3 Amazing Business Ideas in Cryptocurrency Market

Every passing day, new opportunities for cryptocurrency business are opening. This is because of so many new cryptocurrencies are introduced in the market. Many people are interested only in making investments in this industry, while many like to do proper business by using these cryptocurrencies.

Here in this article, we will discuss three new business ideas that you can follow to start your business in the cryptocurrency market.  These ideas will be helpful in making a good structure for your business.

1.Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading

This idea about cryptocurrency business is possibly the best one. Owning a cryptocurrency trading website or cryptocurrency exchange business is an amazing option because this is the place where people will come and get an exchange for their various type of crypto coins. As you provide people with this exchange facility, you can charge them money for each exchange or transaction.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency exchange business is not at all similar to other exchange businesses that are already existing in the market. This business idea is a small setup in which the only a person is involved in the whole process. This system will act like the old stock exchange that will face price fluctuations as well.

2. Cryptocurrency ATM

Opening a cryptocurrency ATM is a great option of doing business in this industry. Currently, there are almost around 2000 cryptocurrency ATMs working all around the world. You can buy a machine and then set up your commission on it. Just like people are introducing new bitcoin trading software, such as Bitcoin Code System, the trend of introducing cryptocurrency ATM is also becoming popular because people get help from them.

In this business, there is also a third-party involvement that pushes you to use their facilities in running your ATM without any risk. It is a great option for you to earn money just by owning a machine that works automatically.

3. Run a Crypto Authority

Another type of business that you can start in the cryptocurrency industry is to become a crypto authority. As nowadays everyone is curious about the cryptocurrency and how this market works, the opportunities that it offers and the type of training one need to get to start working in this market, you can become a source for these people.

As you become an expert and know everything about this currency, you will be able to give your consultancy and advice to people for which you can charge money. As more people will get benefit from you, your market value will increase your number of customers will improve and ultimately your business will grow.

These are the business ideas that you can use to enter the cryptocurrency industry. The cryptocurrency market offers many other business options to its users, but one must first evaluate a business structure thoroughly, and then start working on it step by step. If you jump into it immediately after someone give you a business idea, you are probably going to face huge losses and eventually step back from it.

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5 Advice for Common Mistakes Made by Cryptocurrency Traders

When you start trading in cryptocurrency, it is sure that you will face losses as well as gains during investment and while trying to make profits. But the important thing here is that you learn from your mistakes and make sure to avoid them in the future.

Here we are going to discuss some of the mistakes that most of the cryptocurrency traders make while dealing with cryptocurrency. The advice shared in this article will help you avoid them as you start your investments in the crypto market.

1.Wait for Price Consolidation

In the cryptocurrency industry, this fact is true that one should buy less and sell more. Now as the trader or investor does not know when the low is going to slide even lower, he must wait for the price consolidation. This means that when the price starts to become constant, or you see the chances of it going up, then attempt to buy. This lowers down the risk of losses.

2. Use of Trading Bots

Most of the cryptocurrency traders do not bother to use trading bots because they think that they can give enough time to their cryptocurrency business. But they neglect the fact that they are not only used as your alternative for work, but this is an efficient and speedy system. Therefore, use one reliable trading box for yourself. As there are several of them available in the market, try to read their reviews, such as Qprofit System Review, etc, to make sure their credibility.

3. Wise Response in Bad Situations

Psychologically, when a person is in stress, anxiety, and depression, he is unable to make rational discussions. In cryptocurrency business, you can come across extreme losses that can drive you crazy. At this point, it is very important that you keep yourself calm and relaxed. Such a wise response on and the situation will help you get out of that loss easily and in a short time. Otherwise, the chances are that you will make the situation even worse. So, in such situations, take your time and try to make responsible decisions.

4. Keep Control in Urgent Situations

Some people make a huge mistake of selling their position when they need money for some urgent thing. There is no harm in selling your position, but the mistake you make is when you do it quickly without thinking about it. Most of the times, such steps result in much more loss to the trader than it would have been otherwise.

5.Resist Temptation of Overtrade

Most of the traders in cryptocurrency business are every restless that they trade in everything when they have money in their pocket. This is a very wrong approach to deal with your money and your business. You must only invest when you have a great idea and conviction.

These are some of the common mistakes that cryptocurrency traders make when they are running their business in this industry. They forget to take small things into account and get themselves into trouble. By taking help from the advice mentioned above, you can avoid losses in your cryptocurrency business and improve the chances of profit.

