123movies aka gomovies was possibly the best website for streaming free movies and TV shows online.

This famous movie streaming website was shut down by authorities following a criminal investigation in 2018.

While several clones appeared online and looked like 123movies new site none were able to gain that much of popularity.

What Is 123movies?

123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, or 123movieshub was a network of file streaming websites that operated from Vietnam and allowed users to watch movies and tv shows online for free.

MPAA labeled it as the world’s most popular illegal site in 2018 before it was shut down by Vietnamese authorities following a criminal investigation.

While there are several clones of 123movies website including 123moviesgo, 123movies.la, 123movies.to, it is hard to find one which is working.

Most of these clone websites are full of pop-up ads, and malware, asks users to login to watch movies and in some cases even ask them for their credit card details.

illegal Sites like putlocker, pocornflix, fmovies, YTS and movies4k.to are also used as its alternatives.

Users are advised not to use any such website.

If you are looking for similar movie websites then these 123movies alternatives might help you to stream movies online.

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and unblock contents

123movies Alternatives To Watch Free Movies Online

1. Crackle

The first 123movies alternative on the list is Crackle. This popular movie streaming service is owned and operated by Sony.

You can find an extensive collection of both movies and TV shows on Crackle coupled with some exclusive titles. Crackle offers pleasing video quality and reliable streaming speeds.


Searching and exploring content on crackle is fairly simple. Moreover, filters like the genre, alphabetical order, full episodes, recently added, trailers, and clips help increase accuracy while discovering content.

Similar to 123movies Crackle is completely free to use, though random advertisements may annoy some users.

VISIT Crackle

2. Popcornflix

Next popular movie streaming service for watching a humungous collection of movies is Popcornflix. This well-rated website has a clean UI and filters make it easier to search and explore different categories of content.


Popcornflix has its native Android and iOS applications. Consequently, you can start watching a movie from your PC and continue watching it on your smartphone.

Popcornflix also has a dedicated section for TV shows. Popcornflix is owned and operated by Screen Media Ventures, so it’s completely legal to stream content on Popcornflix.

Amongst this list, Popcornflix is one of the few which are completely legal for watching movies, shows online.

VISIT Popcornflix

3. OpenCulture

The next completely legal website to enjoy free movies is OpenCulture. This 123movies alternative has a massive collection of more than 1,150 movies.

In addition to that, these movies are very well segregated into different genres like Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns and much more.


Movies on OpenCulture are completely free to watch and are very well segregated into different categories. Furthermore, the UI of OpenCulture is very simple and easy to navigate.

The collection of 1,150 movies might sound small, but even if you watch one movie a day this would last for more than three years. You will definitely enjoy  Openculture for its exceptionally good video quality and reliable streaming speeds.

VISIT OpenCulture

4. Movies Found Online

No matter what genre you prefer watching, you will definitely find some enjoyable movies on Movies Found Online. Similar to 123movies, this legal website has an extensive collection of free to watch movies.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online also has a dedicated section for the viral videos, which is somewhat similar to YouTube’s trending section. Moreover, this website also displays the number of views and likes on a particular movie.

As for downsides, it’s fairly difficult to find the latest titles on Movies Found Online and even random advertisements may annoy some users.

VISIT Movies Found Online

5. Hulu

Another popular streaming service for watching free movies is Hulu. Well, millions of users prefer streaming movies on Hulu. Furthermore, Hulu also offers a decent collection of free to watch movies.


The major highlight of Hulu is an enormous selection of well-organized movies and TV shows. You can subscribe to Hulu’s monthly subscription plans so as to use Hulu to its full potential with exclusive originals.

Even the streaming speeds and video quality on Hulu are exceptionally great as compared to other websites on the list.


6. Vumoo

Vumoo is another perfect site like 123movies. You can stream both movies and TV shows on Vumoo. Streaming and downloading movies from Vumoo is completely free.


You can explore an extensive selection of Hollywood movies and TV shows on Vumoo from different genres like anime, comedy, documentaries, drama, and much more.

This alternative also has a decent collection of old TV shows that were once aired on TV. The visually appealing quality of videos and fast streaming speeds makes Vumoo a perfect alternative of 123movies.

Visit Vumoo

7. Tubi

The next impressive website on the list, that can be considered near perfect is Tubi. You can enjoy an extensive collection of movies and TV shows on Tubi.

Surprisingly, there is no need of creating an account for watching content on Tubi. Tubi is available for Roku, Android, iOS, AppleTV and other popular streaming devices.


Tubi also offers personalized suggestions based on your interests and activity. You can find an extensive collection of movies and TV shows available in a well-organized way.

The UI is simple and intuitive that makes searching and exploring content a breeze. Furthermore, Tubi also has its native Android and iOS applications. Lastly, Tubi also allows users to create playlists like favourites and watch later.

Visit Tubi

8. Yidio

Yidio is another well-reviewed website for watching free movies and TV shows online. This streaming service has gained immense popularity in recent years as the best movies exploration tool.

Content on Yidio is very well organized into different sections and these sections are also divided into different niches.


Well, Yidio helps users to explore different TV shows and TV series. Yidio offers thumbnails and IMDb information about these shows and then redirects users to third-party websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and iTunes. Furthermore, there is a dedicated section for free listings. As for downsides, these free listings on Yidio don’t have the best quality and they aren’t the most accurate.

Visit Yidio

9. SnagFilms

You can enjoy a decent collection of movies and tv series from different genres like sports, history, military, pride, wildlife, kids, family and much more on Snagfilms.


SnagFilms offers a very well developed UI that looks clean and is simple to use. In addition to that, SnagFilms also has an impressive collection of many exclusive titles. As for downsides, the advertisements on SnagFilms may annoy some users but they are not a big issue.

VISIT Snagfilms

Paid Legal Alternatives to 123Movies:

Here are some of the subscription-based legal alternatives to 123movies that you can use to watch movies web series online.

  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Hulu Plus
  • BoxTV

In addition to the above mentioned, you can also use Roku, Youtube Movies and Apple TV +

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Did 123movies get shut down?

The original 123movies was shut down by Vietnamese authorities on 19 March 2018 Following a criminal investigation.

What is the correct 123movies site?

Since the shut down of official 123movies, several clone site has appeared online to take its position.

What is 123movies new website?

People are using clone websites like 123moviesgo as its new website.

Where can you watch free movies online?

You can watch free movies from the above-provided list.

Is 123movies illegal?

Yes, 123movies or any such website that shares movies without permission from copyright holders is illegal.


So these some of the best sites and services that you can use to watch online movies. You can bookmark some of them from this list and watch any movie online legally and for free.

Do share any other 123movies alternatives that you use for watching movies in the comments section below.