No matter the size, an office is essential to a business. It houses valuable information and items worth a lot of money. Whether it be legal documents, client information, computers or cash on hand, if the wrong person had access to the office it could be detrimental to the business.

That is why it is so important to keep your office space secured as much as possible. Not only does security protect what is inside the building, but it also protects those who work inside the office. Keep your mind at ease by securing your office.

Although every building is different and not all security system is the same, here are some general ways to keep your office secure. Whether you live in San Jose, CA or a small town, securing your office is critical.

Install Lighting

Quite often burglaries take place at night. No one is around, and the thieves are harder to spot. Deter them away by having efficient lighting installed around the building. Security lighting is a way to make a thief feel more exposed and less likely to commit a crime. It also allows those inside the building to have a clearer look outside to see if anyone suspicious is approaching.

Have Locks Updated

If you do not have locks on your doors, you should do so right away. Otherwise, anyone can open the front door and walk in. But for your office, you want more high-tech locks put in place. Keypads are an excellent locking system as you won’t have to worry about losing a key. However, you need to be careful the password doesn’t leak out.

Also, if you have a change of employees or had a break-in, it is a good idea to update and switch out the locks. Anyone who no longer works at the office wouldn’t need a key. However, if they still have it, you may want to change out the locks.

Use an Alarm System

An alarm system should be your first thing to think of when talking about securing your office. It is a great way to discourage thieves, as well as notifying emergency services in case of a burglary or accident. A lot of the newer alarm systems available today can be integrated with your smartphone, so you are alerted as well if the alarm is triggered.

Secure Items Inside the Building

At the end of the day, lock up anything of importance. Documents, laptops, money or anything else valuable to the business should be secured away so that no one can see them sitting out. Even if a thief makes it through your security system, it would be hard for them to find anything of value inside.

Physical documents should be backed up to an off-site network. If essential documents to your business end up being lost or stolen, at least you still have them on hand. Backing them up is also a good idea in case of an accident.

So no matter where your office is, make sure it is secured. Not only is it essential for protecting your business and everything inside, but it is also protecting those who work inside the building.