Next Gen Android Marshmallow is Coming into the League

Google has released the latest version of its OS Android and here are some quick facts to get started with it.

Android 6.0 named as “Marshmallow” has been released by Google. This latest OS has been tried to make the most equipped android OS till date. It is to be noted that Nexus owners will be getting an update hands on and the new Nexus devices will come with Android 6.0 preloaded, but it may be a long journey for other android devices. Since updation by an entire community of users of a current OS takes more than an year, so it will be time taking to reach a phase where all the devices satisfying minimum hardware requirements get updated. It should be taken into account that Android 5.0 came out in November last year, but only 21% of the users have been able to upgrade to it in course of 11 months, that too when nexus devices are being included in the statistics.

Google has released the latest version of its OS Android Marshmallow and here are some quick facts to get started with it.

Nevertheless,here are some points to be taken into consideration before moving on to Marshmallow for a smoother user experience.

Fine Tuned App Permissions

In the latest OS,user will have an option to grant only specific permissions to the app out of all asked.It sounds great in terms of confidentiality but there may be times when an app does not work properly due to lack of proper access which resulted from insufficient permissions. However there will be an option to modify them after installation.

Now on Tap is the future

What that means is simply that Google Now’s predictive powers follow you wherever you are in the phone. For example if a friend messages you about grabbing dinner at a restaurant, a long tap of the home button summons reviews of that restaurant, an OpenTable reservations page, a map, and more, all within your messenger. If you’re listening to music, you can run a quick voice search (you can say “OK Google” to activate the assistant at any time) asking who the lead singer of that particular band is, and Google will return it, again all without leaving whatever you were listening to.

Now on Tap is enabled by Google’s deep app indexing initiative, which recognizes that apps themselves aren’t nearly as important as the information contained within them. Now, in many cases, Google has access to that information, and will serve it up any time you like. It looks like it’s going to need a little smoothing out, but it more than anything in Marshmallow will change your relationship with your smartphone.

Efforts to minimise the rush towards charger.

DOZE uses the phone’s accelerometer to identify whether the phone is at rest.And after a certain period of time on rest it shut down the background syncing process until tapped again but some “high priority” messages can make their way through it.

ABP Standby

Is a more tactical approach in which apps which have been passive for a certain period of time are disable.That is,rarely used apps will be disable most easily by it.And there is an option to whitelist apps to prevent them from implementation of this feature.

Fingerprint scanning is now native to the OS.

Fingerprint are unlocking was device dependent til now.But from Marshmallow it has been tried to make this facility OS dependent offering device selection freedom.

On App Waterfall

In Android 6.0 the app drawer has been restructured into a long casced to increase accessibility.There is a search bar also that has been provided to cut down the sliding time.

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Gmail users can now block and unsubscribe specific emails addresses

Google's new tools for Gmail makes it easier to get rid of unwanted emails

Google’s new tools for Gmail makes it easier to get rid of unwanted emails

It is quite annoying when your inbox is flooded with spam emails from the same person over and over again. So, what can you do to stop this? Well, there is some good news for people who are looking for an answer.

Google on Tuesday announced some new Gmail features titled “Block” and “Unsubscribe” that would users to end annoying emails from people who just won’t leave you alone.

With the new block feature, if you find yourself getting a bunch of unwanted emails from the same email address, you can, with a couple quick clicks, block those emails from coming to your inbox any longer.

“Sometimes you get mail from someone who’s really disruptive,” Gmail’s post announcing Block said. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen often—but when it does, you should be able to say, ‘Never see messages from this person again.’ That’s why you can now block specific email addresses in Gmail.”

Emails from a blocked sender will automatically go to the “spam” folder in the future. This means that emails are still received by the user, but they are automatically moved to a folder where they don’t have to be seen. This is similar to “filters” in Gmail, which allow users to set up rules for emails from particular addresses. Emails can be set to be deleted or automatically go to different folders.

