Image is everything in business. The right illustrations, logo, and stock images can speak volumes about the essence of who you are and what you do as a company. The old adage of a picture speaking a thousand words goes to show that this has been the case for a long time. As humans, we respond to images. If the history of art has thought us anything, it is that there is always an audience for bold and beautiful things to look at, once they come in the right frame.

As our brains are hardwired to judge on the visual aspects of a person, company, and their actions, we can be persuaded into purchasing products and services through the medium of advertising alone. Striking images can attract the eyes like almost nothing else. Pictures from Focused Collection are a strong example of a company who further this point. For almost every adult over a certain age will tell you, sometimes “impulse buys” happen. The reason for our last-minute splurges and spontaneous purchases quite often come down to the image within the advertisement.

The importance of imagery to a business, therefore, cannot be underestimated. Procuring the right images – ones which will do a brand good rather than harm – is crucial. You want to stand out from the cacophony of advertisements and marketing material out there and sometimes, even if it is against our inner-nature, we must learn to adopt the understanding that those that shout loudest get the most attention.

The Dominant Sense

For those of us blessed with the wonders of good eyesight will know, the majority of things which our human minds are attracted to come via our vision. It is the most dominant of our senses and the one which forces the brain to work harder than any other. In fact, our eyesight is accountable for up to half of the human brain’s functioning powers, which, in turn, means that we are designed to respond to images.

Although the voracious reader may argue with this, text can only go so far to stimulate the human mind. It is the photos and images which resonate on a deeper cognitive level and this is not something which is breaking news.

Standing Out in the Crowd

If we imagine each and every company advertising online as a salesperson on the street, swarming an approaching consumer as they walk by, we get a picture of how invasive it can feel sometimes. When we clock off work and try to kick back at the end of a day, we will experience the same barrage of advertising material from our own devices. Most of the material we come across will be of no real use to us, we figure, so we simply ignore it. Every now and again ignorance is not an option.

To stand out in the crowd you must have the boldness and exuberance which warrants attention. The perfect imagery will not request the turning of heads, it will demand it.