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India’s ruling political party accused of $763M mega Bitcoin scam by opposition

India's ruling political party accused of $763M mega Bitcoin scam by opposition

BJP accused of over Rs 5,000 crore Gujarat ‘bitcoin scam’ by Congress

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), India’s ruling political party, and the Indian National Congress (INC) aka Congress Party, are at loggerheads once again. This time the Congress Party has accused BJP of being involved in a multi-crore scam of converting black money into white through bitcoin transactions in Gujarat, according to a Hindustan Times report.

The Congress party on Thursday demanded a Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation into the alleged multi-crore scam, with some even saying the figure at Rs. 88,000 crore.

“We demand an impartial Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation in this maze of ‘mega bitcoin scam’ so that the truth comes out,” Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil, who hails from Gujarat, said.

He suspected that the state’s top BJP leadership was involved in converting black money through ‘hawala’ transactions. “There were reports of the state police blackmailing some businessmen in Surat for extortion and named a former BJP legislator as one of the kingpins,” Gohil told reporters.

Although the “mega bitcoin scam” has been exposed by the state police, but none of the kingpins have been arrested, Gohil said. He suspects that some top BJP leaders are involved in this “massive cryptocurrency” scam and that they are “absconding”.

The Congress leader also alleged that the BJP used demonetisation as a cover-up to convert “their black money” into white and now bitcoin cryptocurrency is being used for the same and to extract money from businessmen.

Referring to the note ban, Gohil said, “The BJP has no answers on how the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank (ADCB), whose director is BJP president Amit Shah, received old currency worth Rs 745.58 crores in just five days and how Rs 3118.51 crores were deposited in 11 district co-operative banks linked with BJP leaders in Gujarat.”

On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Anil Baluni dismissed Congress claims as attempts to spread confusion and lies. “Congress’s allegation are laughable and nothing can be more unfortunate than this as it is the state police which has cracked the case and acted against several persons. It is blaming the police which has uncovered the case. I wonder if the Congress is trying to help somebody in this case as part of a conspiracy,” Baluni said.

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The Pirate Bay is back at cryptocurrency mining again

The Pirate Bay is back at cryptocurrency mining again

The Pirate Bay is mining cryptocurrency again, But Forum Staff Aren’t Worried

In September last year, the world’s most popular and most visited torrent website, The Pirate Bay (TPB) was in news not for its downtime but for embedding a cryptocurrency miner on its website to generate revenue through advertisement.

The cryptocurrency miner’s JavaScript code was tucked away in the footer of TPB that used the power of visitor’s computer to mine Monero coins. Users were unhappy as the miner’s code increased the visitors’ CPU usage drastically once it is triggered when the visitor visits the page that has the code.

It was later found out that the site had implemented a Monero cryptocurrency miner provided by a company called Coinhive that allowed the owners the option to convert the CPU power of users into Monero coins.

Drawing flak for the implementation of the miner, the site’s operators said that they were testing the cryptocurrency miner as a new way to generate revenue and the code would be removed in 24 hours.

“As you may have noticed we are testing a Monero javascript miner. This is only a test. We really want to get rid of all the ads. But we also need enough money to keep the site running,” they said back then.

However, almost a month later, the torrent site was reported to have activated the cryptocurrency miner again to run it alongside the site’s usual ads. Ironically, TPB did not provide opt-out option to the users, nor did it inform them about their latest mining efforts leaving many disappointed.

In the following months, there was no clarity whether TPB would stop its mining efforts; however, developments in recent weeks have answered that question.

An uploader on June 8, 2018 submitted an initial report on the TPB forum, mentioning that the torrent website had added a miner to the upload page. As soon as the message was posted, it was soon followed up with general complaints of a miner being executed on other parts of the site.

According to the image above, mining is adjusted to 0.9 (in the past rates between 0.6 and 0.8 were used), but with reports of hot CPUs on record, it’s clear that people would prefer to have the option not to ‘donate’ their cycles.

In the past, TPB supermoderator Sid had expressed displeasure at the existence of the miner. However, this time around after the latest revelations, he appeared less patient and suggested users to enable a good adblocker and spend very little time on the site as possible, as a solution to hot CPUs.

“All you require from TPB is a magnet link. Open the site. Find a torrent. Click the magnet link. Close the site. End of miner,” he writes.

“If you are ever on TPB for more than 5 minutes or so you’re doing it wrong. And if you’re ever on TPB without an ad blocker you’re doing it doubly wrong.”

