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What Are Your Teeth Saying To Others About You

Are you tired of yellow teeth and bad breath? Do you want to start taking care of your teeth properly and make them whiter? Are you tired of boring and monotonous toothbrushes that do nothing for you? Now the brushing solution is here. Dental hygiene is gaining more and more importance today. We all know that having visibly white teeth with no plaque or cavities is an indication that your teeth are well looked after. People look at others’ teeth while talking, smiling, and in just about any other interaction. Having visibly white teeth is an indication that you take care of yourself. Yellowish and cavity-loaded teeth along with Bad breath odor are big turn-offs and are big no-no’s especially during work, dating, interviews, traveling, and gatherings. Cleaning and brushing your teeth regularly also keeps the bad breath away. Even though you may be brushing regularly, your normal manual toothbrush cannot possibly keep all the dental problems away. Sometimes you are lazy, in a hurry or tired so you can’t brush properly. Now, with the Fairywill D8 sonic toothbrush, you can beat all your dental problems! Recent medical research has proven the importance of dental hygiene. Therefore, the design and technology employed is being refined and developed on an ongoing basis. As awareness about dental hygiene has grown, it has become important to have the latest toothbrush that assures your oral well being.

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Why Old Brushing Routines Just Aren’t Enough For Healthy Mouth

Brushing the teeth and cleaning the tongue has been a staple in almost everyone’s everyday hygiene list. Brushing removes excess food stuck between the teeth and plaque from the gums. However, with the wide variety and complexity of food everyone eats nowadays, brushing is just not enough to achieve white teeth and fresh breath.  It is common knowledge that electric toothbrushes are much better than their manual counterparts. A recent study conducted by dentists compared those who are using an electric toothbrush to those using a manual toothbrush. The results showed that while the manual brush did an acceptable job, the electric toothbrush cleaned significantly better. As any dentist will tell you, manual toothbrushes don’t clean teeth anywhere near as thoroughly as electric ones do. The main reason for this is obvious, because an electric motor is able to move much faster than a human hand will ever be able to.  Studies published in the American Journal of Dentistry and the British Dental Journal concur that the electric toothbrush is more effective at removing plaque and preventing gingivitis than manual brushes.

 Fairywill D8

What An Electric Toothbrush Can Do For You

Regular manual brushing removes only the food and plaque from the very surface of the teeth and gums. On the other hand, an electric toothbrush penetrates more than the top teeth and gum layer, resulting in maximum plaque removal and an all around clean mouth. Electric toothbrushes are much more able to reach areas that a manual toothbrush will probably miss, such as the gum line and between the teeth. They are also great for people who have health issues which restrict their movement, for example arthritis. This is why electric toothbrushes have been prescribed by dentists as a possible work around for fillings and root canals. With manual toothbrushes, there is always the possibility of injuring your gums which is nullified by using an electric toothbrush. Since it’s clear that an electric toothbrush is far better than the manual one, there are some other benefits as well. According to many experiments conducted, it has been proved that an electric brush works significantly better. It has shown better results to keep dental problems like gingivitis, cavities, plague and yellowing of teeth at bay. Its motion not only cleans the front teeth properly, it has also been very effective for cleaning the molars and the pre-molars.

The benefits of using electric toothbrushes over manual ones are that they are more efficient in cleaning your gums, have far better plaque removal and offer whiter teeth which comes from higher powered stain removal. The rapid movement ensures that all parts of your mouth are uniformly cleaned. There are new age electric toothbrushes (such as the Fairywill D8) which employ sonic technology. Here, the vibrations of the brush head are much faster and this movement sets the mouth fluids (such as saliva) in motion and thereby attains a thorough cleansing effect.