How to Use Google’s New Block Feature

Just follow the simple steps given below:

Web Users:

  • Open the email of the address you want to block.
  • Next to the “reply” arrow in the upper right-hand corner, there is a small drop down menu arrow. Click on it.
  • The drop down menu shows numerous options like print, reply, forward. It also includes the new “Block” feature. Just click on it and the person is blocked.

Android Users:

  • Open the email of the address you want to block.
  • Next to the “reply” arrow in the upper right-hand corner, there are three small dots. Tap on them.
  • A drop down menu appears including the new “Block” feature.

According to Google, this new feature has already been added to Gmail for web, and will make its way to Gmail for Android sometime in the next week.

Besides being able to block users, users will also have an option to “unsubscribe” from email lists, which is perfect for unsubscribing from annoying discount emails from retailers and other spam that seems to make its way through to the inbox. This feature makes it easier for people to unsubscribe from emails, no longer having to follow the link at the bottom of emails and instead they can do so directly from Gmail. Also, Android users can opt out of eligible mailing lists directly from the Gmail app on mobile devices.

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2 Billion Lines Of Code For Google’s Internet Services And Its All In One Place

2 Billion Lines Of Code For Google's Internet Services And Its All In One Place

Google’s Internet Services Has 2 Billion Lines Of Code, Which Is 40 Times Size Of The The Windows

According to Google Engineering Manager, Rachel Potvin at an engineering conference in Silicon Valley on Monday estimated that the software required to run all of Google’s Internet services from Gmail to Google Search to Google Maps extends to about 2 billion lines of code, in comparison to Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which is likely around 50 million lines of code. This means that the size of the software required for the Google service is 40 times the size of the Windows.

These 2 billion lines of code that support Google services include running Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google+, Google Calendar, Gmail, YouTube, and any other Google Internet service, all sit in a singular formula repository accessible to all 25,000 Google engineers.

Google treats a formula like a very large handling system within the company. “Though we can’t infer it,” Potvin says, “I would theory this is a largest singular repository in use anywhere in a world.”

Only coders inside Google have access to its enormous repository. With the internet at large, in some way, it is similar to GitHub, the public open source repository where engineers can share enormous amounts of code.

“Having 25,000 developers, as Google does, means it’s sharing code with a diverse set of people with diverse set of skills,” says Sam Lambert, the director of systems at GitHub. “But, as a small company, you can get some of that same advantage using GitHub and open source. There’s that saying: ‘A rising tide raises all boats.’”

On the down side, it is no simple task to build and run a 2-billion-line monolith. “It must be a technical challenge—a huge feat,” Lambert says. “The numbers are absolutely staggering.”

The best thing about GitHub is that it lets coders to easily share and work jointly on code. While GitHub spans millions of projects without housing any software project, Google combines many projects into one. This might look a little foolish due to the difficultly of juggling that much code across that many engineers. However, it works, according to Potvin.

Listen to the Piper

To juggle all this code, Google has built its own “version control system” called Piper, which runs across the immense online infrastructure it has built to run all its online services. The system spans 10 different Google data centers, according to Potvin.

This system gives Google engineers a different freedom to use and combine code from across countless projects. Further, any single code change made by the engineers can be immediately deployed across all Google services. One update everything gets updated.

However, the flipside to it, as Potvin points out, is the highly sensitive code such as Google’s PageRank search algorithm that are present in separate repositories only available to specific employees. The code for Android and Chrome also gets stored in different separate version control systems. Google code for the most part is a monument that allows for the free flow of software building blocks, ideas, and solutions.

The Bot Factor

Building and running such a system needs not only know-how but very large amounts of computing power, points out Lambert. Piper spans about 85 terabytes of data (aka 85,000 gigabytes), and Google’s 25,000 engineers make about 45,000 commits (changes) to the repository each day. While Google engineers modify 15 million lines of code across 250,000 files each week, the Linux open source operating spans 15 million lines of code across 40,000 software files.

Simultaneously, Piper must work to get rid off most of the burden from human coders. It must make sure that humans can cover their heads around all that code without stepping on other’s toes with code changes and also remove unused code and bugs from the repository, making life easier for humans. By Google switching to Piper from its previous version control system—a tool called Perforce, it has started generating a lot of the data and configuration files required to run the company’s software.

