10 Best Android Launchers In 2019

Best Android Launchers

Android is the most popular smartphone OS of all times. Infact, more than 85% of smartphone users prefer using Android over iOS.

One of the primary reasons why people prefer using Android over much more stable and reliable iOS is the ability to customize their smartphones as per their preference.

Well if you have been scouting for some of the best Android launchers to customize your smartphone, then this article might help you. So these are some of the best Android launchers that are worth checking out.

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Best Android Launchers


1. Nova Launcher

The first and possibly the most customizable Android launcher on the list is Nova Launcher. You can easily customize every aspect of this launcher and make your custom Nova Launcher setup.

This popular launcher for Android supports thousands of icon packs, widgets, and themes. Nova Launcher is relatively lightweight and consumes fewer resources for its proper functioning. Lastly, you can easily backup and even share your custom Nova Launcher setup with others.

Download Nova Launcher

2. Lens Launcher

The next unique launcher on the list is Lens Launcher. As the name of this Android launcher suggests, it replicates a graphical fisheye lens. Apps on Lens Launcher are placed in an equispaced grid.

Using the graphical fisheye lens you can quickly zoom, pan and launch apps with touch gestures. Furthermore, the launcher allows users to tweak things like lens distortion, scaling of the lens, icon size, haptic feedback, and much more. Lens Launcher will provide a unique look to your phone.

Download Lens Launcher

3. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is another impressive launcher for Android smartphones. Similar to Nova Launcher, you can customize the wallpaper, theme, accent colors, icon packs, and gestures on Microsoft Launcher.

Nifty features like the ability to pin contacts on your home screen and personalized feed for news, calendar events, and documents help the Microsoft Launcher to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, the continue on PC feature allows users to continue editing an Office 365 document on PC.

Download Microsoft Launcher

4. Blackberry Launcher

The name says it all; Blackberry Launcher allows users to replicate the UI found on Blackberry smartphones. This underrated launcher for Android smartphones has a clean and straightforward UI.

Using the Blackberry Launcher, you can create custom shortcuts for Speed Dial, Google Maps Directions, Drive Scan and place them on different home screens. Furthermore, the launcher allows users to hide individual apps. Lastly, its worth noting that after the compilation of 30 days trail ads will start showing up on the launcher.

Download Blackberry Launcher

5. POCO Launcher

The next feature-rich launcher on the list is POCO Launcher. Using the launcher, you can easily replicate the software experience of POCO F1. This launcher offers a clean and distortion free UI.

POCO Launcher automatically groups apps based on their category. Additionally, using the third party icon packs, you can easily customize the appearance of POCO Launcher. Similar to Nova launcher, POCO launcher is super lightweight and consumes decidedly fewer resources.

Download POCO Launcher

6. Hi-Tech Launcher

If you want to provide your smartphone with a unique and sci-fi based look, then Hi-Tech Launcher might help you. Widgets like clock, weather information, memory analyzer, music player and battery information are displayed on the home screen of this launcher.

The complex UI of this launcher can help your smartphone to stand out from the crowd. Hi-Tech Launcher is very lightweight. Consequently, you can expect smoother and faster animations. As for customization, you can tweak the accent color of this launcher, enable or disable animations, and replace icon app with another app.

Download Hi-Tech Launcher

7. LessPhone Launcher

If you want to reduce your smartphone addiction than LessPhone Launcher might help you. This minimal launcher eliminates the clutter from your smartphone and allows users to access only three applications in addition to the dialer. LessPhone Launcher can also help you during social-media detox challenge.

The launcher also comes with a built-in task manager that helps manage your day. Initially, you might find it difficult to live with only three apps, but sooner or later you will adapt to it. Lastly, you can upgrade to the dark mode by making a small in-app purchase.

Download LessPhone Launcher

8. ADW Launcher 2

The next fast, fluid & and very customizable launcher for Android smartphones on the list is ADW Launcher 2. Similar to Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher 2 offers the ability to customize every aspect of this launcher. ADW Launcher 2 replicates the stock Android UI.

The launcher allows users to back up their setup and even share it with other users. Moreover, the transitions, animations, and fast scroll app drawer style make the ADW Launcher 2 feel much more responsive and faster.

