Windows 10 successor Redstone in works, to be released in 2016

Redstone is the codename of Windows 10 present version successor Microsoft engineers are working on

Microsoft may be working hard on meeting the deadline for release of Windows 10 final version by summer but there are already rumors about its successor floating around. One of the rumour is that the code name for the Windows 10 successor is ‘Redstone’.

Redstone comes after the earlier and present Windows code names’ ‘Blue’ and ‘Threshold’ and is believed to be tied to Microsof’s purchase of Minecraft. Microsoft had purchased Minecraft from Mojang last year and Redstone is a integral material in Minecraft.

It is used to create simple items like a map or compass as well as logic gates for building electronic devices, like a calculator or working doors in Minecraft.

However some rumours suggest that only the name is common between Minecraft and Windows 10 successor but one thing is certain Redstone will be less blocky.

All rumours point to one thing, we could see Windows Redstone in 2016. Considering the pace at which Microsoft is rolling out build after build for Windows 10, this is not surprising.

Microsoft has gone on record that it wants to roll out Windows OS and its successors at a greater pace and is also giving out a special fast update option to users.  Also, Windows 10 is free for first year which means that a new version should hit the stores in 2016.

While Windows Redstone is assumed be less blocky however some rumours still point to a tile based UI much like Windows 8.1. However Windows 10 is a mixture of both tiles and a start menu based UI so it remains to be seen what the final Windows Redstone will actually look like.

Resource : Hot Hardware.


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