Potvin explains that humans not only maintain the health of the code to ensure changes are made and bugs removed, but also bots.

Piper for Everyone

It seems that many of today’s high-tech internet companies run their business similarly. Facebook treats its main app as a single project, as it spans upwards of 20 million lines of code. The same is done by others on a smaller scale. But, dthe logistics can become a hindrance, when companies becomes as big as Google or a Facebook. However, Google and Facebook are searching for ways to change that for everyone.

Currently, they both are working on an open source version control system that can be used to juggle code on an exceptionally large scale by everyone. It’s based on an existing system called Mercurial. “We’re attempting to see if we can scale Mercurial to the size of the Google repository,” Potvin says, pointing out that Google is working in tandem with programming guru Bryan O’ Sullivan who assists in supervising coding work at Facebook.

Very few companies today juggle as much code as Google or Facebook do. However, they will in the near future.

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Google launches new ‘fun fact’ and ‘I am curious’ feature to keep you entertained

Google launches new 'fun fact' and 'I am curious' feature to keep you entertained

Google Launches ‘I’m Feeling Curious,’ A fun feature to pass your time

Feeling bored or curious? You now have a new friend to give you company. Google has started a new search tool which dispenses facts to users who are curious types or are plain bored. The tool will give various fun facts and trivia on your desktop to keep you immersed for hours.

To start enjoying Google’s new feature type “Fun facts” or “I’m feeling curious.” Google will pop up a random fact from the Internet.

Google Launches ‘I’m Feeling Curious,’ A fun feature to pass your time

Examples produced during testing included “Do your eyes ever grow?”, “Is there any sugar in Tic Tacs?” and “Why do they add iodine to salt?”

Google will keep on popping trivia if you keep hitting the button labelled “ask another question” to generate seemingly endless random facts.

As of now the fun fact is available in English however more languages can be expected soon.

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Lets have a look at some of the highest paid positions at Google

Lets have a look at some of the highest paid positions at Google

What Google pays its engineers to run its gigantic operations

We had given a report about how much Facebook engineers earn, now lets look at the other biggie in the tech space, Google. Google, now owned by Alphabet Inc., is basically an engineering firm and among those Tech companies who are ready to pay the highest pay-packages to their engineers.

However, it is not just the programmers who are highly paid and Google also pays top dollars for their deserving candidates, irrespective of the field, such as the marketing executives, finance executives and the legal counselors.

Recently, Business Insider, gave an insight of the highly paid packages which Google offers to their deserving candidates. BI used the salary data from Glassdoor to provide us the details.

In this article we have compiled a list of the different positions, in ascending order, which offers an awesome annual package to the appropriate candidate at Google. The salaries mentioned are just the ‘average base salary’ which does not include any bonuses and it is mainly dependent on the experience of the candidate. Glassdoor says they have harnessed the details from an anonymous report wherein Google’s employees have willingly shared the details of their annual income.

(Note: We have not listed the salaries of CEO or senior VPs because they definitely are the ones who are paid the highest pay package in a multi hundred thousand dollar range.)

Staff Hardware Engineer: Salary drawn$183,948 

At its core Google is a software company, however of late the company has also paved its way into developing its own hardware like the Nexus phones, tablets and many others. Hence, Google is constantly in need of hardware engineers. So hardware engineers definitely stand a chance to earn around $185,000 a year at Google.

Technical Program Manager IV: Salary drawn

Technical program manager is basically responsible for successful managing and completion of various projects. Their responsibility includes managing project schedules, prior identification of any major risks involved and also communicating with the stake holders.

Corporate Counsel: Salary drawn: $189,262  

Google employs some of the best lawyers to advise the company on legal matters and ensure that things continue to run smoothly. Though Google is not involved in any major legal battles it definitely pays some of the best salaries to its lawyers. A typical corporate counsel would earn anything around $189,000 a year.

Senior Sales Strategy Manager: Salary drawn: $190.727  

The candidate for this post needs to focus on advertising and inventing better ways to sell Google’s products to customer. Hence it is essential to have the best strategy and likewise the candidate also deserves to earn a package around $190,000 a year. 

