Learn how to convert videos from AVI to MP4 – Easy video format conversion explained

Majority of the people claims the issue of having problems in AVI video format because it does not support the smooth video streaming. The moment you switch to any other playback instrument right at there, staggers come and your video starts stumbling upon. Here people end up frustrating and fail to find a hands-on remedy to have a clutter-free video format. 

The easy and most convenient way is having some perpetual and worldwide used video format so you may not find difficulty while playing these visual articles anywhere on any device. The MP4 version of videos is universally supposed format in almost every kind of device. They will run smoothly no matter where you are streaming your videotapes. So the simplest cure for this trouble is converting your videos from AVI to MP4 format. 

Folks find it daunting task when they face the calamity of video format changing because many of them fail to find the right and apt video format convertor. But worry not! We hold your back

Uniconvertor – the ultimate solution to your smooth video streaming

An exciting and easy to use video converter that makes your videos converted from one format to another desired format is uniconvertor, the ultimate solution to your smooth video pour out. 

Providing you the best opportunity of having your desired videos converted in a few minutes, this product is available not only as a desktop application but also in an online extension form to assist you in video conversions. Another very best feature of uniconvertor is that it provides you a bug-free and safe environment for a video format change. This software is highly integrated with user-friendliness and easy to be comprehended. Last but not the least feature of this software is there is no third party involvement, user can use this by just sitting on his browser’s’ tab or by directly downloading the software uniconvertor from here. Below you can have preview of user interface of uniconvertor.

Learn how to convert videos from AVI to MP4 - Easy video format conversion explained

Steps explained- How to convert AVI to MP4

By following these below explained easy steps, an amateur even can get his video format changed within a few minutes while having numbered sips of coffee. 

Step1; first of all from any of your desired browser open up the link given above, it will lead to the right at the webpage of uniconvertor without any worry. 

Step 2; once you will be having a door of the primary window of uniconvertor, find there a button of “import” you will be seeing it right at the left-hand side of the window panel. Once you click you will be able to see an import option from where you can have the access of uploading AVI videos that you need to be changed into MP4 version. 

Step 3; having done the upload process and you will be asked to select the output format. It will be named as “convert to” hereafter dropping down your cursors you will find the apt version name for you video piece, click on it and hold a cup of tea

Step 4; nothing is special to do in this step just click on the tab of “convert” button.  Within a few seconds even before you finish your tea, your video piece will be converted from AVI to MP4 format readily. 

Step 5; after the successful conversion and a message screen will be popping up in front of you. You will be finding a download option, so here you go with your MP4 format of video.  For the download purposes here you can target the right file where you need this download file to be imported. 

The two available versions – The desktop and the online

The two main available versions of this video converting software the “uniconvertor” is a desktop application version and an online webpage helping you in changing video versions.

The desktop Version

As mentioned earlier that uniconvertor is user-friendly and handy software to use that is why you will find it’s desktop application readily available to convert your desired data into different available formats.  It is fully automated and packed software version available to be downloaded and installed in your desktops. And help you converting your graphics, visual data pieces like pictures and videos into your required format that will allow universal streaming at anywhere. 

The desktop application is crucial for those who frequently require format conversion and they have a large amount of data to be converted. This desktop application’s method has been elaborated above in easy steps you can follow them and enjoy easy streaming. Another feature of this desktop application is an available choice of downloading like you can extract converted data directly into your CDs or portable tech devices.

Desktop version – how to convert videos from AVI to other formats

As the above-described method was exclusively for the online available version of video converting software so here we are describing the track of operating desktop application. We are assuming that you have already downloaded and installed the application from an above-pinned link.

So here we go;

Step 1; Download and install the desktop application version of the uniconvertor the ultimate video format changer. Launch the app by clicking right in front of it. The primary window showing you the “convert” tab will be opened. In this section, you can import your AVI video files and have these files saved here (in case you want).  Then after importing the video files, you may find there a convert button if you remember same as of online version. 

Step2; after being done with the uploading or importing process there you will see a highlighted button containing a drop-down list, from scrolling down to that list you will find a wide range of available versions. You can click on your desired output format there.

Step 3; now after selecting the output format press the “convert” button and just relax for a few seconds.  

Step 4; you will be asked to select the file where you want to import your converted. Select the destination and enjoy untroubled videos.

It’s very easy, Please just have a try!

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