Sharing videos online isn’t the trendy new thing anymore; it’s an established, ingrained, part of our culture. Every cellphone has a camera on it, and nearly everyone visits at least one video sharing platform (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) on a regular basis. That means anyone can film a video, and there’s a big audience out there waiting to watch your video. But what about the stage in-between? How do you present the video on your phone to the viewers in a meaningful way? 

 Video Editing Matters

The videos that perform the best on YouTube and other platforms aren’t just raw footage – they’ve been edited. The number of videos competing for the attention of viewers increases every minute, and people’s attention spans when it comes to videos aren’t very long. Just because someone has clicked on a video doesn’t mean they’ve decided to watch the whole thing and 33% of viewers will actually click away within 30 seconds. That number rises to 45% within a minute, and 60% in two minutes.

Holding the attention of a viewer comes down to a blend between subject matter – what you’re actually talking about in your video – and how visually interesting and polished your content is. A stylized intro, animated text, and transition effects between scenes and topics all make a viewer feel more engaged with your video, and help them to think of you as a serious creator. This will result in more watch time, which will boost your search ranking and potentially lead to more viewers.

Creators in the early stages of building their video content tend to start out using free video editing software. When you just want to make simple cuts and re-order your clips, or even add a simple title, this is enough. However, creators who want to start expanding their skills and growing their platforms soon find this limiting.

Filmora9 Video Editor 

Filmora9 Video Editor was designed specifically for online video creators. It empowers you to do all the things you see in your favorite videos without spending months mastering a complex professional software. Multi-track editing (essential for everything from adding graphics to face cam footage), audio keyframing (viewers will forgive mediocre video quality if the audio is great), and drag-n-drop video effects like transitions and animated titles are all easy to master in Filmora9. There’s a large selection of built-in effects, and if you want more there’s a built-in store for video effects and stock media called Filmstocks.

One of the newer features introduced in version 9.2 this summer is the split-screen too. This drag and drop tool allows you to skip hours of work arranging and layering your footage.

The team at Filmora is always creating new tutorials to help users learn how to use different creative techniques in Filmora9, and there are also simple video guides for learning the software’s features.

One of the biggest differences between Filmora9 and other paid software is that you can buy it outright for $60USD instead of paying an ongoing subscription. That means that as the program continues to develop and add new features, you as an owner of a lifetime license automatically get all the new updates without paying any new fees.