Communications Manager: Salary drawn$190,734  

For an enormous corporation like Google it is pretty important that the company is able to clearly convey its mission and statements, thus the role of communications manager becomes important for Google and the deserving candidate can draw an yearly package of around $191,000 a year.

Engineering Manager II: Salary drawn$191,552  

An engineering manager sort of supervises a team of engineers who would be responsible for accurate development, tests and creating new Google products.

Staff User Experience designer: Salary drawn: $191,881  

Google is well known for its search engine which has a friendly User Interface. Other products of Google like its Android too is very much UI and hence Google is ready to pay its designers an awesome salary of around $192,000 a year for designing an user friendly product.

Senior Online Sales and Operations Manager: Salary drawn: $192,915

Google mainly deals into internet related services and products hence advertising is an important aspect of Google and essential for the overall turnover of the company. Thus Google needs competent talent at this position and is ready to pay around $193,000 to the deserving candidate.

Site Reliability Engineer: Salary drawn: $193,409

Google, is one of the leading search engine which maintains almost 100% up-time, hence it is essential to ensure the websites are working scrupulously at any given point of time. The apt candidate for this post would be some one who can handle any problems and is able to fix issues that might arise into any of Google’s services. The person should also have a thorough knowledge of web designing and should be a very good trouble shooter. The deserving candidate is also paid a huge amount of $193,000 a year.

Senior Product Manager: Salary drawn: $197,252

A senior product manager leads the diversified engineering teams to come together and achieve a common goal so they are an important in an overall progress of Google. Deserving candidates can earn $197,000 a year.

Various Positions for Engineers: Google. as already mentioned, is an engineering company at its core and hence it offers various tiers for its engineers which are differentiated via their skill, experience and responsibilities. Thus based on these factors the pay-package also varies and here is a rundown of these varying tiers:

  • Staff Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $201,565
  • Lead Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $207,211
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer: Salary drawn: $210,462
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager: Salary drawn: $235,772

Group Product Manager: Salary drawn: $243,299  

A Key person for all the on going projects at Google, this is an important position. The group product manager is expected to interact with sales, software engineers, marketing managers and all the major members of any project.

Business operations principal: Salary drawn: $253,591

As per Google’s requirement a candidate who has at least 6 years of experience can apply for this position. A deserving candidate needs to coordinate with the senior leaders of Google and help to develop and launch projects delegated to them.

Directors: Different processes have a key person appointed as Director who is overall responsible for that particular section of Google. So we have marketing director, Engineering director and the Finance director.

  • Marketing Director: Salary drawn: $268.936 This person is responsible for overall advertising and publicity of Google’s services and products.
  • Engineering director: Salary drawn: $272,370 This person is totally responsible for all aspects of engineering be it software or hardware.
  • Finance director: Salary drawn: $339,825 The “highest paid” positions in Google. This is a huge surprise isn’t it? Though Google is a tech firm, the highest paid position is that of a Finance director and not an engineering position. Well, it goes without saying that a person appointed as finance director has umpteen responsibilities and the person needs to ensure that the company’s books and financial statements are accurate. Even a minuscule error can result in huge financial loses and thus Google offers a huge pay package to their Finance director.

Well, readers you need not be an Engineer to deserve the best pay package at a large corporation like Google. You can also be someone who has excellent marketing skills or a person who has great liking for financial subjects or even a person who just loves law books to grab the best position and one of the best pay packages in your life.

*All remunerations are taken from Glassdoor

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Looking for a dream job at Google? Here’s how you can get one

Looking for a dream job at Google? Here's how you can get one

Search for complex coding problems and you may land a job at Google

Getting a job in Google is not an easy task. The world’s best search engine is known for its grueling interview process. So, how does Google recruit programming experts? Well, the company secretly recruits their top coders based on their internet searches. That’s how Max Rosett landed a software engineer position at the tech giant.

