You know the figure for sure in regards to unsigned deals or inefficient advertising. But besides those there are other risk factors that can bring even more damage.

Each year phishing attacks cost companies billions of dollars in damages. It can happen to anyone: one accidental click on an unreliable link, one infected drive is enough.

How about your staff? Each of them uses social media at work. Yes, unfortunately, nowadays we can’t stop scrolling down the feed or checking the messenger every 30 minutes.

According to calculations done by Pew Research Center, employees spend 390 working hours every year on social media. How much work can your employee do in 400 hours? 

How can you cut down on these exhausting costs? 

You should keep in mind that your employees also use the web as a tool on the job, so you have to find the right balance.

Content filtering permissions are equally important to protect the security and productivity of your company. Hundreds of millions of websites in the database paired with artificial intelligence will protect the staff from potentially dangerous websites without blocking useful resources. You can assign roles and schedules, grant access rights to different categories of websites to those employees who really need such access.

For example, grant access to social media to an SMM manager, but block it to other departments. Blacklist custom settings will limit unwanted traffic including job search websites.

Phishing attacks are yet another way to lose money. Your data can be stolen, the whole corporate network can be crashed, your computers and hardware can be used for botnet attacks.

According to The Washington Post article, losses from cyberattacks reached $1 bln and this number will keep growing. 

Yes, phishing attacks are rare, and employees spend 1.5 hours a day on social media, but it is such ‘quiet’ threats that cause the most financial damage to your company. One phishing link is enough to lose millions. One attractive TikTok – and an email about a deal signing doesn’t get sent on time, the deal is canceled and you lose money.

How to Make Web-Filtering Employee Friendly

The issue is getting employees to understand that these are in their interests too. The best solutions are – educate and encourage. 

Instill good habits by encouraging responsible use. Allow internet breaks along with other options such as meditation, coffee breaks, etc. Encourage communication and have the HR department find out what’s important to each employee that makes up your company. Successful companies are those that work together and reward everyone for their hard work. Allowing a little breaks can go a long way to keeping your company safe and secure while maintaining its professional level.

Data content-filtering from SafeDNS is one of protection layers. It is important to teach cybersecurity to the staff. You can download a check-list from our website and see if you use all of it.

As for now, start using a trial version and stop losing your money.


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