Here is what advertisers and publishers should learn from the strategic cooperation created between ad-tech industry veteran and leader Brightcom and online media marketing solution Commfident, which specializes in improved video performance and targeting.

The video ad industry has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to the constant stream of video content that publishers continuously implement on their sites and apps. With publishers embracing video ads as a simple and effective way to increase their revenue, advertisers are increasingly looking for more ways to leverage this inventory to better promote their products and services.

Not all publishers are made the same, and not all of them understand how to create value through this new medium,” says Ofer Shina, CEO of Commfident, which has one of the largest sources of data on publisher performance. The company analyzes data about video publishing KPIs from over 100M views/impressions per day.

Commfident aims to help both publishers and advertisers benefit from the growth of video.  It is leading a new kind of targeting, which is based on the unique characteristics of each publisher and placement. Called “Publisher performance targeting,” Commfident uses this strategy to match and find the best fit among advertisers and ads, simultaneously maximizing advertisers’ exposure to the highest standard of online inventory.

“Brightcom has a history of embracing innovation, says Etai Eitany. “This is a big part of what has enabled us to stay on top for the past 20 years. Adopting Commfident was one of those cases where that strategy has really proven itself. We are extremely satisfied with the results this new and innovative process is achieving. Constantly evolving our media buying and selling helped conclude 2018 in unprecedented numbers, which we are expecting to surpass in 2019, while the market will become even more sophisticated and performance-based,” adds Eitany.  “We have recently strengthened our cooperation with Commfident to offer an even better media selection utilizing more technology to that end.”

Better targeted publishers, better results:

Over the past year, Commfident has collaborated with Brightcom to reach their demand partners’ KPIs by better-targeting of video inventory based on desktop, mobile apps and CTV channels that best serve Brightcom’s goals.

“We are using Commfident to reach the very strict KPIs of our publishers and advertisers,” says Etai Eitany, Brightcom CEO. “This has allowed us not only to increase the value our advertisers are looking for but also to make sure that the publishers that are working with us will get the highest fill rates. Optimizing with the tools that Commfident integrated into our ad servers has not only saved us time and workforce but has also helped us achieve tremendous growth in both performance and business results,” adds Eitany.

According to Commfident’s Ofer Shina, Brightcom’s performance arrow spiked as soon as Commfident solution was put into action. “We recently integrated our system with another video technology that Brightcom is using, and the results doubled in just one month!” says Shina. Commfident’s system selects only those publishers that best matched each of Brightcom’s running campaigns by utilizing big data collected on each publisher and the advanced ML to analyze it,” explains Shina.

About Brightcom:

Throughout its two decades in operation, Brightcom has maintained the same mission: to make it easier for partners to maximize yield. With the award-winning Compass AI platform at its heart, Brightcom’s dedicated team of media experts is committed to creating tangible value for its partners across video, display and mobile channels. Brightcom continuously provides a unique variety of proprietary multi-channel advertising products, programmatic advertising solutions, and capabilities.

About Commfident:

Commfident was established in 2017 to assist advertisers in understanding the value that each ad space can deliver to their ever-increasing needs. “Today, presenting your ad to the right user, even in the right content is not enough to compete with ad-tech giants like Google and Facebook.” says Ofer, “Thankfully, the days when pre-roll or basic brand safety was adequate info are gone. Nowadays, you must understand how all those aspects interact to create a valuable real estate to the user, brand, and publisher. Aligning all those different parties’ interests is performance targeting. It requires more from the publishers than ever before, creating quality content that users like and engage with while getting the advertisers to be noticeable without ruining the overall user experience.