In the modern world messengers have practically replaced live communication, and to make communication in social. Networks are more convenient and here are several applications that will greatly facilitate your life.


This app eliminates the need to switch between windows and applications while communicating in multiple messengers: the cross-platform program works with 44 popular services and collects all your chats in one place.

Rambox works as a standard application, it can be expanded to full screen or minimized. The program has a simple interface and contains tabs, each of which hosts one of the services. Once you add a messenger for it, you can turn off sounds or show notifications. There is also a total Do Not Disturb feature and allows you to focus on your work.

For convenience, the application synchronizes all your accounts and settings, which eliminates the need to connect accounts again when installing the application on another computer or after reinstalling. To do this, just log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google or GitHub.

For security reasons, Rambox can be blocked and no one can read the correspondence in your absence. The application will prompt you for a password and ask for it to unlock.


It is a single app for Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype and others

Franz is an application with which you can communicate in eight popular instant chat apps: Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Grape.

Each of the necessary instant chats is opened in a new tab. In the application, audio and video calls are unavailable-they are made using a browser. All applications inside Franz retain their usual look (style of writing messages, avatars etc.). Franz also allows you to configure multiple user profiles.

Try to analyze how much time you spend on correspondence in instant social medias? E.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Google Hangouts, barely alive ICQ . Each has its own application, its own notification sound and a piece of space in the Dock menu.

All-in-One Messenger 

This is an add-on for the browser that combines all these social networks. The principle of its work is the same: through the web version of instant social medias you bind the account to one of the extension tabs and get several instant chats in one application. I remain an active user of the Austrian application almost from the moment of its release, and from my own experience I want to note that All-in-One Messenger has one significant drawback. While working with it, the Chrome browser must be running in the background.

(IM = Instant Messenger) 

It is a program, mobile application or web service for instant texting.

This is a program in which you write messages and where you read them. But behind each such program there is a network of texting which also enters into concept “chat”. It could be a network inside your company, or a global network, like Jabber.

Due to the fact that these networks have divorced quite a lot, not all apps are compatible. It is not the fact that if you have an instant messenger and your partner has an instant messenger, then you can contact him.

The concept of a messenger has long been unconnected only with the exchange of text messages. Modern messengers have already become full-fledged communication centers, which use voice and video communication, file sharing, web conferences.


It is another alternative client for ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Jabber (Google Talk, Yandex) networks. Support for all these and many other instant texting protocols in Miranda latest versions is implemented as separate plugins, which are included in the default installation but can be optionally removed and disabled. Miranda also supports the installation of skins, which are now so popular on the web. There is only one problem with using of Miranda – the impossibility of self-registration of a new ICQ-account. Those you will need to pre-register a new account by ICQ client or via the web-interface. In case you already have a number and password and you want a fast and convenient ICQ-client, then Miranda will suit you more than the original version of ICQ-client.