It can be confusing to choose a gearbox when there are so many to choose from. The most important thing that need to be considered when choosing an industrial gearbox is your requirements because different gearboxes offer different benefits, and you can get the right one only when you know why you need it.

Gearboxes aren’t an entirely new invention. The gear arrangement was introduced by Aristotle in 330 B.C., while Archimedes was the one to use gears in the third century. Since then, gears have been used for the same purpose. i.e, to produce a uniform motion among two shafts on a consistent ratio.

There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to buying gearboxes. These include:

  • Torque produced
  • Size
  • Gear ratio
  • Duty cycle
  • Shaft alignment
  • Backlash
  • Amount of noise it produces
  • Mounting arrangements
  • Smoothness.

Besides these factors, efficiency and power are two of the other main characteristics to keep in mind. For this you must know the amount of load you want a machine to move or lift.

In a nutshell, it depends upon your requirements to determine what type of gearbox will best suit your needs:

Here’s how you can choose the best industrial gearbox according to your needs:

For High Efficiency

If it’s efficiency that you’re looking for in a gearbox, then planetary gearbox will serve you the best. The reason they’re highly efficient is because of the way the inner gears are arranged.

Planetary gearboxes contain a large gear at the center called the central gear which help move the smaller gears (planets). This arrangement of gears make it 3 times more efficient than most type of industrial gears used to enhance torque.

Another reason for them being the most reliable is the fact that no matter how much amount of load is exerted on these gearboxes, the weight is evenly distributed among the plants, thus the higher efficiency.

To take it up a notch, planetary gearboxes are often combined with other gearboxes such as helical and bevel to achieve even more efficiency and power.

Smooth Operation

Smooth operation means less noise and energy transmission in a constant flow. If your requirement is to find a gearbox that makes the least possible noise while operating and keeps on operating without any issues then bevel gearboxes can be of help.

There are two shafts in this type of gearbox that aims to provide maximum flexibility between the shafts.

Since this gearbox is mountable, it can support a great deal of force without any trouble.

Other Factors To Consider

Keep in mind that different gearboxes are mounted differently. Some might be shaft mounted, some foot mounted and some flange mounted.

Durability is also a concerning factor. Most gears are made of steel to ensure heavy weights are carried easily. However, weight of the gearbox might be an issue for some, hence, gearboxes are also manufactured in plastic to minimize their weight.

The Verdict

It is vital to pick an industrial gearbox as per your needs so that your money.


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