About two million burglaries occur in the United States every year, according to the Alarm System Report. And it happens, on average, every thirteen seconds per minute or about six thousand a day. 

Homeowners must consider these numbers when it comes to the safety of their homes, belongings, and family. Thankfully, there’s one potential hindrance or impediment to home burglaries, which is a home security system.

And according to statistics, home security systems do have a significant effect or impact on whether a burglary will be successful or not. For a little help, we’ve listed five best home security systems that you should consider. Read on to know more!

Link Interactive Security System

The first thing you will notice and perhaps love about Link Interactive security system is its transparency. Major security companies do not provide you the exact pricing of the equipment on their home security systems. 

And, more often than not, you won’t even know what models you are going to get. But with Link Interactive, you get all the information right on its website. Also, you can select from three contract lengths and modify your security system to what you desire. What’s more, it is all supported by solid customer service.

The price of this security system is somewhat in the middle range, about 30.99 dollars per month. Well, it is not a bad deal, especially because you’ll get features such as home automation functionality and cellular-connected equipment.

There are three Link Interactive monitoring plans, the Standard, Gold, and Elite. Take note that this kind of service does not include equipment. Meaning, you need to pick your equipment separately and pay additional fees.

The equipment that you can choose from include 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, sensors, and control panel. Moreover, it comes with a mobile application that you can use to view camera video feeds, control smart home devices, and arm and disarm the system.

ADT Home Security

ADT Incorporation stands out as the security company with the best guarantee and most experienced in the industry. It offers one of the most extensive sets of equipment options to date. 

Packages include security camera options, smart home integration, phone applications, and more. Also, the ADT’s command panel acts as a Z-wave smart home hub. Thus, you can put together compatible smart home devices from other manufacturers.

What’s more, ADT doesn’t outsource its monitoring services because it has six centers with about seven thousand operators. These monitoring centers are certified by The Monitoring Association and the Underwriters Laboratory. 

Take note that ADT security systems need professional installation, saving you a headache because it makes sure that everything is set up appropriately.

Frontpoint Home Security System

Frontpoint offers quality monitoring services and security equipment with the concept of DIY installation. Its product lineup includes whatever you need for smart home security. It includes mobile application access, security cameras, and activity detection.

You can either build your own system or pick on of six packages. Unlike ADT, Frontpoint obtains its monitoring services to Rapid Response Monitoring. Moreover, all of the equipment of Frontpoint is designed for easy DIY installation, saving you money on installation fees.

Additionally, it makes it simpler for you to bring the system with you to move out or transfer residence. And it is up to you to ensure that the security system is installed correctly. 

Vivint Home Security System

Vivint offers all the must-have features of today with the benefit of flexibility and extensive smart home options with your payment plan and equipment. It does not restrict your starting point to pre-choose packages. 

Rather, it lets you create your own security system from a wide-reaching equipment lineup. It includes smart home devices, security cameras, environmental monitoring, and intrusion protection.

Like Frontpoint, Vivint needs professional installation, which is a huge benefit when working with modern technology. However, it also entails additional expense. 

Simplisafe Home Security System

Simplisafe was one of the security companies to offer customer benefits such as month-to-month pricing, video verification, self-monitoring, and self-verification, making it a disrupter in the home security industry. Also, its sixty-day risk-free trial aids in ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

Simplisafe equipment is easy to install, modern, attractive, and it offers new products regularly. Moreover, it works with Google Assistant and Alexa, supporting voice commands via Google Home devices and Amazon Echo.

What’s more, users must install the equipment on their own. However, according to the security company, it typically takes at least thirty minutes to set it up.


Before purchasing a home security system, there are things that you need to consider. It includes the price, contracts, monitoring options, connectivity options, equipment, smart home integrations, mobile application access, and trial period.

Make sure to do in-depth research before buying and compare the different types of systems, plus study the additional features, to know what you need.