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Features of a Good Electric Toothbrush

A unique feature which electric toothbrushes have is the power module. The power settings can switch from low, medium, and high. The lower settings may not be as powerful but is recommended for those who are just getting used to the toothbrush. One should always increase the speed as sensitivity goes down. The Fairywill D8 has 5 high-performance brushing modes to suit different conditions of teeth and gums and to meet all daily brushing needs. Whitening Mode helps whiten teeth by using up to 40,000 strokes of powerful vibration per minute. Clean mode can remove 10X more stains along the gum line. the Sensitive mode is designed for the new user of the electric toothbrush and those with teeth sensitivity issues. Massage improves gum health by delivering soothing micro-bursts of vibration into the tissue to improve circulation and oral overall health. Polish helps to brighten the teeth by using inverted frequency vibration  to remove surface stains. This is a vibration therapy device That will help you overcome the brushing issues pains and discolorations your teeth still go through. With its hand held vibration therapeutic method releases the deepest oral tissue tension. It uses a scientifically calibrated combination of depth, speed, and power and is one of the most quiet electric toothbrushes. This is the quiet powerful brushing that you need. Both kids and adults will be able to easily control the toothbrush to get a deep clean and reach hard-to-reach areas. This brush offers the highest waterproof rating on the market (IPX7 Waterproof rating), so now you can enjoy a fresh clean brushing experience in the Bath or shower with no worries. Within just 2 weeks of using this brush, your teeth will feel as though you had been to the hygienist. The health of your teeth and gums is far too important to not pick-up the Fairywill D8 brush!

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Ada Approved And Protects You From Over Brushing

With the Fairywill D8 you get sonic vibrations that are up to 40,000 strokes per minute along with ‘The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs’ approval with the Fairywill D8 model showning efficacy in removing stains and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis. With 8 brush heads and protective travel case the Fairywill D8 is overall an upgraded brushing experience over a regular electric toothbrush. A manual toothbrush only cleans the food and germs from the surface of the teeth but the Fairywill D8 toothbrush reaches much deeper. It penetrates the teeth and also the gum layer to give maximum freshness to the mouth. The Fairywill D8 sonic toothbrush has an adequate amount of pressure. Some people might brush very hard with the manual brush, applying more pressure than required. This can also damage the teeth. It can make teeth sensitive to hot or cold stimuli. One of the obvious advantages of an electric toothbrush is that it moves faster for deeper teeth cleaning. It also penetrates under the gum-line which is very helpful in reducing gingivitis. People using ordinary toothbrushes tend to brush harder than those that use an electric toothbrush. Some consider this as a good thing, however if the teeth are brushed too hard, the tissue that covers the gums can be damaged. In addition, brushing too hard strips the protective layer or enamel which makes the teeth more sensitive to heat, cold, and other stimuli. An electric toothbrush like the Fairywill D8 requires less pressure, leaving the gum tissue with no damage from brushing. As said before, an electric toothbrush runs on power, whatever the source might be. With The Fairywill D8 the sonic vibrations that go through the head does all the work. To start using the brush, there are buttons on the handle which allows you to control the speed of the brush. The head is detachable for cleaning it without damaging the batteries. With an electric toothbrush you don’t have to move your arms or hands too much. Just place it on the teeth and the head of the brush works on its own. This way of brushing is more convenient than brushing with the manual brush. Using an electric toothbrush is also ideal for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other motor-related or debilitating conditions. The rotating head of a rechargeable electric toothbrush does all the work and the one does not have to constantly move the hands, wrists or arms back and forth to brush.

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Replaceable Brush Heads & Optimal Brush Head Design

Some cheaper electric toothbrushes are intended to be disposable and therefore do not come with replaceable brush heads. You definitely want to go for a toothbrush that has replaceable brush heads, because this means you will be able to use the toothbrush for a very long time. The brush heads should be designed for maximum brushing effectiveness, and should be able to reach all areas of your teeth and gums for a thorough cleaning. With the Fairywill D8 You get 8 Brush Heads with a special ‘W’ shape design. The ‘W’ shape design can perfectly fit the gums and teeth getting into those hard to reach areas for a deep down satisfying clean. The brush heads are made of BPA free dupont nylon, that suits teeth topography for a thorough cleaning of teeth, gums, and hard to reach areas. There are color-changing bristles to remind you when to change your toothbrush, through the blue indicator bristles fading to white over time. This is a brush that you can depend on for bright smiles and for an orthodontic friendly cleaning. The bristles are soft enough for teenagers with braces and for sensitive gums. The bristles feel as though they wrap around every one of the teeth and make them feel super clean. Get an all-over better clean and improveed gum health with the Fairywill D8. With the Fairywill D8 The quality of bristles and other components is superior


