FilmoraPro – Professional Video Editing Software Designed for Established and Aspiring Filmmakers

Finding a video editing app that is both powerful and easy to use is not as simple as it sounds. Most of the popular video editing software products offer a wide range of tools professionals use in their projects, but learning how to use DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro takes a lot of practice and time. Wondeshare recently launched a new software product named FilmoraPro, that strikes a perfect balance between advanced video editing options and simplicity. The app is capable of high-end performances, while its intuitive interface enables even inexperienced video editors to create impressive videos.

What Makes FilmoraPro an Excellent Choice for Up and Coming Filmmakers?

The process of making a short film, an online video ad or a social media video takes place in several stages, and during each stage, you must use the equipment that enables you to materialize your idea perfectly. In order to go through the post-production stage smoothly, you need to have access to a video editing app that allows you to use all the tools that are necessary to produce a professional looking video. Wondershare’s FilmoraPro seems to be a perfect solution for filmmakers and social media content creators who need access to professional video editing tools, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a video editing app.

FilmoraPro is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and you can download it from the Filmora official website first before purchasing the lifetime license for $149.99 or the one-year license at the price of $89.99. The app supports nearly all video file formats, which means that you can shoot your footage with any digital camera and edit it in FilmoraPro. The best part is that you don’t have to be a seasoned professional in order to edit your videos with this app. So, let’s take a peek at some of the most alluring features this software product has to offer.    

Editing Videos with FilmoraPro

After launching FilmoraPro, you will be asked to either create a new project or open an existing project. Also, you can just click on a project listed in the Recent Projects menu if you want to return to the project you were working on previously.

Once you’ve created a new project, you should head over to the Media tab in order to import the footage you’re going to be using in your project. Simply click on the Import button and select the Media option to add a single file to the project or drag the file from the folder and drop it to the Media Panel. Afterward, you can just drag and drop a file to a track on the timeline and start editing it.

FilmoraPro lets you add as many video and audio tracks to the timeline as you want, which can be quite useful if you are working on a large project that contains a lot of sound and video files. Furthermore, you can control which panels are displayed in the app’s main window from the View drop-down menu, so you can bring up a Trimmer, Scopes or Audio Mixer panels at different stages of the video editing process. FilmoraPro also features a few preset workspaces you can use while performing the color correction, or while creating a soundtrack for your videos. All basic video editing tools like the Selection or Slice tool are located in the toolbar directly above the timeline and you just have to click on a tool’s icon to start using it.

Next to the Media tab, you can find Controls, Effects, Text and History tabs, and after you add an effect to a file you placed on the timeline you can adjust its settings from the Controls tab.

The list of audio and visual effects FilmoraPro offers seems endless as you can use these effects to preview 360-degree videos, add blur to a video clip or generate clouds and shadows, among other things.

The color correction features are probably FilmoraPro’s strongest suit because the Scopes tab lets you use Vectorscopes, Histograms, and Waveforms while you’re manipulating the colors in a video clip, which enables you to complete this video editing task with a great level of precision.

The Text tab contains an impressive font library so you can easily find a font that matches the visual style of the video you’re working on. Moreover, you can control the size and the color of the text as well as its position on the screen, which can help you create captivating openers and end credits.

The Audio Mixer tab is equipped with all tools you’re going to need to create a professional soundtrack for your video. You can easily monitor noise levels and even adjust the volume of separate audio channels.

FilmoraPro lets you complete virtually any video editing task, regardless of how complex that task is, and you can also use this video editing app to process 4K footage you captured with an action cam or a professional video camera.

Exporting Projects from FilmoraPro

At different points of the video editing process, you can set In and Out Area so you can export only a small portion of the timeline, instead of going through the rendering process each time when you want to see how the video is going to look like once it is exported.

You can add an unlimited number of projects to the Export Queue and pick one of the export presets that enable you to quickly select the export properties that best fit the purpose for which you are going to use that file. You can also create your own presets and use them each time you’re exporting a project for a particular purpose.   

When you adjust all export settings in accordance with your demands, you can just click on the Start Exporting button. Once the rendering process begins you can head back to the Edit window where you can continue working on the same or some other project.


The FilmoraPro offers much more than the basic video editing capabilities that enable you to edit a social media video or any other type of short video. As a matter of fact, the app can be used to edit promotional videos or commercials, because it grants its users the freedom to manipulate their footage in any way they want. The rich selection of visual effects, as well as the full animation support, makes FilmoraPro an attractive option for both aspiring and established filmmakers in need of a reliable video editing app they can use to edit videos at a professional level.

