If you are a fan of Apagraph and love the animated themes that have been on the site since its launch, you will happy to hear that new material has landed. Apagraph users can now choose from four animated themes instead of two so users can have double the fun!

Animated themes Add Something Extra

If you have already been using the Apagraph sparkle animation and grunge animation then you are going to love sharing our latest additions to our ever-growing range of themes. Animated themes help to capture your followers attention with eye-catching features that make people want to read all of your quotes.

Get Even More Animated 

The three new Apagraph themes are perfect for quotes about love, romance, books, poetry, love songs, happiness, motivation and much more. Whatever you want to let the world know, the new animated quotes will let you do so.

The One for Bookworms!

Whether you love to delve deep into classic novels or you are more of a chic-lit lover, the new ‘book’ animated theme if perfect for all you wordsmiths. The brightly coloured animated features two people who look very happy to be in each others company—perhaps sharing their favourite quotes among one and other. Now you can share you famous quotes or lines from poems with this star filled theme.

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

The one for Romantics!

The more romantic Apagraph themes are among our most popular quotes which means that there are lot of people in love out there—always a good thing. You may have a quote that tells the world how much you are in love with your partner but, don’t worry, this animation is not sickly sweet. The cool skulls on the animation offer a little tongue-in-cheek so, if you are not too happy with your loved one or you have been hurt by love, this theme will still fit the bill. 

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

The Happy One!

One of our favorite ever Apagraph themes—this one simply beams with happiness. This theme is perfect for quotes that enforce comfort, reflection and spirituality so if you want to close your eyes and imagine that you are listening to music from a field in South America this theme is for you. If you want to add a little color to your timeline when you share your quotes, this bright green and blue number will do the trick.

Enjoy New Animated Themes from Apagraph

With these three new animated themes from Apagraph you will be sure to have lots of fun and may even run out of words to say! If you do need a little inspiration then you can head over to the Apagraph feed to read quotes from the community and throw a little love their way with a like.

As always, once you have decided on what theme works best with your words of wisdom you can share your quotes with friends on social media.

We can’t wait to see our new themes in action, so go get quoting!