What are the most important features to look for when choosing the website builder software on which you’ll build your website? We decided to analyse the current web builder solutions on the market and give you a simple and straightforward answer to this question.

Also, we’ll give you a quick overview of a recently launched website builder software – WebDo.com – and go through what it has to offer for each of the must-have features mentioned on this list. 

1. User-friendly, intuitive website builder interface

A good website builder must be, first of all, easy to use. Website builders are targeted to people who are not that tech-savvy and don’t have any design or coding knowledge, thus the whole in-app user experience must be flawless. 

WebDo uses a drag and drop website builder with a WYSIWYG interface, which means all you have to do is drag and drop pre-made element blocks onto your page to build them and customize them using a click and edit approach. All changes are visible instantly, without having to save or publish in order to vie how your website will look like. 

2. Good hosting, even for free plans. 

Website builder platforms makes it easy for you to just focus on your business instead of the technical aspects that come with running a website. 

Make sure that when choosing the right website builder for your needs, you check the storage and bandwidth limitations on your plan. For example, WebDo offers up to 3 hosted websites, 2Gb storage and 40Gb bandwidth for free plans and increases up to 50 websites, 100Gb storage and 40Gb bandwidth for Pro plans. 

WebDo hosted websites are always online due to their highly scalable web services load balancing, so forget about downtime. 

3. Personalized web mail.

Having a personalized web email with your domain name can help you increase the trust and credibility among your clients or potential customers. 

WebDo’s WEBMail service was developed to maximize the benefits of using an email application. The user interface uses modern views with side by side Received and Sent email folders, plus filtering on both. You’ll get one free personalized email account with the Free plan and up to 30 with the Pro.

4. Integrated applications.

Boost your sales and online marketing strategy with integrated apps. Website builders should make it easy for you to integrate all the tools you need and access them from one place.

If you need to send newsletter campaigns, surveys or presentations to your clients and get detailed reports for all of them, WebDo’s got you covered. With just a couple of clicks you can start using the apps you need, all from one account dashboard. 

5. Beautiful and responsive templates and element blocks. 

Having a beautiful, professional website is crucial and when your coding knowledge is 0 and your design aptitudes are low, using pre-made templates and element blocks can help you a lot.

You should have a wide array of templates to choose from. This will help you cut your website building time in half and just work on simple aspects such as adding in your own text content, images and changing colors and fonts. 

Are you ready to start using a website builder? Make sure you keep in mind the must-have features above in order to choose the most suitable software for your needs. 


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