The successful Kickstarter campaign for the highly regarded “underdog” turned success of the Bluetooth Speaker market earlier this year, as led to yet another ambitious product release from the company known as Blitzwolf. This time around they have a plans to attempt match up to the big boys of the home entertainment industry with there brand new Sound Bar.

Introducing the Sound Bar

Now this would be a great chance to quickly mention what this new product has to offer. Well here it is, the SDB1. This product has a lot of features that allow easy set-up in just a few minutes. It comes with 6 different input options including Bluetooth, AUX, USB and HDMI. This allows users to connect to any device and enjoy superior quality audio. This sound bar when compared with other sound bars on the market, it offers a lot. This sound bar is 60W, has 4 speakers and 2 diaphragms as well as the dynamic Multi-Scene mode, so you can be assured that it will deliver loud and clear audio with an amazing immersive experience.

The Future for the Sound Bar

Now that the product has been released and the predicted sales of the product have done better than expected, now their confidence with there newly released product has now allowed them to go big and now they will be releasing the product on Amazon?will confirm the link later ?. We can only speculate what this will do for this company but it surely looks like they are in for a good future ahead of them if they continue down the path they are. We look forward to see what exciting news will bring to this fast emerging new player but for now we can now enjoy the SDB1 Sound Bar here: