Torrent Links Restored In Torrentz2 After Mystery Disappearance

After sudden disappearance, torrent links return to Torrentz2

In August 2016, one of the most popular torrent website, had abruptly shut down its shop leaving many torrentors heart-broken. With the original site out of the scene, many mirror sites popped up to take its place.

However, turned out to be the most successful alternative, in terms of traffic, who never claimed to be an official resurrection of drew millions of users to the site. They just want to do what Torrentz did, or even better.

“We always wanted to operate a site as beautiful as the original torrentz site so recreating it was the only way to do it,” the site’s operator had told TorrentFreak in August last year.

While Torrentz2 copied the look of Torrentz, it ran its own meta-search engine, indexing even more sites than its famous predecessor.

“We want to add more sites to our index. There are 80 domains now. There is a really huge list of new torrent sites that we discover and will be added soon.

We are looking for hamsters to power up our servers, we believe that we are very close to finding them,” the operator says.

But, to the surprise of many, this site too abruptly disappeared just before Christmas last year with all links to the external torrent sites being removed leading to speculation that it was the end of the site. It turned into a database of torrent metadata instead of a meta-search engine, and traffic started declining.

The message on the homepage of the site was changed as well to claim it “is a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine” instead of claiming to be “a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.”

While many people started losing hope that the links would never return with weeks passing by, until this week when the disappeared links were added to the site again restoring Torrent2 to its former glory.

So, what was the reason behind the sudden disappearance and reappearance of the torrent links?

When TorrentFreak contacted the operator of the site to find the reason, he just replied that presently he does not wish to comment on the disappearing links incident or the site’s future.

Does that mean the sudden disappearance and reappearance of the torrent links was due to an operational change, or a technical error, or a simple mistake, or outside intervention and the speculation list goes on…..

However, for now, torrent lovers can access as long as it there. At the time of writing, the site list links to 61,111,077 torrents on 82 domains.

Source: TorrentFreak