Download ADW Launcher 2

9. Rootless Launcher

If you want to replicate the UI found on Google’s flagship Pixel smartphones, then Rootless Launcher might help you. Rootless Launcher offers a clean and stock Android-based UI. The launcher also changes different aspects of the home screen based on the wallpaper applied by the user.

As for downsides, Rootless Launcher is not as customizable as other launchers mentioned on the list. That said, you can still use this launcher for replicating the stock Android UI.

Download Rootless Launcher

10. Niagara Launcher

The last best Android launcher on the list is Niagara Launcher. This feature-rich launcher offers a clean and minimal UI. Niagara Launcher only displays things that matter to you the most. The launcher also helps users to use their smartphone with one hand.

Furthermore, Niagara Launcher also displays all of your incoming messages right on your home screen. Lastly, Niagara Launcher also allows users to hide Preinstalled apps. Overall, Niagara Launcher is a minimal launcher that can help reduce bloatware from your smartphone.

Download Niagara Launcher


So these were some of the best Android launchers that are worth checking out. Using these launchers, you can provide a unique look to your Android smartphone. Do share any of your personal recommendations for the best Android launchers in the comments section below.

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Hackers can hack an Android smartphone just by looking at a PNG image

Hackers can hack an Android smartphone just by looking at a PNG image

Vulnerability in PNG file can allow hackers to hack Android smartphones

Beware, while opening a harmless-looking image downloaded from the internet, emails, social media apps, or messaging apps, as it could compromise your smartphone.

Google has discovered three new critical vulnerabilities that allow hackers to hack an Android smartphone just by looking at a PNG image. This bug has affected millions of devices that run on Android OS versions, ranging from Nougat 7.0 to its current Android 9.0 Pie.

The vulnerabilities, identified as CVE-2019-1986, CVE-2019-1987, and CVE-2019-1988, were, however, patched in Android Open Source Project (ASOP) by Google as part of their Android Security Updates for February 2019.

According to Google’s Android Security Bulletin, the vulnerability that allows “a remote attacker using a specially crafted PNG file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process,” is the most severe vulnerability.

This means that if a hacker successfully manages to deceive a user to open or download an image from any webpage, or received through an instant messaging service, or as an attachment in an email, he or she can get access to your smartphone.

Besides the three flaws, Google also included fixes for 42 vulnerabilities in the Android OS in total in its 2019 February update, of which 11 are considered as critical, 30 high impact and one medium-gravity.

Google has said that it has no reports of anyone exploiting the vulnerabilities listed in its February security bulletin against real users or in the wild. The search giant also said that it has alerted its Android partners of all vulnerabilities a month before publication, adding that “source code patches for these issues will be released to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository in the next 48 hours.”

Unfortunately, it is unknown when third-party handset manufacturers will roll out the security updates on their phones, as many of them take weeks, if not months, to do roll them out. This means your Android handset is still not protected even after receiving the 2019 February update. It is suggested that one should patch their Android smartphone as soon as a security update available from the handset manufacturer.

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Android Q first beta build shows system-wide dark theme, privacy controls, and more

Android’s Q first beta build

Android Q may bring system-wide dark theme, improved privacy, and desktop mode

Google had launched its latest operating system, Android Pie or ‘P’ in August last year. Five months after the release, Google has already started testing its upcoming mobile operating system, Android ‘Q’, according to a new leak spotted by XDAdevelopers.

The first build of Android Q that was created in January 2019 was spotted in February 2019’s security patch that Google recently rolled out for Android Pie. The earliest build of Google’s upcoming OS version gives us a glimpse of what is in store.

According to the in-depth analysis video uploaded by XDA-developers, the upcoming Android Q includes a number of new features such as system-wide dark mode, new privacy controls, new permissions UI, desktop mode, new developer tools and much more.

The most notable change in Android Q is the system-wide Dark Theme. It is believed that Android Q will introduce the “override force-dark” feature. It means that even if third-party apps do not feature built-in themes, this feature can make them switch from white backgrounds to dark gray.

