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Instagram is working on a voice response feature for Stories

Instagram keeps adding new features to the leading photo-sharing app almost every week or so. The upcoming feature that might make it to Instagram is...
Windows 7 recovery disc issue

Windows 7 update is causing the backup and restore feature to fail

It looks like Windows 7 users are facing a bit of a dilemma with the January 2022 general update. As it turns out, users...
Nvidia develops fastest AI to create 3D renders using a dozen 2D photos

Nvidia develops fastest AI to create 3D renders using a dozen 2D photos

As AI technology is advancing, tech companies have started to utilize it for a lot of applications. Nvidia demonstrated how its latest AI tool...

Suspected Lapsus$ hacker rounded up by the City of London Police

According to the reports, the City of London Police has rounded up seven teenagers who are suspected to have ties with the infamous hacking...
Google warns users of state-owned threat actors based in North Korea

Google says North Korean hackers exploited a RCE vulnerability in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers on the planet with billions of users. With that kind of use base, cybersecurity...
Stephen Wilhite, creator of GIFs

Stephen Wilhite, creator of GIFs, expired at the age of 74 due to COVID

Stephen Wilhite, the creator of GIFs that revolutionized the meme culture, expired last week due to COVID-19. Stephen died at the age of 74 according...
Apple Ex employe defrauding

Apple ex-employee accused of defrauding the tech giant worth $10mn

As an eagle-eyed Apple fan would know, it never lets any malpractices go under the radar. In the latest development, Apple has filed a...
TikTok Stories

TikTok to feature Snapchat-like Stories feature for testing

Snapchat has adopted many features from various popular apps including TikTok apart from being ephemeral. Turns out TikTok too is working on Snapchat-style stories...

PayPal Extends its services in Ukraine; Waives off any transfer fees till June

In the wake of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, payment processor PayPal has expanded its services in Ukraine allowing users to send...
Instagram rolls out parental supervision feature to users in the U.S.

Instagram Rolls Out Parental Supervision Feature in the US

Instagram has been adding quite a few features to curb users from sticking to the platform for longer at a stretch including the ‘Take...