Rechargeable toothbrushes are great because it means you don’t have to buy any batteries for them. Just keep them charged up and then brush away. There are battery operated and rechargeable electric toothbrushes. Some battery operated brushes need AA batteries replaced every two months, while rechargeable electric brushes don’t have the need for replacement.  In addition to one charge lasting 30 days the Fairywill D8 brush has a portable design and is supported by global USB charging (adapter not included). This is a handy solution for travel and a great thing to have in your flight bag in case your bag goes missing. Or if you have onions for lunch. This is hands down the best battery toothbrush and is an excellent option for travel. If you are camping or are not sure of the electricity situation then this battery toothbrush is the one for you. If you are travelling solo you are going to get at least 30 days out of the toothbrush without the need to charge. You will really like that this is a black electric toothbrush. Here’s why. If you are backpacking (or moving around to different locations frequently)  your toothbrush can get really grubby. Having a darker travel toothbrush body is a bonus. It is a brilliant travel accessory. For beautiful, healthy teeth pickup the best toothbrush for traveling the results are amazing! All of these wonderful features and more make this a wonderful travel toothbrush.

Fairywill D8 modes

Smart Timer

Most powered toothbrushes come with an inbuilt timer which makes sure you brush for the prescribed time. With manual brushes, there is a possibility that you either brush for too long or for too shorter duration. Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth for a total of 2 minutes. Many toothbrushes come with a timer which will tell you when those two minutes are up. Research studies suggest that manual brushing for 30 to 60 seconds is not enough to clean the plaque off one’s teeth. Most electric toothbrushes have a built in two-minute timer feature that has a 30-second beep that signals time to change to another area of one’s mouth to clean. Having a timer in one’s electric brush can help lengthen the cleaning time. With the Fairywill D8 you also get a built in 2 minute smart timer that makes sure users brush for the dentist-recommended two-minute time interval during each session, coupled with the interval pausing that reminds users every 30sec to move to a different brushing quadrant of the mouth. The 30-second pulse is great for indicating that it’s time to move onto the next section of your mouth. This helps to promote a dentist recommended brushing routine.


It’s all very well paying for a top quality electric toothbrush that thoroughly cleans your teeth, but this is no good if it stops working after a couple of months. Be sure to check customer reviews to make sure nobody has had a bad experience with a particular toothbrush. Rechargeable toothbrushes have to be handled with proper care and cannot be kept carelessly like the manual ones. Since they are battery operated, you have to make sure that the batteries do not come directly in contact with water. Moreover, the head is to be washed properly and separately. If you want a better life for your electric toothbrush, you have to replace the batteries or charge them at regular intervals. The Fairywill D8 is one of the most durable toothbrushes on the market and it comes with a sturdy travel case for added protection. The travel case of the Fairywill D8 is certainly firm to the touch and will take quite a few knocks keeping anything inside nice and safe. The ends of the case are rounded to keep the size down but to make for a softer and better feeling case. It is a ABS plastic molded case that separates in the middle to encase 1 toothbrush. An antibacterial coating is applied to the plastic, to help reduce bacteria buildup and keep it as clean as possible. Air is able to reach the bristles and allow them to dry, even if wet when placed in the case, thanks to ventilation holes in the case, avoiding the unwanted buildup of moisture and bacteria and helping the toothbrush in the case to breathe. If you are looking for a quality electric toothbrush then this is the brush for you. There is nothing quite like giving your teeth a good brush to freshen you up. For an electric travel toothbrush of such quality, the price is superb. the Fairywill D8 is simplify built to last brushes gently, smooth, and fast.

The Is The Fairywill D8 One For You

An electric toothbrush from Fairywill provides more efficient protection for your gums and guarantees that you no longer have to be scared of your dentist. You don’t have to wait for a recommendation from your doctor or dentist to get the Fairywill D8 sonic electric toothbrush.

Fairywill is a top ranked brand on Amazon, with many products covering a wide range of prices. Now that you understand all the upside benefits of The Fairywill D8 sonic electric toothbrush, there is no reason why you would still want to use any substandard brushing device like a traditional tooth brush. For comprehensive dental hygiene look to Fairywill and combine your brushing with regular flossing and mouth washes for that perfect and shiny smile.


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