Also, Google is looking to further strengthen its user privacy by adding a new “allow only while the app is in use” permission. This will enable users to see each apps’ permissions individually and also see in the notifications which apps have access to your location. This feature will offer more flexibility to those apps that don’t work if permission is disabled entirely.

Besides the above, Google is working on its own desktop/external display mode, a feature similar to Samsung’s DeX hints XDA Developers. This will make it possible to connect a phone to a monitor and use it as a desktop computer.

Android Q also includes a developer setting for built-in screen recording; however, this feature is not yet functional in this early build of the OS. Additionally, users will be able to use slide notifications right to dismiss them or slide them left for options to access icons for snoozing.

Some other features discovered in the early Android Q build include an off switch for all sensors, improvements to Files app, revamped Screen Lock settings, Game Update Package Preferences setting and more.

Since this is an early build version of Android Q, it is likely to undergo changes before the Developer Preview.

You can watch XDA’s detailed video comparison of Pie and Q running on the Google Pixel 3 XL in the video below.

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Vulnerability in Skype app for Android allows access to phone data without a passcode

Vulnerability in Skype app for Android version

Design flaw in the Android version of Skype app allows you to unlock the phone without a password

A bug hunter has discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Android version of Skype app that can be exploited to access several app functions without entering passcode authentication to unlock the phone.

Kosovo-based bug-hunter Florian Kunushevci, who discovered the vulnerability, demonstrated the bypass in a YouTube video (see below). The video shows that anyone in possession of someone’s phone to receive a Skype call, can answer it without unlocking the handset.

Once the person answers the call, he or she can then view photos, access contacts, send a message, and access the browser by clicking on the links sent in the message. All these actions can be carried out without the need to unlock the phone.

Kunushevci, who is an everyday user of the Skype for Android app, discovered that there was something wrong the way in which the app accessed local files on the handset while performing VoIP calls.

“One day I got a feeling while using the app that there should be a need to check a part which seems to give me other options than it should,” he explained to The Register. “Then I had to change the way of thinking as a regular user into something that I can use for exploitation.”

The researcher discovered that when a Skype call is answered, several phone application functions like photo-sharing and contact look-ups could be accessed regardless of whether the phone was locked or not. In other words, the vulnerability allows anyone to access the photo and contact feature without confirming if the person using the handset was authenticated.

Just like multiple iOS flaws found in the system over the years, this vulnerability is due to a slight oversight in system’s security. Kunushevci said, “For the specific bug that I have found on Skype, it is more of a bad design and also a bug in coding. I think to put it all together, humans make mistakes.”

Kunushevci reported the security flaw to Microsoft in October before disclosing it to the public. Apparently, the vulnerability was corrected in the version of Skype released on December 23, 2018, which is safe to use.

It is suggested that users install or upgrade to the latest version of Skype for Android app for better security, as this vulnerability affects Skype on all Android versions. Please note that the patch for this bug is included in all the Skype app builds with a version number over for different Android versions.

Microsoft has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

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10 Of The Best Free Android Apps You Should Check Out for 2019

Best Free Android Apps For 2019

Android is possibly the most popular smartphone OS that is used by more than 2 billion users across the globe. Well, if you have been scouting for the best android apps, then this list of must-have Android apps might help you.

So these are some of the best apps for android that will definitely enrich your Android experience.

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Best Android Apps

Lens Launcher

The first unique and interesting Android app on the list is Lens Launcher. As the name of this launcher suggests, it functions as a fisheye lens and makes browsing applications reasonably efficient.

Using the in-app settings you can customize the size and appearance of icons. Lens Launcher will definitely provide a unique look to your Android smartphone.

Download Lens Launcher


AnyBooks allows users to explore & read millions of free ebooks. This educational app has an extensive collection of ebooks from many different genres like Fiction, History, Career, Religion & Spirituality, Humor, Romance, Biographies, and much more.

Furthermore, ebooks on AnyBooks are available in around a dozen languages. AnyBooks is a must have android app for students and book enthusiasts.

Download AnyBooks


The next must-have Android app on the list is Resplash. If you want to improve the visual appearance of your Android smartphone, then the high-quality wallpapers on Resplash might impress you.

