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Google is no more just a search engine. It is a full-fledged tech giant that is dominating the technology world from smartphones to business tools. Keep tabs on what’s new with Google and how the services that you use are changing themselves.

gmail ads

Google Starts Placing Gmail Ads In the Middle Of The Inbox

Looks like Google has found one more way to place advertisements in its Gmail mailbox to increase its revenue and users are not happy...

Alphabet Shares Fall 4% Amid Reports Of Samsung Replacing Google To Microsoft Bing Search

Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. on Monday fell as much as 4% following a report that South Korea's Samsung Electronics may replace Google search with Microsoft’s Bing as...
google tv

Google TV Now Has Over 800 Free TV Channels

Google on Tuesday announced that it is introducing a new live TV experience that will allow users to browse more than 800 free TV...

Google’s Cost Cutting Moves Include Less Staplers And Tape

It seems like Google is not satisfied with the recent laying off of 12,000 employees to reduce spending costs, as it is looking to...
Magic Eraser

Google Brings Magic Eraser Tool, HDR Video Effect To Android & iOS

Google on Thursday announced that it is bringing enhanced Google Photos features, such as the Magic Eraser tool, a new HDR video effect, and...
google chrome

Google Chrome Rolls Out Memory Saver And Energy Saver Features

While Google Chrome is undoubtedly the fast and most used web browser in the world, it is often criticized for being a power-hungry browser...
sundar pichai

Google Employees Mock CEO Sundar Pichai Over ‘Hasty’ Bard Announcement

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, on Monday, announced ChatGPT’s rival named “Bard”, a LaMDA-powered product, calling it “an important next step”...
google bard

Google’s Answer To ChatGPT is It’s AI Service ‘Bard’

The fast-growing popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has caused the likes of Google to worry about its future, so much so...

ChatGPT Could Destroy Google’s Business Within Two Years, Says Gmail Creator

ChatGPT could bring the downfall of the search engine giant Google in "a year or two", according to the creator of Gmail, Paul Buccheit. Buccheit...

Google’s New AI Tool Can Turn Text Into Music

Google recently announced that it has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) music generator that can create music in any genre with a text...