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Filmora9 – A Video Editing Software Anyone Can Master

Filmora9 Banner

Producing moving images has become so easy, that these days even children can use a camera. What’s more, Smartphones, action cameras or DSLRs can capture footage at resolutions that were in the realm of science fiction just ten years ago. Despite the rapid development of the video recording equipment, the process of making a video is still pretty much the same as it was in the early days of cinema. After you make a recording, you need to assemble the clips into a coherent and compelling audio-visual story, but luckily you no longer have to actually cut pieces of film stock and piece them together. You can use a video editing application, instead.   

So, in this article we will show you a video editing software which is easy to use yet provides some powerful features allows you to be more creative with it: Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor.

Why I Use Filmora9 to Edit Videos?

Mastering professional video editing software products like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro can take years of hard work, which is the reason why a lot of people are reluctant to even try to learn the basic video editing techniques. Filmora’s latest version Filmora9 combines simplicity with powerful video editing tools with the aim to make the video editing process both faster and easier. The Filmora9 video editor supports a wide range of video file formats including 4K files, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can use a certain clip in your video. Filmora9 also supplies you with all the tools you’re going to need to create a video your friends are going to enjoy watching.

Mac or PC users can download the unlimited free trial version before purchasing the one-year ($39.99) or lifetime license ($59.9), which makes this video editor perfectly suited for aspiring social media content producers, gamers or online marketers. Regardless of the reasons why you use Filmora9, the Filmora’s video editing software will make the process of creating a video quick and smooth. So let’s have a look at what Filmora9 has to offer.     

What I Like About Filmora9

In this newly released Filmora9 version, there are some cool features that I really enjoy:

  1. Intuitive & Clean User Interface & Easy to Use:
  2. Fully Integrated 4K Editing & Customizable Preview Quality
  3. Better Video Editing Performance
  4. Improved Audio Editing Features
  5. PC/Mac Cross-Compatibility: Editing the same projects on either OS

In this following part, I will show you how did I edit my video footage in Filmora9 in details. You can now download it now to follow up.

Processing Raw Footage with Filmora9 Video Editor

You will experience no difficulty starting a new project in Filmora9, even if you’ve never edited a video before. After downloading and installing the video editing software from Filmora offical website, just click on the Filmora9 desktop icon to launch and then choose between New Project and Open Project options. All projects you worked on in Fimora9 will be displayed in the Project Library so you can just click on a recent project and continue editing your video.

All files you import into a project in Filmora9 will be located in the Media Library Panel, and you can add new files simply by dragging them from a folder on your computer and dropping them to the media panel. Optionally, you can use the Import drop-down menu to add an entire folder to a project or to download media from Facebook and other social media platforms. The Record drop-down menu offers screen capturing features as well as the option to record voiceovers. The amount of time you will have to spend waiting for the large number files to be imported is reduced to the minimum, so you can easily add as many new files to your project as you want.  


Additionally, you can add up to a hundred video tracks to the timeline and choose from three different track sizes, which is probably the most pleasant surprise the Fillmora’s latest update brings. This means that you can easily create PIP videos or use the editor’s compositing features to make your videos more visually dynamic. All you have to do in order to add an audio or a video file to a track on the timeline is drag and drop it to a specific location.

Filmora9’s toolbar grants you quick access to basic video editing tools that let you cut or crop a clip, change its duration. More advanced options you can use to perform color correction or create the Chroma Key effect are also available on the app’s toolbar.

The Filmora9 video editor is equipped with rich Effects, Audio, Transitions and Titles galleries, so you can easily add a filter or an overlay to a video clip, create a memorable soundtrack for free or transition from one clip to another smoothly. The best part is that you just have to click on the effect, a song or a transition in order to add it to your project.

The Advanced Color Correction window lets you choose from a seemingly endless selection of color correction presets, but you can also use the Adjust tab to create your own presets. Filmora9’s users have complete control over the color properties of each clip they want to include in the final version of the video they are editing.

Besides impressive video editing capabilities, the Filmora’s most recent update also delivers improved audio editing options. Aside from the fact that you can now add as many as one hundred audio tracks to the timeline, the enhanced waveforms make the process of editing audio cues much simpler. Furthermore, you can now use keyframes to adjust the sound volume or create a fade in and fade out effects. Check the YouTube tutorial below about how to make the audio transition in Filmora9.