While there are some ad-blockers available that can block miners, but there also dedicated coin mining blockers available in the Chrome store that can make the process very easy.

Such addons can be used by informed users to whitelist sites they want to support. However, new users may not understand what’s happening to their machines despite the site’s operators writing in a blog post the option of how to block TPB’s mining efforts.

Source: TorrentFreak

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How Anyone Can Become a Cryptocurrency Investor with Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program

How Anyone Can Become a Cryptocurrency Investor with Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program

Traditionally thought of as a sector that with blockchain-based technology complexities and unregulated, emerging technology, cryptocurrency investors have historically approached any investment with an air of trepidation.

General opinion focused on the perceived levels of market unpredictability – something that quashed the comfort of even the most enthusiastic of investors. However, as we move ever-closer to a global cryptocurrency market this perception is being eroded.

The singular integral component within the market that cryptocurrency detractors point to is the lack of a fiscal ecosystem which is familiar to everyone – one that supports safe and reliable transactions. This is about to change with Trilliant’s planned introduction of more than 500 ATM terminals across Europe in the next 24 months.

First launched in 2008 as an investment vehicle, Trilliant operated under umbrella firm, Crypto Capital AG out of Switzerland. Today, the company has evolved and is now about to take a giant leap towards bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream with the planned introduction of their progressive cryptocurrency ATM terminals.

Not only will this create a physical infrastructure for the blossoming cryptocurrency infrastructure, but Trilliant has pledged to pay dividends to investors who support their vision. They are inviting everyone, from seasoned investors to crypto neophytes the opportunity to earn an income from using their services.

How can you become a cryptocurrency investor? It’s simple. Every one of Trilliant’s network of ATMs is split into 100 accounting units. Trilliant permits the purchase of these units on their website. Once investors own a fraction of the ATM, they’re in-line to receive a dividend which is calculated as a percentage of the total monthly revenue generated by their ATMs.

Units are sold in the form of Trilliant’s unique cryptocurrency token – the TRIL. These tokens will be made available for purchase on July 10th, 2018 when Trilliant’s ICO is officially launched. Potential investors should be aware of the already high-demand for tokens, and the tokens will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Trilliant CEO, Sebastian Korbach has said publicly that he expects well-positioned ATMs to fetch $20,000 – $30,000 each month. 2% of the total turnover of the ATMs transaction fees will go directly to shareholders. Transactions fees profits are, on average, 7%, however it’s forecasted that ATMs in the USA may be able to offer as much as 10-12%, giving investors a nice little windfall each month.

Indeed, becoming a Trilliant shareholders appears to be one of, if not, the foremost way for investors to gain a favourable return on any investment they make. The total number of Trilliant ATMs globally directly determines the total income – and hence investor share of profits. The more revenue these ATMs generate, the higher shareholders dividends will be.

Trilliant’s lofty ambitions of installing their ATM machines across the globe means that the potential for investors to earn a steady income solely for becoming a shareholder in this obviously progressive venture is vast.

Serial entrepreneur and Trilliant CEO has said, ‘Of course there are other companies that produce ATMs, but the only use for their tokens is to pay for the high transaction fees they incur when withdrawing or depositing money from their ATMs. We do not want to do such a simple thing – we really want to give something back.’

This is clear evidence that Trilliant is determined to support their investments, inspiring confidence that there has never been a better time to become part of Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program and invest in the future of the cryptocurrency sector.

Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.

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Established Companies are a Major Influence towards Mainstream Adoption of ICOs

The influx of large organizations and major companies into the ICO market is giving the idea a whole new outlook. This is as a result of the departure from the original perception of the decentralized fundraising system as a solution designed for only small companies and startups.

In its early stages, ICOs were popularly perceived as a convenient means for small startups and beginner companies to generate funds. This opinion was largely due to the absence of the usual restrictions and rigorous processes that are involved in traditional capitalization procedures for business ventures.

The beginning of ICOs

Ethereum was the first crypto coin to use an Initial Coin Offering for their crowd funding. The Ethereum ICO happened from 20th July to 2nd September 2014 for a total of 42 days. 31.5k BTC (Bitcoins) or equivalently $18.4 million fiat money was raised during the ICO. Even then, Ethereum was an entirely new product, but the success rate of the ICO raised a lot of interest, especially for other new innovations within the blockchain industry.

