Upright vacuums have gained tremendous popularity coupled with their ability to suck away dust, dirt and pet hair from the deepest carpet coupled with various onboard speciality tools. But the large selection of upright models available in the market can make the final choice extremely difficult to make. Today we have collated a list of some of the top rated upright models of 2018 which can cater to your cleaning requirements like a pro.

  •    Dyson Animal 2

Living up to the stellar reputation of Dyson brand, the Animal 2 can clean up all messes and debris from your flooring and carpet with a single sweep. Although it might take a bit more time to clean scattered flour, the ultimate performance metrics of the Dyson model is way above its contemporaries. It becomes easy to manoeuvre the vacuum around furniture coupled with its swivel head. HEPA filtration packs in a solid punch by cleaning allergens and dust for providing you with clean and healthy air to breathe in. The easy to use interface of the Dyson model which is devoid of much knobs and buttons adjusts itself automatically with the work requirements. Although the suction does come off as a bit noisy, the sound emitted is much less than its peers. A 15-feet extendable hose is also packed along with the vacuum to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

  •    Dirt Devil Razor Vac UD70350B

A perfect pick for those running on a tight budget, the Dirt Devil Razor Vac can do an excellent job of cleaning pet litter, pet hair and flour from everything ranging from industrial carpeting to hardwood flooring. It can also be easily manoeuvred under a TV console and around chair legs coupled with a cleaning path of 12 inches. The strong suction of this upright vacuum diminishes the number of passes which is required to be made for tidying up your house. However, lack of proper HEPA filtration and plenty of noise emitted boggle down its ultimate functionality. Thus, if your child is suffering from an extreme allergy attack, then maybe this vacuum cleaner is not the right option for you. It also lacks some specialized attributes unlike its costly peers, but given the budget tag, it surely would be a crime to ask for anything else.

  •    Bissell PowerGlide Cordless 1534

If you dislike the hassle of plugging or unplugging the power cord, then the ultra-lightweight Bissell PowerGlide Cordless 1534 upright vacuum weighing at just 11 pounds is sure to cater to your requirements. Scoring full marks in the department of portability, this vacuum which is powered by a lithium-ion battery can help you keep up with the cleaning work for a cool 45 minutes following a single charge. You can charge it up fully within just two hours before you start cleaning all the nooks and corners around the home furnishings. Its lift-off canister helps in vacuuming above mantels, crown moulding, window treatments and other hard to reach spots. Although the power of this vacuum is commendable, its 9-inch cleaning path requires the higher number of passes for scooping up floor mess. The vacuum stands out when it comes to cleaning pet hair making it a top favourite of people having furry friends at home.

  •    Hoover UH70120

This reasonably priced vacuum cleaner offers strong suction power which can help you proceed with the cleaning drill effortlessly. It does a tremendous job at picking up onion and breadcrumbs from a linoleum flooring however the vacuum might feel the pressure while picking up heavier and larger items like kitty litter and cereal given its tendency of pushing it around a bit. The retractable cord of this upright vacuum also stands out as its USP which is absent in even some of the top-rung models. Four attachments and an onboard tool storage accompany this upright vacuum to help with your cleaning chore. Coupled with an 8-foot extendable hose and 27-foot power cord, you can take care of the cleaning requirements of the entire house at one go.

  •    BISSELL 9595A

This purple and black corded vacuum can help you take on home cleaning pretty quickly coupled with its one-pass technology. The strong suction of the Bissell 9595A can be of great aid in picking everything up so that your cleaning time gets reduced considerably. At 25 feet, the cord cannot be actually branded as long. However, it stands out as the clear winner with its exceptional tool base comprising of upholstery tool, extension wand, turbo brush, twist and snap hose and much more which can be utilized for cleaning upholstery, stairs, furniture and much more. The easy to clean dirt tank and washable filter also make the maintenance requirements of this vacuum cleaner minimal.

So, bring home an upright vacuum cleaner today and benefit from its endless attributes.



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