Once you’re done working on your project, you should just click on the Export button in order to gain access to Filmora9’s exporting options.

Filmora9’s Exporting Capabilities

Like all video editing apps for Mac and PC computers, Filmora9 lets you export all videos to a destination on your hard drive. With the latest update, the amount of time you will have to spend on rendering files is significantly reduced, so there is less room for your computer to crash at a crucial moment.

Once you gain access to the Export window you will see several different tabs that allow you to customize the export settings in accordance with the demands of your project. The Local tab offers a wide range of Format options, so you can choose the file format that is best suited for the particular video you’re exporting. What’s more, you can pick the resolution, frame rate or the quality of the file as well as fine-tune the Audio settings.

The Device tab features a list of devices such as iPhone, PS4 or Smart TV, and after you choose one all the export properties will be adjusted automatically. Filmora9 also lets you export your video directly to your YouTube channel or your account on Vimeo, so you don’t have to waste time on exporting a file locally and then upload it to the Internet. How long the rendering process is going to take depends on how large the file is and how powerful your computer is, despite the improved rendering speed Filmora9 offers.


In the last few years, Filmora’s video editing potential has been steadily improving with each new update. That’s why it is hardly surprising that Filmora9’s video editing features build upon an already impressive set of video editing options. This video editing app is both powerful and remarkably easy to use, which means that you can create stunning videos with it, even if you are a newcomer to the world of video editing. The only important thing is to be passionate about producing unique content, and Filmora9 will take care of the rest.

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Full Review of SocialCaptain: Top Instagram Automation Software

One of the most common questions I get is this: “Is there an easier way to get noticed on Instagram?”

I understand the sentiment behind this question very well. Whenever you try to establish yourself on a platform, especially one as big as Instagram, you’re often left feeling like a small boat in a hopelessly vast ocean. It leaves you asking yourself if there’s a simpler approach to it all that you just don’t know about yet.

For all those still stranded at sea, I have an answer for you: Yes, there is an easier way.

I’ve tried a lot of different tools over the years, and I have to say that automation is the best method to get your audience’s attention. However, there’s a surplus of automation services out there. Too many to count anymore, really. So it can get pretty confusing telling which ones are actually well-made and which ones are total junk.

Recently I’ve come across one called SocialCaptain, and I decided it was worth trying out.

How does it work?

If you’ve ever found managing a social media account to be a tiresome pain, then automation is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s essentially a tool that connects to your account and makes it run itself.

SocialCaptain is an automation tool specifically for Instagram. It can be set to follow other users, like posts, and leave comments. This takes care of the most tedious but essential part of social media: networking. Through interacting with users that match your demographic requirements, SocialCaptain builds your follower count while you’re away.

What features are included with it?

SocialCaptain comes with many different features, although some can only be found with certain plans. Any differences will be noted in the sections below.

Each feature is designed to provide more depth and personalization to your automation strategy. Here are some of the most notable ones that come with it:

Smart Automation

No matter how shiny the exterior is, any good piece of technology is always defined by what’s under the hood. SocialCaptain most certainly has a strong engine in that case. Their automation systems are powered by artificial intelligence modules that keep your account running at a safe and constant pace.

When you sign up for a Turbo account, the automation gets further enhanced with the SmarthGrowth feature. This component optimizes your performance by learning from past engagements and figuring out what works the best for your brand.

Audience Targeting

SocialCaptain gives you many different ways to define your target audience. These options assist their systems in finding the most receptive and relevant users. The more that you adjust these settings, the better it will be able to cover your exact niche.

For instance, you can request that it only engages with users of a certain gender. You could also specify for it focus on users found under certain hashtags or accounts that they follow.

Live Analytics

If you’re anything like me, you want immediate and tangible proof that everything is functioning as it should. The good news is that SocialCaptain’s dashboard is tailored for just that. You can check it at any point to see the latest updates on your Instagram’s growth.

Customer Support

A lot of services are oddly impersonal about how they conduct their customer support. Some have a ticket-based system where it might take several days to get a response. Then there are others that have automated it entirely, with generic chat bots that handle your queries.

SocialCaptain, on the other hand, prefers to do it the old-school way. They have a support team made up of real, trained people that you can talk to live anytime you need them. Also, if you’re a Turbo member, you get your own dedicated support crew.

