The startup scene has, without a doubt, become one of today’s most exciting industries to be a part of. The constant influx of creative and disruptive ideas coming from all over the United States has transformed the way modern business is conducted. From technology startups to new companies transforming the way we get around, the list is endless.

Let’s be honest – there is A LOT that established companies can learn from what startups are doing out there, so let’s tap into Global Resources to determine what exactly makes startups super successful in today’s day and age.

Unique Idea = Easy Sell

Uber has shown us that a unique idea sells. Many startups today are almost guaranteed to succeed, initially, purely because the idea they have is so strong. While the concept of ride-hailing did exist beforehand, Uber linked it with a user-friendly smartphone app that has subsequently produced a multi-billion dollar product.

Make It Cheaper and Simpler

Some startups are not able to rely on a novel idea. Instead, they focus their efforts on creating something that’s more marketable. The virtual reality industries were almost non-existent just a few years ago, and yet today businesses such as Microsoft, Sony and Samsung are all competing for control of the market. Instead of joining that good fight, startup firm Mira has created an augmented reality kit that is cheap and simple enough for the mass market.

Great Talent = Better Investments

An almost guaranteed way to generate interest in a unique idea is to showcase the talent that’s behind it. While startups such as Aurora and Periscope Data are technically categorized as “new companies”, they are actually a collection of former talent from some of the world’s largest companies, including Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and Uber.

It’s very clear that assembling a strong and talented team of individuals attract investors to buy into your product/service.

Be Savvy About Social Media

Building a loyal customer base is critical in today’s day and age. Being able to connect and communicate with your audience can make your brand very powerful. One of the most important factors here is staying consistent and timely. In other words, make sure your social media strategy has a daily routine.

Take time to create an outstanding marketing campaign, complete with animations and videos that can easily be shared on social media. Ultimately, this will help take your company to the next level.