On Tuesday, Max Rosett, a new Google employee, explained on The Hustle about how he landed his new job at Google. Working as a data scientist at start-up and earning a Master’s degree in computer science through Georgia Tech, Rosett was working on a head-scratching coding problem. He turned to Google’s search box, typing in this query on the programming language: “python lambda function list comprehension.”

The Google split open and revealed a black box that read ‘You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?’” Rosett stated. He accepted the challenge, and was shown particular programming exercises for him to solve in exactly 48 hours. “I clicked through and landed on a page that called itself ‘’”

“I won’t post the problem here, but solving it required a bit of knowledge about algorithms. I had the option to code in Python or Java. I set to work and solved the first problem in a couple of hours. Each time I submitted a solution, tested my code against five hidden test cases. Once my solution passed all those tests, I could submit it and request a new challenge. Over the next two weeks, I solved five more problems.”

In total, Rosett worked through six challenges over a period of two weeks.

After clicking to point out his interest, Rosett was taken to, where he was presented with what looked like a Linux terminal.

“The page resembled a UNIX interface, so I typed the command to see the list of files”, he said. “I had the option to code in Python or Java”.

Once the challenge was over, Google asked for his contact information. And after sometime, a recruiter emailed him to ask for a copy of his resume and scheduled him for an interview, which eventually resulted in him getting a job at Google.

Rosett seems to think very highly of the unusual recruiting process he went through. “ is a brilliant recruiting tactic. Google used it to identify me before I had even applied anywhere else, and they made me feel important while doing so. At the same time, they respected my privacy and didn’t reach out to me without explicitly requesting my information”, he said.

“Overall, I enjoyed the puzzles that they gave me to solve, and I’m excited for my first day as a Googler.”

However, Google has never confirmed that the test is a recruiting tool. Rosett’s experience is not unusual. Last year, a Hacker News user had posted a similar account, stating that the process is “long,” and the rejection rate “really high.”

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Google Pitcairn Islands claimed to be hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers

Bangladeshi hackers claim to have hacked Google Pitcairn Island, the default search engine for Pitcairn Islands was hacked today by Bangladeshi hackers going with the handle of [email protected] and surg4bij4k.

Pitcairn Islands are a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form the last British Overseas Territory in the Pacific. It has a total population of 56 individuals.

The unsecured version of Google Pitcairn Islands ( and the Subdomain were hacked by these hackers.Screenshots are posted below. [email protected] is the same hacker who hacked Google Malaysia in April this year.

However the hackers themselves seem to have forgotten that as the defaced page shows the message, Bangladesh to Indonesia, We own it all!!!

Google Pitcairn

Important Note :  The URL given above may be affected by malware by the hackers.

Another confusion is that did the hackers actually take down Google Pitcairn or are spoofing some other DNS and named it, because the url which seems the official website of Google Pitcairn, opens normally.

Google pitcairn 2

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Take a sneak peek at the interiors of Google’s pod like self-driving car

Google’s self-driving car is an innocent-looking rolling pod and a bug like car on the road

We were aware for more than a year what the outside of Google’s latest self-driving car looks like — rounded, compact, and kind of cute — but now we’ve seen the inside, as well. Google brought its trial product vehicles to the Community School of Music and Arts in the company’s home town of Mountain View on Saturday, allowing members of the local community to peek inside the automated cars as part of the Paint the Town project. The pictures they took show a surprisingly spacious seating area and a chunky toy-like visual.

Regarding the next thing to a control is a big red button, which, apparently, is for emergency stops.
The inside is actually pretty functional rather than fashionable. About as fancy as it gets are two cup holders. Other than that, the interior is pretty much appears to be white plastic with blue upholstery, more appropriate to a McDonald’s dining room than the inside of a modern car. But there’s no shortage of geekiness. The photo released on reporter Matt McFarland’s Twitter account shows a laptop computer sitting on a seat and wires running everywhere. The floor appears to be hard black rubber.

By now, the outside the car is well known. It’s an innocent-looking rolling pod, perhaps the most unsexy, unsleek car on the road. Like a computer, it beauty lies in the technology.