Is it expensive?

Not at all, surprisingly. SocialCaptain is quite affordable compared to other automation services. I’ve seen some that are double or sometimes even triple its price, and yet don’t surpass it in quality or amount of features.

For $15 dollars per week, you can go with the 7 Day plan. That comes with the basic array of features: automation, analytics, targeting, unlimited actions, and more. Alternatively, there’s also a 30 Day plan for $39 per month, which will get you the same thing at a reduced long-term price.

Finally, there’s the Turbo plan for $99 per month. It’s essentially the premium version of SocialCaptain. The extra amount gets you all of the same features as the other plans plus 10x faster speed, exclusive support access, and the SmartGrowth boosting module.

How secure is it?

It takes a lot of trust to hand over your social media account to somebody else and hope for the best. This is especially true with all the headlines we’ve been seeing about security breaches and companies selling information to third parties without consent.

With that in mind, I put SocialCaptain under the highest scrutiny in regards to its safety measures. I can say with confidenceafter the time I’ve spent testing it outthat it proved itself to be trustworthy.

Right off the bat you can tell that SocialCaptain takes its security seriously. It has an entire page dedicated to the various precautions it takes to shield your information from prying, unauthorized third parties. Not even their own staff and engineers can obtain your data without your express permission.

During my time with SocialCaptain, I didn’t notice anything questionable happen to my account. Nothing on my Instagram was altered, nor was it used in any way outside of what was promised upfront. So I can testify with certainty that SocialCaptain is a professional service that sticks to its word.

Is it difficult to use?

There always seems to be a learning curve whenever you adopt a new tool for your operations. That alone could discourage someone from picking it up, as it can take up time that they just don’t have.

If that’s a nagging concern that’s holding you back, then it shouldn’t be; SocialCaptain is about as simple as it gets. You learn just about everything you need to know within minutes of setting it up and going through the brief tutorial.

In fact, I rarely even did much other than occasionally visiting my dashboard to view my live analytics and change a few of the filters. Otherwise, SocialCaptain ran perfectly well without needing much input from me.

Is it effective?

To answer this question properly, I decided to try out SocialCaptain for a full month. I also connected it to two different Instagram accounts that I helped run. The first one only had around 2,000 followers at the start, while the other was considerably larger and had about 80,000 followers.

The smaller account had just above 3,900 followers at the end of the month. Meanwhile, the larger account almost reached 150,000 followers. The growth was impressively consistent with what was promised.

These numbers made me wary at first, though. After all, they could’ve easily been padded with fake bot accounts. There’s a lot of services that aren’t above underhanded tricks like that. Yet, after having the accounts thoroughly checked by multiple sources, it was concluded that their followings were mostly made up of real users.

So yes, not only is SocialCaptain effective, but it also works for accounts of all sizes.

Should I get it?

I’ll cut straight to the point: if you’re looking for an Instagram automation service, then you won’t be disappointed with SocialCaptain. It will turn Instagram’s treacherous waters into smooth sailing.

It’s composed of a strong lineup of features, isn’t overpriced, has some of the best security around, doesn’t require much effort, and always strives to bring you more real followers each day. As a whole, it covers all of the bases you’d want an automation tool to encompass.

SocialCaptain gets a big thumbs up from me. After all of the growth I’ve seen in just four weeks, I can’t wait to see what several more will bring.

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VideoProc: Process, Convert, Download 4K / HD Videos Fast (Giveaway and Sweepstake)

In pursuit of shooting or recording higher-quality and richer-effect 4K / HD videos, an increasing number of people start to cast their eyes on diversified photographic equipment ranging from iPhone, GoPro, DJI drones, Android, camcorder, or any other 4k cameras. After shooting, however, processing those videos from various sources can always drive you nuts. On account of format compatibility, you have no choice but to spend countless energy to download corresponding video processing tools one by one or purchase some expensive and professional tools like FCP or Premiere Pro. Hopefully, Digiarty extends your option by developing a versatile video processing tool called VideoProc which enables to process 4K / HD videos from whatever device in an easy way.

What Is VideoProc

 VideoProc is universal and user-friendly video editing software. Its name is inspired from “Video Process”, so undoubtedly, the essential function of it is to process 4K / HD videos from iPhone, GoPro, etc. with ease. And video processing involves editing, transcoding, adjusting and resizing. Of course, the highlights of VideoProc are much more than these, equipped with Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, VideoProc can convert, download, and record 4K / HD videos in a flash. In short, VideoProc is one-stop software which can meet your requirements to work with videos to maximum extent.

