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Google’s New AI Tool Can Turn Text Into Music

Google recently announced that it has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) music generator that can create music in any genre with a text...

Google Engineer: Employees cried at meetings when Google laid off 12,000 employees

Amidst global recession fears, Google last week announced that it has decided to cut 12,000 jobs or 6 percent of the total workforce across...
windows 11

Microsoft Forcing Windows 11 21H2 Devices To Upgrade To Windows 11 22H2

Since Windows 10, Microsoft has been regularly rolling out automatic feature updates to help Windows users stay up to date, protected, and productive with...
league of legends

Hackers Auction Stolen Source Code For League Of Legends

Hackers are auctioning the alleged source code of the popular multiplayer online arena video game "League of Legends" stolen from the American gaming giant...

U.S. Justice Department Sues Google Over Dominance Of Digital Advertising Market

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), along with the Attorneys General of eight states on Tuesday filed an antitrust suit against Google over dominance...
gta online

GTA Online Bug Being Exploited To Corrupt Players’ Accounts

A security vulnerability in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is enabling hackers to remotely add, change or delete players' stats,...

USTVGO Closed: 10 Best USTVGO Alternatives in 2023

At the time of writing this article, the famous live TV streaming site USTVGO has been officially shut down. When visiting the webpage ustvgo.tv you...

Netflix Password Sharing To End In March 2023

If you have been sharing your Netflix password with family members who do not reside with you, be ready to pay extra for sharing your account,...

37 Million T-Mobile Accounts Compromised In An API Data Breach

Mobile telecommunication company T-Mobile US, Inc. on Thursday disclosed a data breach that compromised approximately 37 million current postpaid and prepaid customer accounts via one of its Application Programming...

ChatGPT Can Create Mutating Malware That Antiviruses Can’t Detect

Researchers at the cybersecurity company, CyberArk Labs are warning that OpenAI’s new and popular AI-driven text generator, ChatGPT can be used to create a...