7 Tips That Will Help You Buy The Best Gifts For Tech Geeks

We all have “Tech geeks” in our lives who are the most excited about tech products. They spend a big portion of their daily time learning about new technologies. If you are friends with a tech geek, then even if you don’t understand most of what they say, you can still gift them something amazing.

Strengthening your friendship with a tech geek is super easy if you give them a tech product they will love. But how can you give them the best item if you have struggled to buy the right tech products in the past?

Fret not, after learning the seven helpful tips mentioned in this article; you can find the best tech products that your tech geek friend will love to have – keep reading!

1. Don’t buy from sketchy stores

Rule#1 you have to follow when buying tech gifts is to overlook any sketchy websites. Tech geeks are very careful about the quality of the products. Furthermore, for tech geeks, it’s not difficult to evaluate the popularity of a store and the products they sell.

Always depend on reliable tech stores like ugreen.com when buying any tech gift. You will never want to give anything to your techie friend that they dislike from the core of their heart, right?

Two simple tips that can help you find reliable tech stores are:

  • Reading the reviews
  • Comparing the prices

Reading reviews will help you find out what other people who have shopped from the store have to say. On the other hand, comparing prices helps you find a trusted store, as the sketchy ones sell knock-off or counterfeit products available at a significantly lower price.

2. Take a look at their socials

One of the perks of having a techie in your circle is that they are vocal about their love of tech in most cases. Taking a look at their social profiles helps you find which products have caught their attention and which products they are willing to buy.

Checking their previous posts on social media might have a clue about which products they will love to have. Spending some time scrolling through their posts will help you choose the right gift for them.

Instead of asking them directly, you should rely on their social posts to have an idea. You are sure to learn a new thing or two by checking their socials, even if you don’t get a hint about what you should gift them.

3. Forget about buying specific components

One of the common mistakes people make when gifting a tech product is choosing computer components. People believe that their techie friends already have a smartphone and all the important accessories, too, so the only option is picking some component and packaging it nicely.

The problem with this approach is that it never works. Tech geeks invest a lot of their time analyzing different components and reading reviews to find out which component is the most efficient. If you hand them over something that doesn’t work properly, you will only make them a bit angry.

It’s not easy to know which computer component they want the most. Instead of shooting darts in the dark, you should avoid giving them any specific part that might be useless for them.

4. Help your friend store their data

One of the common characteristics of techies is that they always have to store SO MUCH DATA on their computers. From Linux builds to vintage indie games that the developers no longer maintain, they have tons of data stored on their computers and laptops.

The advent of cloud storage hasn’t solved much of the problems for tech geeks either. Most of the time, techies rely on physical storage devices for saving their important data. And the problem with both physical and online data storage is that the given data slots can fill up in no time.

A simple yet effective option is giving them a storage device. USBs, External Hard Drives, SD cards can always fit in the backpack of a techie – allowing them to keep their important data safe.

5. Check out the gift cards

What if the whole business of finding the right tech product is getting out of hand? How can you gift another storage device to a friend who always has 2-3 storage devices with them? Instead of trying hard to find a tech product, an effective option is giving them a gift card.

Tons of stores offer gift cards that can be used for the purchase of tech items. Giving a gift card to a tech geek will help them make a choice themselves, and if you lack info about tech items, they will certainly make the better choice with the gift cards.

6. How about some fan merch?

Tech merchandise is as important to techies as tech products themselves. If you have been with a tech geek for a long time, you will know how they love to express their interest in tech companies and products. You can help them by gifting them amazing tech merch.

The good thing about buying tech merchandise is that you don’t have to be a geek yourself. Looking at the leading tech merch stores will help you decide which merch items to buy. It can become even easier for you to buy the right merch if you take a look at the socials of your techie friend as mentioned above!

7. Tech books might be a bad idea

One of the simplest options that might come to your mind when choosing a gift for techies is gifting them a tech book. No matter how inclined you are about gifting them a book, the bitter truth is that it won’t work out.

Tech geeks don’t admire books like tech products. Instead of reading books sitting in a corner, they love to tinker with products to get more details. You should not consider buying a tech book unless your friend is a bookworm and loves reading about tech.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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