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Artificial Intelligence is the future and also the present. You will find it in everything digital around you, and we are here to keep you on top of everything AI, IoT, and ML.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Unveils ‘Firefly’ Suite Of Generative AI Tools

Software company Adobe on Tuesday introduced Adobe Firefly, a new family of creative generative AI (artificial intelligence) models designed to help users create high-quality...
chatgpt 4 bing ai

Microsoft’s GPT 4-Powered Bing AI Is Now Available Without A Waitlist

Last month, Microsoft launched the new artificial intelligence (AI) powered Bing search engine and Edge browser in a limited preview on desktop. Those interested in trying...
chatgpt 4

OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Successor GPT-4

Microsoft-backed OpenAI on Tuesday released GPT-4 - the latest version of the popular artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT. The company claims that GPT-4, which stands...

Microsoft To Launch ChatGPT 4 Next Week With AI Videos

Microsoft Germany announced its plans to release GPT-4 as early as next week at an event named "AI in Focus - Digital Kickoff" held...
ai and ml test automation

How AI And ML can help Test Automation

People often say technology is constantly changing. But its customers demand easier and faster solutions to issues requiring better technology. For the same reason, AI...
Bing AI

Bing’s AI Bot States It Wants To ‘Steal Nuclear Codes’ And Create ‘Deadly Virus’

Recently, a New York Times journalist had a rather disturbing conversation with Microsoft’s AI-powered search engine, the new Bing. This conversation left the journalist “deeply...
AI Flew fighter jet

AI Just Flew A F-16 Fighter Jet For More Than 17 hours

Lockheed Martin on Tuesday announced that it has successfully flown “a one-of-a-kind training aircraft” by an artificial intelligence (AI) agent for more than 17...
bing search

Microsoft Announces New AI-Powered Bing Search And Edge Browser

Microsoft on Tuesday launched its all-new Bing search engine and Edge web browser, powered by an upgraded version of AI (artificial intelligence) technology that...
google bard

Google’s Answer To ChatGPT is It’s AI Service ‘Bard’

The fast-growing popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has caused the likes of Google to worry about its future, so much so...

ChatGPT Could Destroy Google’s Business Within Two Years, Says Gmail Creator

ChatGPT could bring the downfall of the search engine giant Google in "a year or two", according to the creator of Gmail, Paul Buccheit. Buccheit...