At this stage in testing, the law dictates that Google’s cars need a steering device and pedals to be roadworthy for tests, but Google’s cars have no steering column, using as an alternative a gamepad-sized device for both functions. Particularly notable is how much space the bug-like vehicles have for passengers without a steering wheel, offering an impressive amount of liberty in a vehicle the size of a Smart car. Where earlier shots taken inside Google’s modified self-driving Lexus hybrids looked like regular cars with bits of extra tech strapped on, this sight inside its latest model looks like a considerable new kind of vehicle, one that could make traveling much less taxing.

We should keep in mind that the cars are still early prototypes, and their interiors will definitely go through several revisions before the first becomes commercially available.

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Your Photos Might Be Getting Uploaded On Google Without Your Knowledge

Google may be uploading your photos taken from your Android phone without your knowledge

Your photos are being uploaded to Google even if you UNINSTALL Google Photos

Google may be uploading your photos taken from your Android phone without your knowledge. Yes, this is true.

This strange occurrence of the Google Photos App wherein your personal photos may still get uploaded to the web without your knowledge was discovered by a journalist at the Nashville Business Journal. David Arnott in the video above removes the Google Photos app from his phone. However, the photo that he took of his coffee mug is still wound up being synchronized into his account on the web.

Even though he had turned on the backup sync before removing the app, is it not appropriate to expect the phone not to do that after the app has been uninstalled? He exhibits it in his video with just a quick photo of his coffee mug. However, the surprising discovery was made by Arnott only when dozens of his personal and family photos that he had taken were all uploaded without his knowledge.

Earlier this week, when he made the discovery for the first time, he went on a Twitter “hate-tweet” spree:

“The backup was as intended” and that the setting would have to be turned off in the phone’s Google Play Services settings, said Google in a response email to Arnott. In contrast to applications, Google Photos’ settings are connected with the phone’s Google Play Services where Google Play keeps Google Photos’ settings even after it is removed

If you are an Android user and want to keep your personal photos on your phone away and not let it make it to the web (even in your own personal Google account), it would be advisable to check now and make changes to those settings.

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How to get the best out of the awesome features of Google Photos App

Tips and tricks for getting most out of Google Photos app

Tips and tricks for getting most out of Google Photos app

Google Photos is one of the best apps for storing your precious photos and videos and the most easiest and convenient photo management service by Google which is definitely recommended for users.

During this year’s I/O conference Google announced their new app “Google Photos” to manage the digital photos and videos. Earlier Amazon, Flickr, Dropbox, Apple iCloud Photo Library were some of the names which people would prefer to store their photos in the cloud; however these services are either too confusing to use or they do not offer the features which is being offered by the Google Photos.

Though Google Photos service has been available for a while, it was integrated into Google+ and one could avail this service only by signing up for Google+. However, just a couple of months back, Google has introduced Google Photos as their new app and it is available for everyone. The app offers unlimited online storage space and unlimited backup for photos up to 16 megapixel resolution or videos  up to 1080p resolution. The larger files are stored on Google Drive. Google Photos can be used as an app for mobile devices or as desktop version.

This article highlights the awesome features of Google Photos app to get the most out of this service:

Uploading pics to Google Photos App: 

Desktop version of Google Photos is available for Windows as well as Mac OS X users. Click on this link and download the app on your desktops:

Further, if users already have a gmail account then they need to log in to this site  and simply drag the folders from their desktop and get their photos uploaded instantly into the app. In case of Android, iPhone and iPad users, installing the Google Photos app helps them to automatically take a back up of all the photos that are there in their smartphone.

As of now the Google Photos app is not supported by Window Phone. For users of Linux, they need to upload photos from web browser, however it is not advisable when there are too many folders to be uploaded. Users who store their photos in iCloud, OneDrive or Dropbox, need to first download the photos to some local drive and then send it to Google Photos as there is no cloud-to-cloud transfer option in Google Photos app.

Arranging the Google Photos app: 

The photos uploaded in Google Photos are arranged automatically based on the date it was taken and their location. What’s more the app can also recognize the subject of the photos with the help of machine algorithms; suppose user searches for ‘food’ or ‘dinner’ then the app would display all those photographs which are linked to dinner. Though the results may not be 100 percent accurate but it is an useful option. Users can also check the location of their photos by just dragging the photo to this link, Google search will help user to check the nearest location of that image and sometimes if the location is very popular it would even give the exact location.

