If organization plays a big part in your daily life, Documents makes it a whole lot easier. Besides reading, this app is fine-tuned to view and annotate everything on its way. This “iOS Finder” is a top choice in over 70 countries, speaking volumes of its competence.

All options are easy to use after locating, meaning you will not have to browse through guideline pages before your first use. Arguably the most capable app in your iPhone, it can replace the PDF Reader, Music Player, and Document Viewer in a scoop!

Importing and Saving Files

When you have files saved on your iDevice, WebDav, cloud, or computer, importing content is straightforward. Are you in need of additional files? You can now download directly without exiting the app.

Across all businesses, this app’s ability to store email attachments only translates to higher conversions. The app is perfectly suitable for those with busy schedules as they can save web pages for viewing later.

File Management


To allow you absolute control, creation of folders and management of files have been made intricately easier. You are free to perform a myriad of other functions like renaming, tagging, coloring, as well as zipping and unzipping of files.

With an iPad, Documents can open in split screen; from here, you only need to drag and drop files across the apps. Sharing files with friends and colleagues can be achieved through social media and other platforms.

Once all files are intact, users are encouraged to secure them with strong passwords.

Integrated Cloud Services

In the age we live in, cloud services make all files accessible from anywhere, and at any time. This app readily connects with a host of cloud services, making it the ideal pick for both personal and business files.

Additionally, you could just choose to work on cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox without having to download the files. By setting up a two-way sync, the selected folders will automatically upload files at the set intervals.

Watching and Listening

Wondering when that jam by your favorite artist is coming out? Leave it to the app as it works both online and offline. You can now scourge through the endless online resources and import the latest music and movies without a glitch. In addition to being a media player, you can also use the built-in web browser of Documents to save media files on the Web seamlessly.

There are numerous great and easy ways to access media already in your iPhone, be they pictures or video. All these are brought harmoniously together to help you create captivating memories.

Document Reading

Even in iPhone, this app allows you to view Office files in their natural form. PDF files can also be read and annotated in virtually no time. All these serve to make your working experience easier and more fulfilling.

If you are faced with an extremely lengthy PDF, Documents allows you to immediately search for the desired text or section. Thereafter, creating text files will be a breeze; they are easily manipulated to fit your specific needs.

Are you a fan of reading articles and books? Welcome to your ultimate solution!


From the Finder-like iconic grid, users can perform a myriad of functions without having to consult further. The bulk of the app is composed of the optional list view, directing you to all other functions with a single touch.

From the iCloud tab, you can store specific files and easily sync across different devices. On clicking the browser tab, a complete web browser comes into view. This app supports the download of numerous file types without requiring conversion.

Connecting to your iPhone from a remote device (say a PC) is entirely possible, thanks to the Wi-Fi drive feature. A local Wi-Fi appliance works as well, keeping you in the loop even when travelling.

New, Captivating Features

Brand new add-ons make your experience all-the-more better. Interoperability between compatible apps is possible, having automated most of the repetitive tasks. The PDF Converter, for instance, only takes seconds to rework large documents.

The add-on system is invaluable in unlocking new features embedded within the app. Freehand drawing and adding an authentic signature to your documents is now within reach. The previous Dropbox sign-in issue has been neutered, enriching the user experience.

Bottom Line

In the current market, Document is revered as being very powerful and versatile. There are numerous possibilities working with the Cloud, giving you the leverage in business you previously lacked. This free app is all you have been looking for.