Photos on Resplash are very well segregated into different collections. Moreover, the material UI of Resplash makes exploring new wallpapers reasonably simple.

Lastly, Resplash also allows users to view user profiles, curated collections, photostats and EXIF data.

Download Resplash

Unfold — Create Stories

Unfold is another impressive application that can be used for creating beautiful and engaging social media stories. The minimal and elegant templates on Unfold will help you to stand out from the crowd. Editing tools and custom fonts on Unfold make your stories visually appealing.

This android app supports all sort of photo and video media imports. Furthermore, Unfold offers high-quality exports that can be directly uploaded on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Download Unfold


Xender is one of the most feature-rich file-sharing application. This reliable file-sharing app supports cross-platform transfers and its available for Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, and MacOS.

Xender allows users to transfer all sort of file types be it documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps. In addition to that, there is no file size limit. Xender also doubles up as an efficient smartphone replication tool using which you can transfer data like contacts and messages from your old phone to the new phone.

Download Xender

Status Bar & Notch Customizer

It didn’t even take a year for Android OEM’s to replicate the notch on the iPhone X. Well, customization is one of the major highlights of Android OS and if your smartphone has a notch you can customize it as well.

Using the status bar & notch customizer you can change the color or the background of your smartphone’s notched display. In addition to customization, you can even remove or hide notch from your smartphone. Overall, its an interesting customization app that is worth checking out.

Download Status Bar & Notch Customizer


Musixmatch is one of the best android apps for generating lyrics for millions of songs. This popular lyrics app is synchronized with popular music streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music.

The clean and easy to navigate UI of Musixmatch makes fetching lyrics very simple. Using Musixmatch, you can even control media playback on your smartphone. Apart from lyrics, Musixmatch allows users to gather information about the music tracks and fetch the cover art.

Download Musixmatch

Grammarly Keyboard

The next best Android app on the list is Grammarly. As the name of this app suggests, this keyboard-based app automatically rectifies grammatical errors, spellings, and checks overused words.

Grammarly offers advanced punctuation correction and enhances the vocabulary of your written content. This app works seamlessly with every Android app that uses a keyboard. Overall, Grammarly is a must have android app for rectifying basic grammatical errors and spellings.

Download Grammarly

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is another useful Android app that allows users to scan physical documents, photos, receipts, reports and convert them into images and PDF files. This helpful application also enables users to name and organize scanned files into folders.

You can export and share the scanned documents in color, grayscale, and black & white. Using Tiny Scanner your scanned files to your computer via WiFi. Lastly, the application allows users to share scanned documents to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

DOWNLOAD Tiny Scanner


The last best Android app on the list is Google Files. This feature-rich file manager offers doubles up as a storage optimizer and file sharing tool. Google Files works flawlessly with every Android smartphone and helps clean up junk files.

The files shared via Google Files are encrypted end-to-end via WPA2 encryption. You can also backup your files directly to the cloud or your phone’s SD card. Overall Google Files is a must have android app for faster file management.

Download Google Files


So these were some of the best Android apps that will definitely help you in one or the other way. Do share your personal recommendations for the best Android apps in the comments section below.

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3 New Ways To Take A ScreenShot On Android Smartphones

Android is possibly the most popular Smartphone OS with more than 2 billion monthly active devices.

There might be times when you are looking for how to take screenshots on Android smartphone?

Here in this article, we are providing you with the best easiest ways to take a screenshot on android devices.

A screenshot is an image taken of whatever’s on your screen. The process of taking screenshots on Android smartphones might sound obvious to many users but still, it’s good to learn some new stuff.

So these are the three best ways to capture and share a screenshot on Android smartphones.

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Here is how to take a screenshot on Android smartphone?

The Standard Way To Take Screenshot On Android

The most basic way to capture a screenshot on Android smartphones is by pressing the volume down and power button at the same time. This will instantly capture a screenshot of whatever’s on your screen.

A screenshot captured by using the above-mentioned process is generally verified by a screenshot capture sound, screen flash, or a notification.

