Techworm is obsessed with security, privacy and cyber attacks, in fact we eat, sleep and shit security (no offence) and cyber security fires our ultimate goal to help create a virus, malware, hack, DDoS and leak free world(sic).

Since 2013, Techworm has been on a single minded mission to provide readers with top of shelf news and updates of whats happening in the cyber security world and who is hacking whom.  We try to provide a balanced view of the hackers and the hacked, the leakers and the leaked(though sometimes we may be wrong) We hope to be a catalyst for better security environment in the ever changing cyber world where the viruses have mutated into worms and trojans, were leaks are no longer just email ids but even your personal snaps in the bathroom and DDoS attack measure  300 GB/s.  a world where someone feels insecure to handle even his/her Nokia 1101.  We hope to change that!

We are a team of dedicated security researchers and reporters who hunt the cyber world round the clock for important breaking news and data that can either help you or harm you, but bring it your way, so that you can prepare yourself.

We are ever-expanding so if you feel you are the chosen one to be part of us, you have that knack in you to hold the attention of our dynamic readers, create subtle headlines with not so subtle opinions(you will get brickbats for that, we do!) you can get in touch with us at admin@techworm.net. Techworm invites you to…


Vijay, Co-founder and Editor and purse keeper

Abhishek, Co-Founder, Editor and Social Media Promoter and chief spammer

Del, Author, geek and just in his half pants security researcher

Ratnesh, Author, geek, angry young man ready to DDoS the world

Anuran, Author, security researcher who cant flash his Samsung Galaxy S4

Steve, Author, mate from down under

Ankita, Author and resident database expert

Jelena, Author from what was once the iron curtain bring security updates from there

Luna, Author, pro-privacy and freedom of speech activist and with Twitter handle of Dark Artifacts, need we say more

Jagruti, Author, security researcher, story hunter

Aaditya, Author and Pastebin watcher (he pours through 1000s of pastes a day)

Aaryan, Author and yet to research researcher

Prayag, our coding expert (he messes the code every time!)

Rehmat, our hosting, WP, cloud, CDN and what not expert


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"When I was a kid, I used to think Earth was this perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could become anything. Turns out real life is a little more complicated. Real life is messy. We all have limitations and we all make mistakes, which means we have a lot of things in common and the more we try to understand each other, the more exceptional each one of us would be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of a person you are, try, try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and realise that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us." - Aravind V. Nair I am a 12th grade student who is a Google Evangelist and a Google Bug Reporter. I love robotics, physics, hacking, programming, bug-reporting, developing, cycling, gardening, swimming, playing football, reading and Kung-Fu. My aim in life is to make innovative things for the betterment of every living thing and not just humans. I want to develop the world into a better place for all species.