Escape rooms are designed to deliver unique fun to those who love adventure and exploring games. Escape rooms games have become very popular of late. NowEscape has set itself apart from the pack by offering Escape Room dealers and enthusiasts new experiences and exciting deals. NowEscape which is registered in Tallinn, Estonia but which has major offices in London brings escape room operators and escape room players together using a single online marketplace.

By setting itself apart from the crowd, NowEscape has easily managed to become one of the major players in the sector in London. The London Escape Rooms list has become longer in the recent past but NowEscape has managed to stay at the front line. At NowEscape, escape room enthusiasts from around the world are able to shop a wide range of gaming needs. Here, the players are offered a chance to not only explore NowEscape and compare escape rooms but they also get an opportunity to book for their next adventure with ease. The company has made everything easier by giving escape game operators a chance to add rooms to the NowEscape’s booking platform. This unique feature is refreshingly simple and is designed exclusively for the escape room industry.

Booking your trip to an escape room

The booking process at NowEscape is quite easy when compared to the other escape rooms. The first thing you should know when it comes to booking your trip to an escape room is that this form of gaming is very popular and you will have a thrilling experience.

An escape room game is designed to deliver maximum fun when it is played by a group of team players. It is, therefore, advisable that you assemble a team which could include your friends or family members. At NowEscape, a team can be made up of even 12 people. Each person in the team needs to cooperate so that the team takes the shortest time possible to complete a challenge. The age limit is generally 16 years but there are exceptions when younger players are allowed.

The other important thing to note is the price that you will pay for playing the game. At NowEscape, the customers of the platform that wish to offer Escape Rooms to the public will enjoy zero monthly charges. Also, all bookings made through the NowEscape via widget are not charged. The same case applies to bookings made over phone or email. However, bookings made through the NowEscape website for the ‘listed’ escape rooms attract a commission of 20%. For players, the charges vary from one game to another.

How unique is the booking for a trip at NowEscape Escape room?

As from February 2016, the cancellation policy at NowEscape was reviewed and customers can now enjoy better terms. You will receive 100% refund of your money if you cancel 24 hours (one day) before the start of the game. No refund will be made if cancellation is made less than one day (24 hours) before the start of the game. You should, however, read the T&Cs of your particular game as there are games that don’t allow any cancellations and there are others which won’t allow you to cancel if the time remaining to the start of the game is less than 72 hours. Still, booking at NowEscape is easy and designed to cater to the needs of the players no matter where they are and their age.