The latest iPhone release is iPhone X. It is one of the most interesting Apple’s mobiles phones. It was released at the beginning of November but is still making popular noise on the internet. Everyone is talking about its cool features, it’s amazing power and the most important, its dual camera. The new camera of iPhone X is just amazing. It comes with a 12 megapixels dual camera system which provides high-resolution images in different formats. While everyone is talking about iPhone X, there is a bit noise about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although the latest release is iPhone X, yet the value of iPhone 8 is still solid. There is a bit difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

When iPhone X was launched, there were some many similarities between iPhone X and iPhone 8. That’s why people started searching for the internet similarities and differences between iPhone X and iPhone 8. Today, we will help you to find out what are the main differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. we will briefly compare every feature and function between these two devices.

Performance: Chipset and RAM

The first thing to consider is the performance of both of these devices. iPhone 8 and iPhone X both have Apple A11 Bionic chipset with six cores of CPU and six cores of GPU. This CPU architecture allows the iPhone users to experience extremely fast and smooth processes running on the iPhone. You can enjoy multitasking in a smooth process which will give you the best of the mobile experience. On the other hand, iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM, and iPhone X has 3GB of RAM. iPhone X has a little benefit of 3GB RAM, but it has more resources that are used by RAM. It means it has a more powerful screen and a dual camera which will take more memory as compared to a small screen and a single lens camera. So the performance of these devices is almost same.

Display: Screen size

The second feature is the screen size of both of the devices. The iPhone 8 has 4.7 inches True Tone LCD screen with 1334×750 pixels while iPhone X has 5.8 inches True Tone OLED screen with 2436×1125 pixels. The iPhone 8 has a smaller screen and is more comfortable for indoor and outdoor uses. On the other hand, iPhone X is designed to have an enhanced mobile experience with a larger screen with more pixels.


The most important feature of iPhone 8 and iPhone X is the camera. The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have a 12 megapixels camera. However, iPhone 8 comes with single lens camera while iPhone X comes with dual lens camera. The performance of both of the devices is identical, but iPhone X has some benefits for the dual camera. It allows getting better photos with more light and picture enhancements.

Battery life

Another great feature of iPhone X and iPhone 8 is the battery life. iPhone X has more battery power and performance as compared to iPhone 8. Both of the devices are fast charge capable of charging speed up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes. The only contrast between these two devices is iPhone X has 21 hours of talk time while iPhone 8 has 14 hours of talk time.

Both of these devices are identical. There are some minor upgrades in the new iPhone X, but there is a large difference between the prices of these two devices.