The recent increase in students trying to maximise their time at college has led to more essays and papers being ordered than ever. This can be related to many things like change in mentality towards seeking help and also advances in online business. Whichever the reason this is becoming more acceptable all over the world. This also can bring more troubles and opens the door to potential hacking.

As with completing any online transactions you need some basic online security and follow sensible protocol:

–    First up, always have an up to date malware or virus scanner. This will depend on what operating system you are running and if you want to pay for the scanner, but there are reliable free ones up to the task.

–    Never type in your credit card details into a dodgy looking websites and without the little secure padlock symbol in the address bar.

–    Lastly, always listen to what friends and colleagues say about buying something online. If you don’t know anybody that has successfully used it without problems then maybe give it a miss.

So now we covered the basics, this still doesn’t mean you cannot be scammed out of your hard-earned money.

Many fake online companies can try to either get you to pay for something that will not arrive or convince you to download something that will infect your computer.

We conducted some research into different essay writing services, some of which were recommended and others we found with an online search. The best overall service reviewed for security would go to EssayPro. This service offers custom essay help and other useful services for students and professionals like proofreading and tutoring.

Impressively they only need an email address to sign up which can comfort anyone wanting to use the site anonymously. This will also safeguard you from being a victim of identity theft, which is still on the rise online and in person. You should always give the minimum amount of personal details online as scammers can build up a profile of you by piecing together all the different bits of information. Afterwards, the scammers can order loans or purchase items all in your name. They also claim only to keep details collected for the length of time you are a signed up with the site and remove all details of membership after leaving.

Another reason they impressed us was due to the payment protection on offer. The most consumer-orientated way of buying anything would be to try it first?

Well, this is exactly what they do, by letting you first download the work requested and checked it over until you are completely satisfied and only after then you release payment. This is perfect for customer satisfaction, and many other retailers should adopt this approach. The payment system was secure and easy to use. They also use a writer bidding system to ensure you get a low quote for the work as well as discounts for more significant orders.

Furthermore, they use an encrypted chat which lets you talk to your writer online and not worry about any personal details being extracted this way. Also very convenient and another critical point where they take online security seriously.

So, in conclusion it is possible to have certain security threats while ordering an essay online. Over time people need to be more clued up with general online safety to avoid any problems from new online businesses. Also with paper mill sites becoming more popular, they can only offer more protection in the future making it easy to order a paper online.