Being a writer can be a tiring job at times. It requires your time, focus and skills. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write something that is compelling, error-free and informative. Just scribbling on paper or typing on your laptop is never equivalent to writing something worth reading.

Whether you are working on your next assignment, article or book, vigilance is the ultimate key. Writing is an art and a good writer is the one who values his time as well as the time of his clients or target audience. A careless piece of writing is not only going to serve you bad, but it will also be off-putting for anyone who reads it.

Plagiarism & Grammar: Two Important Elements in Writing

If you are a student or someone who writes for a living, then you must be well aware of two important terms: Plagiarism & Grammar.

Both plagiarism and grammar play a very important part in any writing. As a student, it is imperative for you to write grammatically correct and free of plagiarism in order to secure high scores and impress your teachers. As a professional, you have to make sure that you are turning in all official documents with no plagiarism or grammar errors. The quality of writing depends on the uniqueness of content, correct grammar usage, and the ability to put those ideas and thoughts into words. Two essential tools that are helpful for people in this regard are Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker.

Plagiarism: What is it & How to Avoid It

What is plagiarism and how does it happen? How should I avoid it? These are important questions that go through the mind of anyone attempting to write something. To answer them, let’s begin with understanding plagiarism.

Using someone else’s ideas or work without proper citation or attribution is known as plagiarism. Of all the instances of plagiarism that may occur, many are unintentional. Some of the common examples include using an argument or information in your research without any attribution, using excerpts from an already published work without quoting the author, and rephrasing a source without giving credit to the original source. That is why, it is advised when you’re unsure, it’s always better to cite a source. The rule of thumb is always to use an offline or online plagiarism checker to make sure you have not ended up plagiarizing accidentally or unintentionally. That’s the best way to prevent plagiarism from occurring.

Grammar Checker: Why Is Grammar Important?

Your language teacher must have told you that correct grammar is the foundation of any piece of writing. You can never successfully communicate your thoughts and messages without correct implementation of grammar. For instance, an interjection or an adverb if incorrectly placed will lose its impact; inconsistent tenses will give rise to confusion and a written piece without a single preposition would look and sound very odd. Nothing you write would make sense without grammar.

Moreover, your essay, paper or article must have proper grammar to be readable and taken seriously. Think about an article with misspelled words, bad punctuation, a missing determiner, wrong verb tenses, misused adjectives, inaccurate noun capitalization and odd sentence structure; and its impact on clients and readers.


Use of plagiarism checker alongside a grammar checker to check plagiarism and grammar is essential to ensure the quality and credibility of anything you write. You can find free plagiarism checker and grammar checker tools at Small SEO Tools to check for plagiarism and grammar. This free service helps writers or anyone in avoiding incorrect grammar usage and unintentional plagiarism to maintain ethical code, build credibility, and improve readability of text.