Technological advancements are speedily revolutionizing our world. They are transforming different aspects of organizations and our day-to-day lives.

Different industries have utilized technology to completely change how they conduct businesses.

Now, people are wondering how our world will look like in 50 years to come. And, your guess is as good as mine: technology will be on another level.

Here are eight futuristic technology predictions for the next 50 years from experts in various fields.

  1. Programming

Joe Cianflone, U.S.-based Full-Stack Web Developer With 15 Years of Experience

In 50 years, professional programming will no longer be human-driven. Today, self-programming systems are already in existence and, although they are highly specialized, their ability to perform changes is limited.

Computing power, however, is growing exponentially and the curve is likely to mimic human brain power in the coming decades.

Therefore, the increase in computing power will enhance the flexibility and scope of the self-programming systems, improving their ability and specialization to quickly perform optimum changes.

Compared to the current human-driven professional programming, the self-programming systems of the future will be quicker and are expected to increasingly outpace today’s software and be applicable in a wider range of disciplines.

Despite the progress in self-programming systems, human insight and ingenuity will still be required in the world after 50 years technology.

2. Data Science

Dev Zero, U.S.-based Data Scientist with 8 Years of Experience

Are you wondering what will the Earth look like in 2066?

Data scientists will take over the world, especially as more and more companies appreciate the importance of business intelligence in market growth.

Data science has a wide scope of growth and will largely influence opportunities that organizations will tap into for the betterment of our lives 50 years from now.

For example, data science will make it possible for buyers and sellers in the marketplace to collaborate and exchange custom visualization, grouped data sources, and other analytical documentations before closing a deal.

In the future, data scientists will be expected to sharpen their hands-on skills, embrace modern tools and technologies, and be in a position to analyze the complex data sources and large combinations of data models.

In 50 years from now, the technology used in data analysis will be more sophisticated with more automated methods adopted to expand the use of data science in various industries.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Skyhoshi, a German-based AI Expert With 5 Years of Experience

Technology changes happen all the time, and they happen fast. In 50 years, it will be difficult to tell apart human consciousness from artificial intelligence. This is because we will be inseparable from our machines.

The 50 years from now technology advancements will force most tasks to be automated with robots taking up almost half of all available jobs. Artificial Intelligence will be applicable in numerous fields and will be utilized in improving the lives of people in healthcare, transportation, and many other sectors.

Already, self-driven vehicles are available, and their sophistication is likely to increase in future. In fact, AIs will emulate most tasks that tend to follow predictive patterns.

Even socialization among humans will change as people will have robotic friends, as well.

4. Design

Leila, a Ukraine-based UX/UI Designer with 5 years of Experience

Creative thinkers will be an important part of businesses as they will offer great design ideas to organizations. With the use of advanced technologies, it will be possible to merge the creative ideas and build stronger brands.

Designs will be more customer-centered and genuine. Designers will use sophisticated tools to ensure businesses are capable of solving problems and meeting clients’ needs.

With effective solution-tailored designs, future problems will be easily contemplated and significantly reduced.

5. Cryptocurrency

Elliot Minns, a U.S.-based Software Engineer With 6 Years of Experience

Cryptocurrencies are likely to phase out traditional currencies in the future. Their efficiency and flexibility in use are increasingly making them popular among users around the world.

In 50 years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will reduce the use of intermediaries in financial transactions while promoting peer-to-peer dealings with no charges or transaction fees. Although cryptocurrencies have their own limitations, their future looks promising.

Before the 22nd century, investors will see the emergence of more digital currencies and their underlying blockchain technology will help in solving problems and weaknesses associated with normal currencies today.

6. Cybersecurity

Jkspentester , an India-based Cyber Security Professional With 5 Years of Experience

As technology advances and more activities and transactions are carried out online, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a concern.

In 50 years time, data protection will be key and there will be need to enact robust policies to enforce the security of users data.

Cybercrime will be at an all-time high. As the number of online users will increase, and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence will mature, criminal activities like hacking, phishing, and other cyber crimes will escalate exponentially.

Furthermore, as attackers will increase the use of AI for penetrating systems, it will be difficult to detect attacks powered by such intricate technologies.

Sadly, a poorly educated population will provide a rich opportunity for cybercriminals to thrive.

Consequently, organizations will be forced to come up with stronger data policies to protect users and ensure the best security measures are enacted.

More so, there will be an increased demand for cyber professionals required to keep the blossoming IT infrastructure safe.

7. Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality

Mechasparrow, a U.S.-based Software Engineer with 4 Years of Experience

Various sectors are already making use of this innovative technology. For example, the health sector is currently using virtual reality to assist in conducting surgeries and training medical professionals.

Patients are also offered pain management services with the use of VR equipment that distracts their minds from pain.

With the use of remote tours, virtual reality will make it possible for people to go wherever they wish in fifty years. Consumers will be able to inspect goods they wish to buy before making the actual purchase, even when they are not at the same location with the seller.

Also, colleagues will be able to work on the same project from different geographical locations.

In short, the virtual reality technology will be big in every sector and physical movement will not be necessary to make things happen.

8. Game Development

Shield Generator, a U.S.-based Indie Game Developer With 7 Years of Experience

In 50 years, gamers will be able to access and play games using various advanced technologies. For example, the maturity of augmented reality technology will allow users to play almost-perfect games with advanced immersive experiences.

Furthermore, with the advancements in wearables technology, gamers will not need to strap things on themselves before getting engrossed in a game.

Ultimately, playing games will be more fulfilling than now.


There is no limit to what technology can do, and the future predictions cannot be limited to the above technological fields.

50 years is a long time and the potential for technology to evolve in a bigger and better way is vast.

Let’s meet in 50 years, as we talk about the great technological advancements we experienced!


  1. By the way, would love if you could update this article and add some more points. I love reading about future predictions and especially ones that are realistic.


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