The ability to make accurate predictions is one of the most crucial elements differentiating the world’s top successful companies and investors from others who operate with limited clarity about future events.

The ability of the bigger and more established tech-giants in achieving accuracy in the business of prediction lie within some established factors. These factors include; access to scarce and extensive data science PhDs, proper models per prediction, unlimited access to expensive and limited scales among others. Therefore, the exclusivity of these factors entails that the same group who retain access to them continue to enjoy the inherent benefits, while smaller groups remain sidelined, and depend on natural probabilities most of the time for their forecasts.

Disruption using blockchain and AI

All this is about to change as Endor leverages on the possibilities provided by blockchain technology and AI to close the gap between the big and small players within the industry. This new protocol makes it possible for any individual or group to be able to ask questions and get accurate predictions. It is described as the “Google” for predictive analytics.

This new development by Endor that is powered by blockchain and social physics technology will further democratize predictive science, enabling an ecosystem that provides automated, accurate, affordable predictions for individuals and businesses. This MIT powered Social Physics technology provides up to X10 higher accuracy for trends prediction. While protocols like Argur uses the wisdom of the crowd, the Endor protocol is based strictly on science and data analysis.

A superior team of experts

Endor is Spearheaded by a team of world experts in blockchain, digital banking technologies and predictive analytics from MITs Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, the MIT Media Lab and MIT Sloan School of Management.

Prof. Pentland (co-founder), a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, is one of the world’s most-cited scientists, and was recently declared by Forbes as the “7 most powerful data scientists in the world”. The team has collectively published hundreds of scientific papers, dozens of commercial patents, as well as 8 books dedicated to blockchain, machine intelligence, and data privacy.

Introducing a new era

As the world’s first prediction protocol that enables an ecosystem that provides automated, accurate and affordable predictions for individuals and businesses, Endor uses the power of social physics to break existing paradigm. Instead of building a model per each predictive question, the project builds ONE Social Sphere of human behavior and ask unlimited predictive questions. This enables the democratization of predictive science.

The Endor protocol will offer unlimited prediction benefits to both individual crypto holders and businesses as well. Individuals will be opportuned for the first time to access a ‘people enabled prediction ecosystem, use a growing catalogue of predictions and ask questions and get accurate predictions.

Endor Protocol democratizes the Prediction Industry using Blockchain and AI

A level playing ground

For businesses, the Endor protocol provides the opportunity of building a robust reputation while providing effective service. They can get private predictions from independent sources, boost growth based on unlimited private predictions and make effective use of their proprietary data and the protocol’s public data.

Blockchain’s reputation as a gap-bridging technology is emphasized by Endor. Despite working with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, MasterCard, Walmart and others, and its recognition as a Gartner Cool Vendor, and as a “Technological Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum, the company is concerned is ensuring that the gap between the large and small organisations is eliminated completely. Hence, the platform’s utility token, EndorCoin (EDR) will empower holders to access the automated, accurate, affordable AI predictions for Individuals and the long tail of Businesses.