Screenshot Using Gestures

The next best way to capture screenshots on Android is by using third-party applications. These Screenshot applications eliminate the need of pressing physical buttons to capture a screenshot.

Furthermore, using screenshot capturing applications you can even use gestures to capture screenshots. Third-party screenshot capturing applications also offer photo editing tools.

You can find an extensive collection of applications to capture screenshots on Playstore.

Scrolling Screenshots In Android

A typical screenshot only captures what’s on your screen but if you want to share a web-page or a long chat conversation then scrolling or long screenshot might help you.

Many Android OEMs like OnePlus have introduced scrolling screenshots. That said, if your smartphone’s custom skin doesn’t support this feature you can download an application called LongShot to capture scrolling screenshots.

Longshot has a very well-developed and easy to navigate UI. Furthermore, capturing scrolling screenshots using Longshot is pretty much self-explanatory.


So these were three basic ways to capture and easily share screenshots on Android smartphones.

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How To Stop Ads On Android Home Screen

Stop Ads On Android Smartphones

Tired of ads on your Android web browser?. Or the popup/notification ads showing up on your android home screen?

Well, here in this article we have provided you with the best easy ways on How to block Ads on Android.

Here is how to easily block Ads on Android Home Screen

1. Use of Opera Web Browser

block ads on android

Yes, the use of opera web browser can easily get you rid of this. All you need is to download the browser from official Google Play Store.

Install it and you are good to go.

The reason behind this is pretty simple, the Opera browser has a free inbuilt ad-blocker feature in it which eventually blocks the unnecessary ads and hence prevents you from having a bad browsing experience.

Download Opera

2. Installing free ad-blocker Browser

block ads on android

If you hate Opera and want to opt for a different option then this is for you.

The free Adblock browser works on the same principle as Opera do and made by the same company as the notorious AdBlock desktop extension.

Download Adblock Browser 

3. Blocking Pop-up Ads in Chrome

block ads on android

If you don’t feel like following the above-mentioned ways, then you can definitely try this as it won’t need you to install anything on your device.

Blocking the Pop-up ads in Chrome is counted among the best ways to get rid of those irritating ads.

Ways to Turn it on

  • Launch the browser and tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen
  • Then choose Settings, Site Settings
  • And Scroll down to Pop-ups and make sure the slider is set to Blocked.

4. Use of Data Saver Mode

block ads on android

If you are one of those who love chrome and decided to stick with it then you can use the data saver mode.

Yes, the data saver mode somehow helps you in getting rid of those irritating ads.

Actually, it simply disables that content which is not necessary for your mobile. Which means the pop-up ads, banners etc won’t show up on the screen.

Ways to Turn on the Data Saver mode

  • Just open the Chrome
  • Hit the three dots menu icon in the top righthand corner
  • Find settings
  • Then Data Saver mode
  • And turn it On.

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So this was all regarding on How to block Ads on Android. If you find it helpful then do let us know in the comment section below, would love to hear that.

Stay tuned for more.

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Android System WebView: How To Enable And Use IT?

Android is perhaps the most popular smartphone OS with more than two billion active users. This highly customizable smartphone OS has dozens of hidden features and Android System WebView is one among them.

So here’s everything you need to know about the highly unnoticed feature Android System WebView.

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What Is Android System Webview

Android System WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content.

Earlier, applications like Facebook relied on external browsers for opening links on the platform. Android System WebView solves the above-mentioned issue by functioning as an in-app browser.

In simple words, Android System WebView can be considered as a miniature version of Chrome that comes pre-installed with every Android smartphone. This miniature version helps other applications to load URL without exiting the application.

Google regularly releases new updates for Android System Webview making it more secure and compatible.

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Do You Need Android System WebView

Android System WebView is an important application and an integral part of Android OS. That said, it can be disabled and even uninstalled if a user wants to do this.

Android System WebView is a stand-alone application that was introduced with Android Jellybean. Surprisingly, Google itself disabled Android System WebView application with Android N.

Google did this because instead of relying on Android System WebView, Chrome can be used as a webview application. Using Chrome as a webview application is more energy efficient as it eliminates the need of using two browsers thereby saving up some battery.

