Bannersnack is an animated banner ad creator that allows you to easily generate code for sets of animated banner ads in just a few clicks and drags of sliders – all while producing unique and striking banner ads your clients will love.

If you’re a designer, clients will never guess you used an automated ad generator because you can customize every template background, message, and font.

The app interface is a joy to use and see your changes on screen as you are making them with no lag.

Templates Save Your Creative Muscle

Your creativity, but that doesn’t mean you have to work up the code for every banner ad from scratch: You can over-work your creativity.

Bannersnack has hundreds of niche templates that you can search by keyword. Once you find a template, you have an initial concept that lets you use photos your client supplies, change background colors, and substitute fonts. You can move action buttons and replace the template button with another in just a few clicks of your mouse. The template is just a starting position that you can build on to generate the unique banners you need.

A Pro Bannersnack subscription lets you specify all the banners you need and to generate them all at the same time. Check out the Bannersnack screenshot link to see an animation showing the simple elegance of banner sets.

This will save you hours on every set of banners you work on.

AMP HTML Gives You Fast, Secure Ad Loading

Pro and Plus level individual subscriptions and all group subscription plans let you download your banner ad as AMP HTML. Google loves AMP HTML, and everyone needs Google’s love.

Your ads will never be the reason for slow loading on clients’ webpages. Your ads will never flag up security issues. Your AMP HTML ads will add earning potential to webpages without increasing bandwidth requirements or slowing the page loading in any noticeable way.

Read this GraphicsFuel article if you doubt the need for speed.

AMP HTML ads need their code to be marked as validated before browsers treat them as special. This happens automatically with Bannersnack AMP HTML ads; another extra step removed from each and every project.

AMP HTML ads make pages download faster, especially important when users are opening web pages on mobile devices when impatience an unreasonable demand for instant page downloads rule every user’s mindset. Why wouldn’t you use AMP HTML ads by default if they lead to happier website users?

Your Bannersnack Monthly Investment

Team plans are priced on a per-user basis and prices are negotiable to some extent.

You can ask for a free two-week trial and discuss your needs with a company representative. The Bannersnack website does not give detailed pricing for team plans because every company has different needs. However, the base-line price for a medium-sized team is $37 per user per month billed on a yearly basis. This seems reasonable given the extra productivity the app allows for. Every team member will be able to handle more projects and team collaboration and feedback can only result in better banners.

Analytics Provide Proof of Concept

How many times have you heard, “What evidence do you have?” Bannersnack’s analytics capability and banner heat maps give you all the evidence you need without having to scramble around with third-party applications to get the numbers you need. You can also use the heat maps to refine design such as placement of images and action-buttons.

Summing Up

Bannersnack will allow you and every one of your team members to collaborate over your designs, no matter where in the world team members are based. Every Pro subscription gives access to banner sets, analytics and AMP HTML downloads of your projects.

Bannersnack is an all-in-one solution that makes the design of banner ads simple and fast. Its comprehensive feature list means you have no need for integrations, add-ons or additional software to design unique banners your clients will love.

The free trial facility means you know what you are buying before you fork out a single cent, and the monthly subscriptions are reasonable for an app that does this much.