more are included in Undelete Server. This package along with the client version is quickly becoming the gold standard in server file protection with over 30,000 organizational customers worldwide. It’s fast, simple to operate for both administrators and users, and it easily integrates into your current image.