Social marketing has over the years been proven to be much more than simply a fad. By utilizing social marketing properly, you can promote your website for just a fraction of what you spend on conventional marketing. Instagram might be one of the recent social media sites that a good number of businesses have seen a significant return on investment using but it’s still an excellent resource for businesses that can maximize on return on investment effortlessly.

It does not just count as the star child of the social media scene, its popularity is similarly on a continuous rise and with the recent introduction of Instagram Stories, this fact has been amplified to greater extents. To get the most out of this powerhouse platform, you will not only need more eyes on your content but also enough to convince your followers to invest in whatever you’re selling.

Content Scheduling

Having content is not a problem for many brands, knowing to post and creating the time for this is what makes it rather hard to get things moving. One of the most significant parts of marketing on Instagram involves maintaining a frequent, consistent content schedule.

There is a ton of social media marketers who know the importance of keeping a healthy queue of photos and videos but not all of them are aware of the various ways of making content scheduling even easier. There are apps that can put together a content calendar for Instagram marketing by planning posts long in advance giving you more time to interact with followers and fans and strengthen your presence your presence on social media.

  • Effective Use of Hashtags

In the social media landscape, Instagram hacks are what make the world go round and this applies especially to Instagram. They have a great impact on the engagement received on every post and can help in determining whether your content gets to reach the eyes of your target or not. There are a couple of different hashtag strategies but the perfect mix has not yet been identified. The most effective ones, however, are those that are local or directly relevant to your post.

  • Keep Post Drafts within Reach

Draft is a feature on Instagram that most people have not discovered yet. It can be a great alternative to scheduling apps in that it enables you to create a post with the content and captions but you can choose whether or not to publish just yet. This you can pull up immediately from storage in the app the next time you are ready to publish.

  • Create a Seamless Feed

It might not exactly work for every business but a seamless Instagram feed is a visual spectacle that could transform your profile into a uniquely beautiful gallery for your fans and any potential customers. Seamless feeds are exactly what they sound like – drawn from photos edited in a way that the feed looks like a single giant image.

  • Post Content from Behind the Scenes

In the middle of promotional content and product posts, you are bound to find a lull in your Instagram content queue. The best way to fill up this gap is using behind the scenes content, a form of content that is often overlooked and underappreciated by marketers. The reason behind the success of ‘how-to’ content on almost all platforms is the fact that people like to be informed of the processes. This kind of thing can help in building stronger connections with followers, fans and prospective customers.

  • Share Reviews and Testimonials

Social proof can mean everything for your target audience with regards to making a purchasing decision. If you intend to use Instagram as a means of driving sales for your business, one awesome idea for content is customer reviews and testimonials. It’s one thing to tell everyone you have the best product to solve their problem but it’s an entirely different thing to show prospective buyers what other people say about it. This can greatly help in building positive customer perception for your brand.

  • Discounts and Promotions

This can come into play when all else fails. Using Instagram to share promotions and quick discounts is a pretty underrated form of social marketing. Often, brands focus a lot more on building their aesthetic on Instagram so much that they forget that it means so little if it fails to drive revenue for their businesses. A simple way to get fans to act urgently and become consumers is sharing occasional discounts. Once they have followed you for a while, they might lose interest, which is why you have to keep them engaged with promotions that steer them away from the indifference.