Picasa has a feature known as Facial recognition and Google Photos too offers such a feature only to its users in United States.

We have seen some pros now lets also see some cons of organization issues with the Google Photos app:

  • The app does not allow user to search photos on the basis of date or tags
  • Google Photos dumps all the photos in a big pool and does not maintain the local album structure even if it was manually organized. Once uploading is done user can create their photo albums within the Google Photos.

Assistant feature of Google Photos app: 

This feature helps the user to do some creative things, such as user can select up to five photos or videos and then click create and then add your words. Now the story is complete, user can share this story with their friends.

Recognition of Duplicate and Near Duplicate Photos:

Google Photos uses a smart technology which is able to recognize the exact duplicate of an image in case it has already uploaded the original image earlier, thus it will skip uploading the duplicates from local drive. Interestingly, even if the file names have been changed and the photos are placed in different folders, it will not escape the scrutiny of the service and would get recognized and ultimately dismissed from the upload queue.

In case, if a file has been changed slightly, say the EXIF data has been changed or it has been cropped a bit then the service will consider this as a new photo and upload it along with the original image even though it is ‘near duplicate’. If users feel that they have large number of ‘near duplicate’ images in their folder then they can use their desktop tool such as Picasa to get rid of these ‘near duplicates’ prior to adding the photos to the upload queue of the app.

Deletion of Files by the Google Photos app: 

Once any file is deleted from the Google Photos app, it gets stored in the Trash folder for 60 days and then it is deleted permanently. Hence, in case user deletes a file and then realizes that they need it, user just needs to check their file in the trash folder within 60 days and they will get the required file.

One important instruction which user needs to follow is that whenever they upload the photos from their local drive be it smartphone or desktop, they need to delete the same photo from their local drive. Because, it could happen that in future user may delete that photo from their Google Photos app folder and even from the app’s recycle bin; however since the photo still lies in the local drive of their device it will immediately get uploaded to Google Photos. This happens with desktop drives and smartphones as well.

Sharing the photos from Google Photos app to other messaging apps: 

Users just need to select the photos (single or multiple photos) and click the ‘share button’ and just click whichever social networking sites they wish to share their photo. If they want to share multiple photos then Google Photos creates a semi private album which includes the selected photos and then Google Photos app downloads these photos and sends actual photos to other apps where user wishes to share the photos instead of just sharing the link to the album.

The only drawback here is that when user shares a link through Google Photos then anyone who has the link can easily view the shared photos. User cannot limit the view to only specific people as in case of Google Drive where the sharing can be limited to only specific email IDs.

Editing Photos in Google Photos app: 

Google Photos app provides an array of image editing tools to its users which not only allows basic editing but users can also apply Instagram like filters to their images. Users can develop animated GIFs, photo slide shows and upload it directly to YouTube from their app.

Well, lets also check certain tips and tricks which can help users to use the app to its utmost: 

  • Google Photos app does not have the capacity to sync photos on multiple smartphone devices or desktops. However, by using Google Takeout, users can download all photos from the app to the local drive of another computer. Then by using Google Drive users can turn on the “Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive” option which is available in the settings. With this all the photos uploaded to Google Photos will be seen in the Drive and from here user can syn their Google Photos with any other computers just as they do for their Google Drive folder.
  • Since Google Photos API is not available users can use Picasa Web Albums Data API to access Google Photos.
  • Google Photos app is not Chromecast compatible but Android users can cast their Android screen which is able to mirror the details of their Android device and view their entire photo collection on TV exactly as they can view it on their smartphones.
  • By linking the Photos to Google Drive, users can attach any of their Google Photos in their email because otherwise the Gmail does not have access to Google Photos.
  • YouTube website has button which gives the option of ‘Importing from Google Photos’, thus users can pull any video from Photos app and straight away send it to YouTube.

Readers, let us know if you have used the Google Photos app and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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