Javascript Applications

Created by Brendan Eich, JavaScript is a global website platform designed using a high-level programming language that makes it more convenient for non-developers, hence its consideration as a user-friendly language. JavaScript provides attractive user experiences as it enables interactive aspects in web pages.  JS was designed in a way that facilitates its operation with minimum effort in PCs and mobile browsing systems. It is also consistent across all browsers including -Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Many companies prefer outsourcing Javascript development to benefit from the expertise and efficiency that these partner companies can provide.

These are some benefits of using JavaScript:

  • Speed- it doesn’t need a response from the server while coding and this makes it very efficient.
  • User-friendly- it displays contents the user needs, and it works with graphical interfaces that help execute several tasks.
  • Offline support and storage- various applications do not require an internet connection to operate.
  • Platform independent- JavaScript is free, there is no need for either an installation or configuration schedule.

Therefore, JavaScript is a tool that has been used for several applications such as:

Web and App Development

The multitasking ability of JavaScript makes it able to handle heavy traffic from incoming ads and notifications on the webpage. The user can perform several operations on a particular web page within a short time.

Javascript enables convenient graphic interfaces which play a crucial part in the interaction between the computer and the user. For instance, it helps to create a dynamic design on web pages consisting of page rollout and roll over that makes maneuvering from one point to another more accessible. It also enhances UX with dialogue boxes, themes, and settings that provide content display using the coded markup language.

Game Development

JavaScript has played an essential role in using the combination of HTML5 markup language to create gaming apps. Recently, games are being played on various platforms such as PCs, Xbox, smartphones with Android and iOS, and PlayStations. JavaScript is recognized for its binary executable file and its object-oriented nature. Its script engines are very compatible with the above systems due to its improved graphics and storage capacity. Examples of mobiles games include:  Clash of Clans (Android & IOS), Candy Crush Saga (Android & IOS), and Angry Birds Go (Android & IOS).

To sum up, JavaScript has played an essential role in software development over the past years. This coding language is the cornerstone for creating various platforms such as web development, web application development, and game development.