Now let’s explore the exact reasons why VideoProc can be labeled as “universal and user-friendly”.

Reason One –Process 4K / HD Videos with Your Most Targeted Effects

Before posting your media files on social media, video refinements is to shoots what picture enhancements is to selfies, especially when there are some “flaws” like unfavorable lights, lousy noise, oversize or overlong on your shoots. VideoProc renders you the easiest access to process 4K / HD videos to be “much better looking” smoothly.

4K / HD videos processing touches on:

  • Editing: Most of basic editing ways like cut, crop, trim, split, merge, rotate, deshake, denoise can be no cinch. Further, VideoProc meets your other needs like adding subtitle, effect and watermark etc.
  • Transcoding: VideoProc makes it possible to pass through videos audios and convert formats of videos to videos or audios like MKV to MP4 and MP4 to MP3, etc.
  • Adjusting: To improve your watching experience, VideoProc can make some adjustments to your videos like forcing A/V sync, deinterlacing, changing playback speed, frame rate, bit rate and aspect ratio
  • Resize(iPhone Videos):Before sharing your videos with friends on social media, VideoProc can make them more qualified by compressing4K / HD video size, cropping & expanding flexibly to 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:10, etc.

Reason Two–Convert 4K / HD Videos with the Most Comprehensive Formats

 Videoproc, a convenient video converter with the compatibility of almost all input or output formats, can address the failure of sharing or uploading 4K / HD videos due to being oversize or incompatible codec with lossless quality. It’s worth mentioning that Videoproc enfolds 370 input codecs like ISO images, HEVC, MKV, etc. from videos, audios and DVDs files and supports 420+ output formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, etc. playable on all of your media players and portable devices.

Now let’s familiarize ourselves with the process of 4K / HD videos convert:

Step 1: Launch Videoproc and come to “Video” tab at first. In order to load videos, you can either drag them into the “Video” tab or just click”+Video” button.

Step 2: After loading, choose your desired output format.

Step 3: Finally, hit “Run” button to start converting and the converted video can be saved to your designated folder

Tips: If there is no format you want, click Target Format button to get more profiles.

Reason Three–Download 4K / HD videos with the Most Abundant Sources

Actually, Videoproc is not only a versatile processor and converter, but also an easy-to-use downloader. With just a few clicks – copy and paste the URL, videos can be downloaded for playback or editing offline. Moreover, Videoprocis never limited to its downloadable sources. Namely, you can download 4K / HD videos from 1000+ UGC websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, Sound Cloud and so on.

Tips: Except for video downloading, 5.1 surround audios and a batch of playlists or even channels can be downloaded, as well.

Reason Four–Record 4K / HD Videos to Your Most Wanted Purpose

Better still, to optimize its functional integrity, VideoProc perfects itself by enabling torecord4K / HD videos. You can get screen cast of all kinds of videos like game play, courses, webinars, Skype call, etc. from your desktop or iOS screen. After screenshot, recorded videos can be processed to be tutorials, Vlogs or software reviews and the like.

Tips: VideoProc also allows you to record YouTube live promptly.

 Reason Five–Work with 4K / HD videos with the Fastest Speed

Level-3 Full Hardware Acceleration serves as the catalyst, using Intel QSV, NVIDIA CUDA/NVENC and AMD tech, to averagely boost 4K / HD videos processing and converting 47x faster than real time. In short, VideoProc can help you out of lagging, freezing or choppy playback and prevent your computer from overheating, as well.

So, this is why VideoProc can be regarded as a universal and user-friendly tool to deal with4K / HD videos. All in all, supported by Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, VideoProc integrates all practical tools in one to process, convert, download, and record 4K / HD videos from iPhone, GoPro and other devices more efficiently. And we can say that with VideoProc in hand, you do not need any other video processor, converter, downloader or recorder anymore. It renders you the handiest method to works with 4K / HD videos all in one. Give it a try now!

Get VideoProc for Free and Win iPhone XS

Luckily, to promote VideoProc, Digiarty is running a give awayplusiPhone sweepstake activity right now which means that you can get VideoProc totally free and win iPhone XS before Nov 26, 2018.

Let’s follow steps below to install VideoProc freeof charge and win iPone XSnow!

