A BMW is a strong brand. That is why people struggle to get a model of BMW. A price for an item is quite expensive. It makes people buy used vehicles instead of new ones.

Not too old BMWs are usually in an excellent technical condition. They cost much less than brand new vehicle. That is why buyers struggle to get a used BMW because they get good quality for considerable money.

Why Buyer Needs To Get Full VIN Check

For buyers of expensive BMW cars, vehicle identification check is obligatory. Such a check can be provided partially for free. However, full overall expertise is not that costly. Value of the VIN report has can hardly be overestimated. Here are some data you will get from a VIN check report.

  • Basic information about a vehicle. Such type of data is provided for free. It includes year of car production, country of production. This type of information  BMW buyer has to consider immediately. If a BMW has been manufactured outside Germany, it can be of a lower quality.
  • Odometer reading. Odometer reading is a indicator drivers pay precise attention to. The lower it is, the better it is. It is important to get real odometer reading. Sellers of used cars often manually decrease the number of miles the vehicle has covered.
  • Accidents history. Each new owner would like to know if a vehicle had been in any accidents. During accidents, a car can get not only external damage, but also profound technical defects not obvious from the first sight. Without a VIN check, it is impossible to understand a real technical state of an automobile.
  • Theft history. A BMW is one of those autos that gets stolen quite often. That is why it is indispensable to get full VIN report to know the theft history of the vehicle. A car you intend to buy could have been stolen. If you buy it, you can even go to jail for this.
  • Insurance details. You should know what type of insurance a vehicle has. It will help evaluate the pay off an insurance company can pay if a vehicle gets damaged.
  • State inspections data. Each BMW car undergoes a state inspection each year. A potential buyer should be aware of the inspection results.

These are the main types of data that a buyer will get from a VIN check report. VIN check reveals very important information about any automobile. It will help you to buy a car that is truly in its best technical condition.

Where the VIN Number Is Located

Each manufacturer locates a vehicle identification number on a different place on a car. Here is where to find a VIN on a BMW vehicle:

  • It is usually located on a right suspension turret on models that were manufactured in Europe.
  • It can be located on windshield from a passenger side.
  • In models that were manufactured in North America you can find VIN inside driver’s door jamb.

These are the most common locations of a vehicle identification number. After you find it on a BMW car, you can send it to a DMV office. They, as well as private companies, will conduct a full VIN check.


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