Instagram outgrew its first impression as a fun app for kids quite fast and has become a pretty serious tool for audience building, networking and content marketing for individuals and brands alike.

It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular sites for social networking on the planet with more than 200 million active users logging in every month and actively sharing over 60 million images, generating up to 1.6 billion likes daily.

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Engagement rates for the other social networks for brands are less than 0.1 percent but Instagram blows this all the way up, with an average extending up to an epic 58 times higher than on Facebook. Whether you’re a huge brand seeking to get more new followers or still at the developing stages seeking to create prospective customers base out of target audiences, the following are 3 of the most powerful tips you can employ to become an Instagram unicorn.  

Invest in a Complete and Curated Instagram Aesthetic Profile

If you wish to get more followers today, you need to pay closer attention to what your Instagram feed looks like. Your Instagram business profile is the first opportunity you get to make an amazing first impression and entice people to hit the follow button. By creating a consistent brand story through your Instagram profile and aesthetic, you can transform the casual visitors into engaged and devoted followers. Therefore, you can start using Instagram bot it assists to get more authentic followers.

The fact that Instagram is becoming a go-to for consumers to turn to when searching for brands means that your profile will soon become your new homepage. Thus, there’s the need to put in as much effort into the visuals and copies on the profile that’s put on the homepage of your website. Instagram profiles are a reflection of owners’ brands, products or services and should be attractive enough to encourage visitors to become followers. Focus on the Stories Highlights and an eye-catching bio to make your page aesthetically appealing.

Hack Instagram Stories for More Exposure

For Instagram Stories, 2018 will definitely be a huge year, and because organic reach is dropping for regular posts, stories are fast becoming a key approach to engaging with followers and staying on top of the game. Did you know you can gain more followers with Instagram Stories? Yes, Instagram stories appear on the explore page, which implies that even people who don’t follow you can easily find and view your stories. Who knows? If they fall in love with what they see, they might just give you a follow.

This is just another reason why you need to have an active story running on your Instagram feed at all times. Other than appearing in Instagram’s explore page, your story may also appear in stories for other hashtags and locations. Most Instagram hashtags and geo-locations have their own stories but this is an underutilized feature that you can seize. If you have to post a great piece of content or something interesting on your story, it can attract the attention of Instagram users and turn casual viewers into your new Instagram followers.

Get Featured Off of Instagram

One of the most effective ways to attract Instagram followers today promoting your account but not through the Instagram app. Instead of struggling to test all ways to hack the algorithm to optimize your content, spend more time on promoting your profile in other areas online. Of course, you will be going back to the basics of PR with this strategy but it’s actually practically workable. When people hear you online, they are more likely to look you up on Instagram even before they Google you.

Get featured in the press, guest posting on someone else or doing a podcast interview and see what it does to your Instagram following. This you can achieve by pitching your ideas to other Instagram accounts, podcasts and blogs that you’re sure your target market would read.

Always say yes to giving a quote for an article or doing an interview even if it’s simply a small publication – they might potentially have an audience that’s much more engaged and you can’t really be sure who’s listening or reading. When you get an interview, plug your Instagram account, always. And whenever you get the chance, mention your Instagram account and maybe even add a screenshot of one of your posts.