  1. At first, go to this page: to submit your valid e-mail address.
  2. In a second, you will receive an email containing a download link and your license key of VideoProc plus details about iPhone XS sweepstakes.
  3. At last, install VideoProc immediately and activate it with your license key prior to Nov. 30, 2018.

Tips: Please do notice that the giveaway version doesn’t support free upgrade.

Besides, you can know more leading software produced by Digiarty Software, Inc- a long-established multimedia software company focusing on DVD/Video converting and backup, iPhone iPad transfer and management solutions, etc. Since its inception, Digiarty has delivered various go-to and innovative software and a case in point is DVD Ripper, DVD Copy Pro, iPhone manager and so on.

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Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Do you need to make presentations for school or work? Are you striving with strenuous struggle and efforts to create an extraordinary presentation?

If yes, let’s take a look at some key PowerPoint statistics.

– Approximately 35 million presentations are given every day.

– More than 500 million people use PowerPoint.

– An average presentation lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

– According to Microsoft, more than $250 million is being wasted every day due to bad PowerPoint presentations throughout the world.

Yes! A well-organized and professional presentation can definitely help you stand out from the crowd. 

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

But we all know how hard it is for us to create a stunning presentation. Why it is so painful? There are two main reasons: lack of appropriate quality resources and lack of design & layout skills.

Usually, to make a presentation, you might spend hours seeking the appropriate templates/pictures/diagram resources. Of course, you have to pay a lot of dollars for high-quality resources. Unfortunately, even you got the template, you still need to modify it to meet your own needs.   

No worries. Try iSlide, the struggle will be a thing of the past. iSlide is an all-in-one PowerPoint add-in. iSlide truly understand users’ struggle for creating highly professional presentations. Thus, it provides 180k+ high-quality presentation resources and one-click design & layout tools to help users eliminate the pain points and then make wow presentations.

High-quality presentation resources? Look no further

iSlide has 180k+ built-in themes, pictures, diagrams, icons, and more other resources, allowing you to download and insert into your presentation with one click.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Theme Library

iSlide features a Theme Library, including 1000+ themes. Each theme contains 5 slides, which are more like the basic framework of your presentation. It applies exclusive fonts, colors, effects rules, cover, back cover, and layout, setting a style for your whole presentation.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Diagram Library

iSlide collects 7000+ extraordinary diagrams/slides. All the diagrams are made by iSlide in-house experienced designers. Just choose the appropriate slides for your presentation and go.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Icon Library

iSlide aggregates 160k+ icon resources, covering almost all your icon needs. In the below gif, the replacement of icon in the paged templates is realized in the Icon Library.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Picture Library

All the pictures in iSlide Picture Library are free-to-use and copyright-free. Most importantly, they are all in HD.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Smart Diagram

Surprisingly customizable, vivid diagrams will sure bring your presentation to life.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Make great presentation even have no design/layout skills

After inserting the resources, the presentation is half done. Then you need to adjust the layout of the whole slides. iSlide will also help you a lot.

  • Design Layout

How to arrange pictures? What is the appropriate ratio of picture and text? Layout issue is inevitable when making PowerPoint slides and it is hard to achieve even if we have an idea about it.  

Pictures layout like this:

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Scattered elements can be well arranged in a snap by using Matrix Layout feature of iSlide. Moreover, you can customize the layout by adjusting the amount, spacing and angle.

In addition, iSlide aggregates many design tools might be used, allowing us to use them conveniently.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Change colors

iSlide Color Library offers hundreds of well-matched colors schemes, allowing you to change the colors of entire slides by a mouse click. Official color schemes of many companies are included to make commercial PowerPoint design a piece of cake.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • Vector Library

Besides traditional resources like icons and pictures, iSlide offers vectors to give you more design possibilities. In addition, the Vector Library also conforms to the current trend of flat style.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

  • One-Click Export

You can export the selected/all slides as pictures. In addition, the “Join Images”, one of the most popular features of iSlide, allows you to export slides as an infographic in a snap. You don’t need to use Photoshop or other software to join images anymore.

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

PowerPoint is only a tool for us. It should help us complete our work better, rather than becoming a hindrance. Hope more and more people can enjoy making PowerPoint slides.

Download, install & use

Download this add-in from the iSlide website:

Yes! Anyone can create killer presentations with iSlide

Install it, start your PowerPoint, sign up or log in with Facebook/Google account to use.

Your next presentations will be great.

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