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Google is no more just a search engine. It is a full-fledged tech giant that is dominating the technology world from smartphones to business tools. Keep tabs on what’s new with Google and how the services that you use are changing themselves.

Play Store malware

Google removes Six antivirus apps with Malware from the Play Store

It seems like Google's effort to counter malware-infected apps is falling short as the Play Store gets too many such apps to tackle. Researchers have...
Google Play Store

Google will soon start hiding applications that don’t keep up with API levels

Soon, Google Play Store will start hiding applications that aren’t updated and equipped with the latest Android functionalities. This move will swing into action...
Google Docs assistive features

Google Docs will now warn you about using Dumb sentences

Google is adding another feature to its Microsoft Word-like Google Docs platform in an attempt to improve the quality of writing. Currently, Google Docs...
single eSIM via MEP

Soon SIM will not be required on Phones, Google working on MEP

Smartphones have moved from regular-sized SIM cards to nano ones, and now even eSIMs are available. However, technology hasn’t evolved much of late. One...
Google warns users of state-owned threat actors based in North Korea

Google says North Korean hackers exploited a RCE vulnerability in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers on the planet with billions of users. With that kind of use base, cybersecurity...
YouTube Vanced shutdown

YouTube Vanced is Shutting Down After a Long Stint

YouTube Vanced is shutting down soon. Call it the end of an era and you wouldn’t be wrong. The third-party YouTube app has been...
Google alerts in Ukraine

Google is Sending Raid Alerts On Android Phones In Ukraine

Google has started rolling out a rapid Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine on the behest of its government to help...
Google Play Subcription India

Google Play Pass Subscription Launched In India At INR 99/Month

Google on Monday announced that it has rolled out its Play Pass subscription service for Android users in India with access to over 1,000...

Google To Shut Down Currents And Migrate Users To Spaces In 2023

Starting in 2023, Google is planning to wind down Google Currents, the work-focused app it specially brought for G Suite users in 2019, the company...
google drive

Google Drives Now Alerts Users About Suspicious Files

Google on Thursday rolled out a new security feature that warns users about potential malicious or dangerous files on Google Drive. This feature, which...