Consequently, if you are using Android N or above then disabling Android System WebView is a wise decision. Though using it for other Android versions is important for optimal performance.

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So this was some basic information about an unnoticed yet nifty feature on Android OS.

Do let us know in the comments if you know anything that we should add about Android System WebView that we should add in this article.

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Google confirms Dark Mode on Android smartphones improves battery life

Google confirms Dark Mode on Android smartphones improves battery life

Dark Mode on Android smartphone helps save battery life, admits Google

Google finally confirmed that the Dark Mode uses less power and helps increase battery life on Android smartphones, SlashGear reported. During a presentation at the 2018 Android Dev Summit, Google urged its developers to use darker colors in their apps to get the best battery life on the end user’s phone.

Generally, when you increase the screen’s brightness, it affects the battery life of the device. Also, the color displayed affects the power consumption of the display.

The Dark Mode basically reverses the color theme of an operating system (OS) or applications by replacing the white background with black. The Dark Mode for long has been associated with better battery life on devices, especially mobile devices.

According to Business Insider, Dark Mode draws 43% lesser power at full brightness compared to “normal mode” in the YouTube app, which normally uses a lot of white. The white color indirectly utilizes more power than darker colors.

Google also admitted their past mistake of encouraging app developers to use the color white for their applications and interfaces, including its own apps with their official Material Design specification for the last few years. The search giant said that they have plans to roll out a Dark Mode for all the Google apps in the future.

Please note that changing to Dark Mode only changes the user interface (UI) color to black background. You may have to manually enable Dark Mode on different applications.

For instance, to enable Dark Mode on your Android smartphone, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap on Display > Advanced > Device Theme.
  3. Tap on Dark.

Similarly, you can enable Dark Mode for YouTube application as given below:

  1. Launch YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Then, tap on your profile icon that appears on the right top corner.
  3. Go to Settings > General.
  4. Tap on the toggle for “Dark theme” to enable it.
  5. Tap on the back button, the theme is automatically saved.
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10 Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android

Free Music Downloader For Android

Searching For A Legal MP3 Or Song Download App? In this article, we will help you to find out the 10 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android where you can listen to music online and even download them on your device.

Smartphones have completely changed the way we listen and organize our music. People rely on subscription-based services like Spotify and Apple music for enjoying music. Well, if vital music streaming services are not available in your region or you don’t want to pay for your music, then these free music download apps might help you.

List of 10 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android

1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an impressive music streaming service that offers an extensive collection of more than 150 million songs. Well, Soundcloud is the only platform where you can listen to remixes, beats, remakes and EDM’s created by upcoming music artists. Furthermore, a majority of indie creators offer permissions to download their tracks.

Apart from music Soundcloud also has a decent collection of shows and finding your favorite podcast won’t be an issue. Moreover, the user interface of the application is very intuitive, and SoundCloud offers the best quality of music.


  • Massive Collection Of Songs
  • Podcasts And Different Shows
  • Good Streaming Speeds


  • Paid Subscription For Popular Titles
  • Lack Of Exploration Tools

DOWNLOAD Soundcloud

2. TubeMate

YouTube has a vast collection of songs and music videos uploaded by popular music services like VEVO, T-Series, Sony Music and much more. Well, using TubeMate you can easily convert and download these YouTube videos. Tubemate allows users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format and save them either on internal or external storage.

Using TubeMate is self-explanatory, and the installation is similar to any other apk file. Tubemate allows users to download a maximum of up to 128kbps bit-rate music. This is decent for casual music listeners, but a majority of audio enthusiasts won’t prefer it.


  • Massive Collection Of Content
  • Fast Download Speeds
  • Ability to store music either on internal storage or SD card


  • Unresponsive and buggy UI
  • Maximum 128kbps of music


Audiomack is another best music downloader for Android smartphone users. This app offers a vast collection in different genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Reggae music, and mixtapes. Users can easily stream or download music as per their preference. Audiomack also acts as a platform to help upcoming music creators to share their content. Lastly, Audiomack has a clutter-free UI.