Soon afterwards, we began to notice several ICOs being organised as avenues to raise funds. This rampant introduction thrived on the unregulated nature of the process and also the absence of restrictions in terms of reach. In other words, anyone with internet access from any part of the world became a potential contributor to any given ICO.

This trend continued with only startups taking advantage of the innovative decentralized crowdfunding method until already established companies started showing up and implementing blockchain processes. A development that is significantly changing the face of the ecosystem and establishing the decentralised crowdfunding process into the mainstream.

An improving ecosystem

In Q1 2018 alone, ICOs had raised over $6.3 Billion, a figure that cuts across contributions from different parts of the globe. Even though several insincere projects and deliberate scams took advantage of the absence of regulation in the early days, there have been actions by a number of governments and regulatory institutions towards sanitizing the industry. A number of bans from China and other nations like the United States also introduced more stringent measures to govern the ICO models.

Perhaps, the influx of major mainstream organizations in the adoption of the blockchain crowdfunding model is a sign of improved confidence within the ecosystem.

Popular question-and-answer platform, which boasts of over 215 million users is one of the latest adopters of the innovative crowdfunding model. Known as a platform where visitors can ask questions and read answers from people around the world, the platform appears to be quite suitable for blockchain application as the technology will afford it a proper follow-through of its processes.

By introducing a token-based incentivised system, the well known platform will introduce its own cryptocurrency and eventually draw more users to itself while encouraging even better content. This is expected in the imminent 2.0 version that is about to unfold, further empowering the platform users in deciding the best content providers by building a more equitable ecosystem.

The mainstream influence

This move by is only one among the increasing number of major platforms and companies that are beginning to adopt the blockchain-based crowdfunding model. Some other top establishments whose presence are not going unnoticed within the space include Overstock, Telegram, Kodak among others.

This influx by renowned establishments into the blockchain crowdfunding ecosystem is also being considered as a pointer towards the mainstream adoption of the ICO model and the technology at large. The awareness alone created by these big companies offers more credibility to the model and represents an ideal avenue for attracting greater funds into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

While blockchain continues its development as an emerging technology, it cannot be denied that increased application of the various possibilities that it offers will go a long way to encourage its adoption. Meanwhile, as governments and the powers that be continue to seek the most appropriate regulatory framework for the industry, the actions of these renowned establishments mentioned above will definitely offer significant benefits for a balanced ecosystem.

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ASUS’s new motherboard for crypto-mining can hold 20 GPUs

ASUS's new motherboard for crypto-mining can hold 20 GPUs

ASUS’ H370 crypto-mining motherboard supports up to 20 GPUs over USB

Banking on the popularity of cryptocurrency mining, Asus, the Taiwan-based electronic manufacturer, has unveiled its own new monster motherboard specifically built for cryptocurrency miners that has the ability to support up to 20 GPUs. In other words, with the introduction of the new motherboard, ASUS is looking to simplify the process of connecting multiple GPUs to it.

Called as the ASUS H370 Mining Master motherboard, the device enables the users to effectively power an entire mining farm with one single board. The ASUS H370, which is a follow up to the B250 Mining Expert launched in September last year, also supports streamlined connectivity by allowing USB riser cables to plug directly into the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to simplify connectivity.

According to the company, it will be easier to identify problems with the motherboard reducing the downtime and ensure fewer PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) disconnects.

The H370 mining motherboard is so focused on optimizing crypto-mining that ASUS has made mining-specific tweaks, with one of them being the GPU state detection before the board boots, which identifies the location and status of each port and allocates alphanumeric codes for easy identification.

ASUS's new motherboard for crypto-mining can hold 20 GPUs

Let’s have a look at the full specifications of the motherboard in a glance:

Size: ATX, 12″x9.1″

Socket: LGA 1151 for Intel 8th Gen Core / Pentium / Celeron processors

Memory: 2 x DIMMs (max. 32GB), DDR4 2666 / 2400 / 2133 MHz , Non-ECC, unbuffered memory

PCIe: 1 x PCIe x16 slot

Storage: 2 x Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors

Networking: 1 x Intel Gigabit LAN

USB GPU Riser Ports: 20 x Vertical USB ports over PCIe

USB Ports: 6 x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 4 x USB 2.0 / 1.1 ports

Other Ports: 1 x COM header

The ASUS H370 Mining Master motherboard is expected to be available initially in the North American countries between July to September this year. However, there is no word on pricing from ASUS on the H370 yet.

