Are US Call Centers the Best Option to Support Tech SMEs?

When you produce a SAAS app or offer a service for sale, what tech entrepreneurs don’t always realize is the amount of pre-sale, sales, and after-sales support that’s required. Potential buyers have questions that aren’t always answered through the help option inside an app or the ‘frequently asked questions’ section of a service-based website.

For SMEs, they don’t necessarily have the size of facility or technical experience to host and manage a call center operation; this is especially true on the tech side where there’s often a tiny development team and no one else.

Using an outsourced call center to deal with the simpler, non-technical calls often becomes the solution to the problem. Paying for call handling instead of gearing up for a larger office, all the phone lines and other equipment needed, avoids a company becoming overwhelmed in an area where staff have no prior experience.

Some Call Centers Have Often Gone Offshore

Some call centers are still based in the US and others are based offshore. Going offshore is usually less expensive, but executives must fly out to these centers to train the staff. Cultural differences and language difficulties often make it challenging to obtain the level of customer service that both the company expects, and customers deserve. As a result, many companies that go offshore later decide to pull their call center outsourcing back to the US.

Benefits of US Call Centers

When there’s any level of complexity to the product or service offering, then using a US call center is highly beneficial. The staff will understand the type of product or service being offered which makes a huge difference for customers who can tell when the rep on the phone knows their product or service. It’s easier to understand the rep over the phone and calls are handled much quicker because of the lack of confusion. When you visit Ameridial, you can see how a professional call center is operated to deliver best-in-class service to every caller on behalf of the clients they serve.

Indirect Cost Benefits of Onshore Call Centers

It’s true that at first glance, US call centers are dearer than offshore ones. However, that’s only part of the story. Prospective and current customers rely on feeling heard and clearly understood whether they’re asking about a minor detail on a product or requiring after-sales care. When a call is mired in confusion because it’s being handled offshore or it takes too long to get across simple points that would take a US-based call center mere minutes to digest and suggest a solution for, this leads to frustration for the customers.

Many customers change companies to resolve that issue and make a point of ensuring that they only use call centers in the US. The customers value their time and don’t wish to waste it.

US call centers are the clear winner for tech startups and other tech-related operations looking to outsource their customer, sales or support calls. The time per call is also lower with professional management, which closes the gap on the cost differential too, but customer attribution rates also matter for the big picture view with the onshore vs offshore call center debate. Staying closer to home makes it easier to retain new customers and not frustrate them.

Boris Dzhingarov
Boris Dzhingarov
Boris Dzhingarov graduated University of National and World Economy with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as Semrush, Tweakyourbiz and Boris is the founder of Tech Surprise and MonetaryLibrary.


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