  • Find & stream music and mixtapes
  • Create unlimited playlists
  • Unlimited listening & streaming


  • Lack of popular and actual music tracks
  • Streaming music takes quite a bit of time

DOWNLOAD Audiomack

4. Simple MP3 Downloader

This application does exactly as the name suggests. Using the app is simple, and search filters like genres, artists or albums enhance the overall experience. Simple MP3 Downloader includes auto-completion features so that as you type, it suggests possible songs of interest. All of the songs downloaded can be located in the downloaded folder.


  • A vast amount of content
  • Simple To Use UI
  • Auto-completion features


  • Limited features on the default music player
  •  Few advanced features

DOWNLOAD Simple MP3 Downloader

5. Rock My Run

Rock My Run is an impressive music listening application for fitness freaks that also doubles up as a best free music download app. Using the application users can download songs from vast public domains. Well, this workout app offers some of the most advanced features like  Body Driven Music adjusts music tempo of mixes and playlists to match your steps or goal cadence.

Rock My Run has a clean UI and decent music organization tools. You can select music from genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, 80’s, 90’s, Oldies, Christian, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Seasonal, Country, Bmore, Classical. Lastly, the application also has dedicated Marathon playlists.


  • Mixes build in BPM
  • Ads not too intrusive
  • Massive music collection


  • You can’t view the actual list of songs in the playlist
  • Doesn’t work on low-speed internet connection.


6. SONGily

Next android music downloader on the list is SONGily. Using SONGily, you can either stream or download music. SONGily offers accurate search results and has impressive background playback and file transfer features. Furthermore, SONGily has a capable inbuilt music player and inbuilt download manager. Lastly, you can even use SONGily to download Youtube, Facebook, Instagram videos.


  • Download history
  • No ads
  • Many fan-made covers


  • Not ideal for downloading popular songs.
  • Random download issues


7. Napster Music

Napster Music is one of the best free music download app for android users. This free music download app for android offers an extensive collection of 40 million songs from 35 countries. Apart from songs, Napster Music can also be used for listening to FM radio. Lastly, this song download app also offers capable playlist management tools.

Napster Music comes with a free one month trial, you can continue using it if you like the application by paying a small amount.


  • Napster is Ad free
  • Download unlimited songs and playlists
  • Available For Android, iOS, Windows and Mac


  • Playback is often interrupted
  • You can’t play music simultaneously on different devices

DOWNLOAD Napster Music

8. Ganna Music

Ganna Music is a perfect application for streaming and downloading Indian Music. Apart from 30 million Bollywood & English songs collection Ganna Music also doubles up as a full-fledged FM Radio. Furthermore, Ganna also offers lyrics for every song on the streaming service.

Upgrading to Ganna Music Plus, you can download unlimited songs for offline listening and sync downloads on five devices.


  • Black and white theme
  • Music updated daily
  • Music in high definition audio quality


  • Ads with the free version
  • Random issues with music queue

DOWNLOAD Ganna Music 

9. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is another capable music streaming and downloading service. This streaming service offers thousands of curated playlists, and you can even follow artists and playlists. One of the major highlights of the Wynk Music is that it supports chromecast.

Similar to Ganna Music you have to pay to download songs, but streaming songs is completely free of cost. Lastly, Wynk Music also has Internet-based Radio and capable exploration tools.


  • Personalized recommendations
  • High-quality music streaming
  • Free music streaming at low internet speeds


  • Too many ads in the free version
  • Low bit rate music with the free version


10. Saavn Music And Radio

Last application to download and stream music online for free is Saavn. Well, Saavn has possibly the best UI among all of the applications as mentioned earlier. While searching music on Saavn, you can even type lyrics that you remember to play a song.

Similar to all applications you can create and save playlists of your favourite songs. Saavn has a decent organization for different moods or genre.


  • 320kbps high-quality audio downloads on Pro version
  • Saavn Radio – endless music for any mood, song, or artist
  • Saavn Pro has a low subscription charge


  • Screen covering Ads on Free version
  • Unusable at slow internet speeds


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So these were some of the best music downloading and streaming apps for android users. Well, if you made it so far do let us know which music streaming or downloading app do you use. Lastly, do share any other personal recommendation in the comments section below.

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