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Using your Crypto in Real Life is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

Using your Crypto in Real Life is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier

The Past

We all know that a couple years ago when the value of cryptocurrency exploded, a lot of people made a lot of money. Especially coming out of a deep recession, for many people, the future looked brighter than it had in years. But there was one small factor nobody had considered: they couldn’t spend their newfound fortunes. Treasure troves of Bitcoin and ETH were more safe and secure on the blockchain than gold coins in a sunken ship deep under the sea, wrapped in smart contracts and guarded by the decentralized security that blockchain pioneers worked so hard to bring to reality. All that money was so secure that nobody could spend a dime of it.

As is often the case with innovators and thought leaders regardless of genre, the developers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology had envisioned a new way of life. They saw and brought to life a complete transformation of measuring, storing, and distributing money. But their visionary plan did not include a way to buy the basics: things like shoes, paper towels, and dinner.

Buyers and sellers alike were accustomed to the fiat money amenities they were used to. They had built their livelihood around cash, credit cards, debit cards, electronic payments directly from fiat accounts. Cryptocurrency lacked the flexibility that had been developed over time for traditional financial channels.

The Present

Due to the enormous quantity of time and energy needed to complete any sort of transaction on the blockchain, converting cryptocurrency to fiat in order to access it was an impractical solution. Eventually exchanges came to pass, but for everyday goods and services, this solution was again, complex, time consuming and expensive.

People buy into cryptocurrency for reasons ranging from a desire for privacy, to escaping the central banking system, to really, really valuing security. However, regardless of their initial reasons for jumping into cryptocurrency, one thing is sure: those who believe in it, believe that it is more than a simple solution or quick fix for one aspect of finance that dissatisfies them. Most carry a deep-seeded belief in the power of blockchain technology to transform society on a global level.

Social scalability, or the ability of a society to thrive and perpetuate by devising ways to automate everyday tasks, is at the crux of this belief. The concept of social scalability began with basics like language and agriculture. Later on, more important things – running water, first developed by the Chinese, the industrial age – bringing electricity, assembly lines, and appliances, and of course, the internet all were factors in social scalability over time.

The original cryptocurrency visionaries envisioned a system that would simplify and strengthen society, allowing us to move on to greater accomplishments, to make the world better for more people. But without an easy way to spend cryptocurrency, there is a major hole in their vision.

Most important to fully realizing their vision is a way to make crypto easily spendable on the basics. ICO newcomer Zeex has developed a way to accomplish this. They have devised a platform where cryptocurrency is easily transferred into a popular and spendable currency: gift cards.

Gift cards are another financially based social scalability element, one that has been widely adopted by younger generations, with both Millennials and Gen X demographics as primary users, but they are not without their issues. The gift card industry is plagued by double spending, inconvenient expiration dates, theft, and supply deficits.

The Future

The Zeex platform solves the inherit issues/risks in both the cryptocurrency and gift card markets. Their ideas culminate in a clean, simple solution where cryptocurrency and gift cards are exchanged for each other.

Cryptocurrency is easy to spend. The fees associated with converting crypto to fiat don’t apply to gift cards, making this a financially viable solution. Transactions are quick to process, making it both timely and practical. Items like new technology, household supplies, even celebratory dinners are easily obtainable.

Conversely, gift cards in any amount are easy to purchase. They are also easy to spend as they are typically accepted both at physical and digital points of purchase. Even unwanted gift cards are easy to exchange.

With industry experts in both the fiat and blockchain worlds now claiming that cryptocurrency is here to stay, the obvious next step is to make it spendable in real life situations. The gift card industry is growing at a similar rate to cryptocurrency. With $149 billion in gift card sales in 2017, an increase of 54% over a decade, it is likely that the forward-thinking merge of these two platforms will be beneficial to retailers, consumers, and the financial market alike.

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BitcoinClean – the first eco-friendly cryptocurrency

A topic that seems to dominate the Bitcoin media are the vast amounts of energy  consumed and the corresponding high carbon emissions. Some disturbing headlines could be read during the last couple of months :

“Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity a year than Ireland” (theguardian)

“Bitcoin Is Massively Polluting the Earth – And We Should All Be Scared”

Some of the numbers stated in these articles were vastly exaggerated, and some of the headlines are just plain FUD. Yet, a kernel of truth remains.

