We share things with our mobile phone more than ever these days. From sending calendar invites, to checking emails and even doing a bit of admin with our bank accounts.

We think our smartphones are secure but, how many times have you used a public Wi-Fi hotspot to do these chores?

There are many dangers with using public Wi-Fi, with these networks the most common places to suffer from hacking and attacks. You don’t know who else is in the same coffee shop as you while you make bank payments after all.

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Why You Need A VPN

A VPN is a fantastic bit of kit if you’re someone who potentially has a lot of personal data stored on your device.

What a VPN will do is add an extra layer of security onto your device and allow you to send and receive data via a privately secure network.

You may think iOS is as secure as they come, and you would be right. But even Apple products have gaping holes for hackers to pounce, making an iPhone VPN something to certainly consider.

It essentially acts as an invisible cloak, allowing you to pass through a public Wi-Fi completely unnoticed. That means your internet history is safe in your hands and and so are all yours logins.

The Best VPNs of 2018

2018 is set be a good year to invest in a VPN as technology continues to make these networks almost completely watertight.

There are a few duds out there though so ensuring you do your research and pick the right one for you is highly recommended.

Below you’ll find some of the market leaders for this year, along with exactly why they stand out from the crowd.


ExpressVPN has over 1,800 servers for you to connect to across 148 locations right across the world.

It’s incredibly fast and allows you to connect to a large range of media devices outside of their territories.

You’ll only be able to enjoy three connections at any one time, but it’s perfect for those just getting started with private networks thanks to their extensive web based tutorials.


IPVanish will set you back around $6.50 a month but you really do pay for quality with this one.

It claims to be the fastest VPN out there and has servers in over 60 countries. You’ll also get more devices than the ExpressVPN as well as total privacy with its no traffic log setting.


With servers in around a huge 200 countries, you really have a lot of options with HideMyAss.

It’s a fast network that allows unlimited torrenting and is as secure as they come. Unlike IPVanish, it will hold on to some traffic logs and share details with the relevant authorities if required, but if you’re using it to stay safe in open networks you really can’t go wrong.