The electricity used to power the Bitcoin network is produced mainly by fossil fuels. Mostly by coal. To be exact, the world wide energy mix consists of 87% fossil fuels. When one network presumably consumes north of 70 TWh this year, that means a lot of pollution. This is equivalent to 168 trillion miles driven with a gasoline fueled car. Digiconomist’s Alex de Vries just analyzed one bitcoin mine in China whose carbon footprint is “simply shocking,” emitting carbon dioxide at the same rate as a Boeing 747.One could read during the month that an Australian company has signed a deal to provide energy to a cryptocurrency miner by reopening a coal power plant.

bitcoinClean is here to change this!
bitcoinClean, a bitcoin hardfork,  is the first coin mined only with renewable energy. It relies on a network that is powered by Solar, Wind, Hydro, Thermal, Biogas or Tidal energy. Every node must undergo a peer review to participate in the network.
The Bitcoin hardfork was successfully conducted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2018, 5:26:13 PM (UTC), Block #518.800.

“How does this idea work?” Well, here is the explanation.
bitcoinClean introduces an algorithm called proof-of-greenness. PoG works like this: If Bob wants to mine bitcoinClean he has to convince other miners that he uses only renewable energy. So Bob publishes some documents and photos about his setup, and a utility bill from his green-energy provider.
Alice, John and Mark see that, and upvote his proof. At about 3–5 upvotes Bob can start mining. How many upvotes Bob needs depends on the Impact Alice, John and Mark have. Impact is another aspect of the proof of greenness algorithm.
As a miner gains impact his vote on other miners gets more weight. Impact starts with literally 0, which means your vote doesn’t count and goes up to 5, meaning your vote counts 5 full votes. (technical detail: the tan(h) function is used here, so 5 can never be fully reached).

bitcoinClean wants people to talk to each other. It requires miners to look at the way other miners operate, and then make an educated decision if they trust this miner to use renewable energy. bitcoinClean has no moderation. No central authority. Only its miners govern what standards they deem acceptable. The Impact score each address has incentivises miners to make good decision about each other, because if a miners vote get rebutted too often, his impact goes back to 0, and his votes stop counting.

bitcoinClean will help cryptocurrencies to become drivers for clean energy use and innovation. The next step in financial independence cannot come at a huge environmental cost — this is simply unacceptable.

bitcoinClean exchanges and and supporters:

bitcoinClean is already trading on and soon on Nebula and Exrates.
Supporters like Miguel Forbes (Forbes Magazine) are pushing the project, many green miners are already mining bitcoinClean, such as Coin Factory and HydroMiner, cutting edge green mining operations.

Join the community via telegram or visit the bitcoinClean Medium channel, twitter the bitcoinClean fund and the website for more information.

bitcoinClean’s source code can be found and contributed to at GitHub.

We want to make bitcoinClean the currency of the future for everyone who cares.

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Blockchain game for 2018 World Cup arrives

A blockchain-based betting game is taking the opportune moment to combine the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup with the increasingly-popular blockchain industry., designed to revolutionise football predictions and betting, is causing a stir thanks to its superstar team of advisors and timing to coincide with the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

The project asks users to stake their Ether against thousands of other users in the hope of finding the best predictors on the planet. Users can also gain an edge, or earn additional money, by trading their tokens after each game in response to their price.

Costing just 0.045 Eth to enter in the first week, Cryptocup looks set to revolutionise the way we consume professional sporting events – and just in time for the 2018 World Cup.

The project has also announced that Greg Colvin, the organizer of the fellowship of Ethereum Magicians and core developer of Ethereum Virtual Machine, has joined Cryptocup as an advisor.

Additionally, Coinfabrik, the developers of Jaxx and RSK wallets, have audited the project’s smart contracts and joined it in the capacity of partners to oversee the technical part of Cryptocup.

Tokens on the platform will only stay tradeable for the duration of the tournament, which kicks off next month. As a result, when the tournament concludes on July 23, all remaining tokens will be rewarded with an Eth prize.

The team behind Cryptocup are confident that knowledgeable fans should be able to make money using their platform.

“The idea is really fun and adds a little bit of excitement to the worlds of both football and cryptocurrency,” said CEO, Federico Golberg.  “Win or lose, people are going to love Cryptocup and its next-generation capabilities for sports betting.”

At the end of each game, according to a press release, bonuses are paid out directly after each successfully predicted game and ultimate winnings are determined at the end of the tournament.

However, Cryptocup’s model sees the price of entry rise each week, meaning savvy players will need to be quick if they want to play on the cheap. is taking new registrations today – take part in one of the most revolutionary products in sports betting this week to get involved for just 0.045 Eth.

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